Sponsor advertisement Sponsored by AirSoft-RUS – Three, Two, One, Start! Hello Everyone, this is Marty. Today we’re playing “The Lighthouse” scenario. There are five flags at the facility. Two teams start from the opposite sides.

We have to capture the flags and control them for some set period of time. To capture the flag you need to mark it with your side’s colour. – Blue! This one is ours. – Right side. At the cinema… – The enemy is at the cinema! We captured our first flag on the go.

We reached it first and set up great defensive perimeter, so enemy could not get us out for 20 minutes. -Careful! The opposite window! – There’s LMG there! *Radio* 9 minutes till flag control time check.

– Sniper heading to the right from us. *Radio* Three, Two, One. Blue team scores! The first flag scores and it’s 1:0, we’re leading. Immediately rushing the next flag. I heard the enemy behind the wall and decided to attack them from their six.

That was funny, we both had empty mags. – Both are down! Clear! – It’s clear! – It’s clear inside, take it! – Got him. – Minus one on the left. There’s only one remaining. The last enemy in this sector hid behind the shield.

I decided to run around him as well. – I’m down! – Likewise. Great! Unfortunately, the next flag is opposing side score. It’s 1:1 now. We’re moving to capture the next point assigned by organisers. It’s controlled by enemy so far.

– Damn, our guys are gone. – Moving on! – Let’s go attack them until they gather forces. – Cover me! While I was climbing in, our guys managed to get the lest opponent. Now on to mark the flag with our colour.

– Cover me, guys! We need to mark the flag! – Hold on. I managed to tag the flag, but enemy got me in the last moment. I got back to that very same building fro the dead zone. There’s just 4 minutes left to the score.

– They are in the next building, watch your right. That’s the only place they can flank us from. To make our defence better I was spreading the team throughout the perimeter but then suddenly… – I’m down! Now to explain what happened.

Cunning enemy ninja slipped to our six, crawled into the window, took few people out, and managed to get into our building. He did that during the last minute and was hoping to mark the flag with opposite colour in the last moment.

But he was taken down by my teammate who I positioned in another room earlier. – That’s it. – I’m down. – Good job man! – I got that filmed! But we managed to get that point nevertheless. *Radio* Three, two, one.

Blue team scores. 2:1. – Ready? Let’s go! The next point is controlled by enemy, we have to fight it back. – I’m already down! – Oops, sorry! Ouch! I’m down! I managed to flip the colour, but unfortunately enemy managed to get it back.

So now we have to start it all over again. – Ouch! I’m down! Five frag at once it a great achievement, but we didn’t manage to get this flag, unfortunately. The score is 2:2 and it’s a match-point. – Let’s run! *Radio* Three, two, one.

.. Colourless team scores. 2:2. To avoid pointless running we decided to camp all free flags we can get. And we got lucky! *Radio* Attention teams! The last point to be scored in this game is the point number three, yellow flag.

– It’s ours! The point I was at was assigned as the last one in the game. But I was so bored sitting at one place defending, I decided to make a raid behind enemy lines. – Suppress him! Keep them pinned and I will approach here! – Got one behind the tree! – Left side! *Radio* 20 seconds left.

– The group is incoming! Shoot! – Got one, two left! *Radio* Blue team wins, 3:2! Thanks to active teamplay our side managed to win the game. Like the video, subscribe to my channel for more! Check all the useful links below.

And play fair!


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