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$350 Airsoft GI Unboxing – Magpul UBR Stock, Kwa LM4 Mags, Silicon Oil

$350 Airsoft GI Unboxing – Magpul UBR Stock, Kwa LM4 Mags, Silicon Oil

hey guys Brenda here for myself p19 I told you I had another unboxing today oh this is from airsoft GI so essentially when all this stuff is is for the stuff that our money gonna got yesterday the KWA michael addition Helen for um so what I’m going to throw out is if you saw in that last video I pointed out that my brain gas is held up and it’s probably not going to get here until later this week like friday if not early next week and that’s just too long for me just to have a five-hundred-dollar gun and not be able to shoot it so I went to my little hobby store and paid a little bit more than I should have for a kind of green gas this was like fourteen fifteen dollars actually I would go sixteen dollars and which is crazy for a can of green gas but I just went to bought it just over the last me until my 12 cans came in so I only shovel back through it literally about 15 minutes ago and man words cannot describe the recoil and the joy issue it is just so much fun even on semi-automatic you just feel it kick on your shoulder full auto that things just going up and I love that gun way too much if you see me looking that way I’m just looking at the gun but um so I’ll have the shooting with a video that shortly like some mac dumps and all that good stuff but until then let’s just unbox this srg on unboxing Oh see let me get my phone okay just to check on like everything is just to tell you guys real quickly here okay so in this box I have some ICS silicon oil which was seven dollars and twenty-five cents um the it got two mags which were hundred seventy five dollars because I got three so all together on this pretty pricey and it should be AK that are sorry there should be a a magpul stock not going to say specifically what everything is that’s what the one of the unboxing is so let’s just get right into it yeah one more thing on a point out the part open it up i also bought this on monday the same time have bought my gun for and everything from a bike and and this actually came today which is tuesday so it took a total of eight days i guess you could count except me because i did order it really late on a monday night and it’s pretty early today in today’s a tuesday so and i don’t look too far i’m not one of the east coast are or also on the west coast so I’m kind of not too far but it took it took a pretty long time but it’s not the gun it’s just some extra part so I wasn’t too disappointed and you say airsoft GI is customer service is really good so the shipping’s older slower but actual surface never had a problem with so alright let’s see you here I’ve got the old fashioned packing paper all right this right here is just my receipt so I used to coupon code all that stuff but total after all the coupon stuff and everything like that i paid 331 dollars oh I don’t know how much everything right without the coupon you know that kind of stuff but alright oh that’s a big bottle silicon oh that’s cool so model the silicon along with a little nozzle oh man this is pretty heavy stock that’s sweet I got a magpul uvr stock done it but on my kwa lm4 along with the black side silencer or yeah madam ole black side silence or so with that time turn this stock I think the hell important look really cool all around so then 11 that was stuck for a while I think they look really cool it’s a pretty heavy stock oh let’s see here we got a kwa lm4 magazine this is for the mac bowl edition so I could have bought a magazine for forty dollars just the standard one but just to stick with the Eloise stylish i paid the 60 or so dollars for this i was actually really surprised that these things were in stock I was afraid I’m gonna get like a message the day after I bought this thing that they’re not stopped because begun in the mags are so limited so I’m actually lucky I got all of this I got another bag so that’s another sixty dollars worth and another man so so far have four mags for it and some that that’s it alright so i had to put the video there guys so in the entire box i have one can of I think this is yet ICS Elkanah level it’s a pretty good bottle should last a while I got you be our stock from magpul and I got three max firm i paid anyway i’ll inform a cool addition I have four mags in total the reason I for is because the vest i currently have right now has three slots and of course one magazine being a gun so in total i have four if i need it anymore max because this is a gas blowback so don’t hold like thirty eight rounds if I need more gospel molle vest or something like that just the whole moral get some more diesel but they are pretty pricey if I need to I will buy some more though so far I think four mags would be pretty good if I just keep it on semi so um so for that i think that’s it i’m going to be doing some update videos for complicated boys looking with them with the stalker thing let me just grab the Gator doing real quick here so you can see it looks so here is the KWA with the black side or the mag the mag bowl black side salads here so i think that looks pretty cool and then we’re going to have a mat of a magpul you be our stock which i think is going to really complete the entire gum really well so so far it got four mags the gun and I’m really looking forward to how this is all going to turn out so thank you guys for watching you have


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