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3 Man Airsoft Team Pushes Frontline Forward


INSTINCT: Come on, move! VIPER: We are at the berm. VIPER: At your 3, euhm 9 o’clock, 9 o’clock. *INSTINCT: Understood* VIPER: Alright men, back to where we started all of this. VIPER: Let’s take as much ground as we can. INSTINCT: What? WOODY: Enemies at our 12 o’clock. INSTINCT: Then we have to leave. VIPER: Over there. INSTINCT: Yes VIPER: This is possible. INSTINCT: Move. VIPER: And? INSTINCT: I see one moving. INSTINCT: I got one. VIPER: One down. *INSTINCT: Ok, copy.* VIPER: One still remaining. INSTINCT: If we can, we have to move to that house. VIPER: One is crawling towards the left of that wood. VIPER: He’s down, he’s down. *INSTINCT: Copy, it seems that another team is moving ahead.* VIPER: Two men, foot mobiles towards the house. VIPER: At least one at the wood. *INSTINCT: Ok, understood* INSTINCT: We should try and take that house. VIPER: Yes, but that will be difficult. WOODY: That will be very difficult. INSTINCT: Changing! WOODY: Contact, contact right here. INSTINCT: I hope this mag is a full one. VIPER: Cover me! INSTINCT: Yes, copy! WOODY: Go, go!!! VIPER: I think we best take position over there. INSTINCT: Uhuh. TEAM MEMBER: Blue is moving up from the center.VIPER: Come, let’s move to those wooden stacks. INSTINCT: Yes! INSTINCT: It looks clear on the left. INSTINCT: On the right, I see movement. INSTINCT: We have to find a jerrycan and a ammo box, so we’ll look for them. INSTINCT: And then, the tank is ours. TEAM MEMBER: OK. VIPER: And don’t try to move up, because that wont help. VIPER: Yes, because that’s there respawn point and they will just keep on coming. TEAM MEMBER: Yes, then you just keep on going. VIPER: OK? VIPER: Good! INSTINCT: Euhm … WOODY: You can change that one. WOODY: I am full so … I mean of ammo. If you need more, just ask. VIPER: OK. VIPER: I now have 5 mags. INSTINCT: Ok, so now I have 3 spare mags. INSTINCT: So, that will do something. INSTINCT: We have to take over the house. INSTINCT: Those guys are planning something as well. WOODY: Watch out for snipers. INSTINCT: Yeah. INSTINCT: Viper? INSTINCT: Ask, what their plan is. VIPER: Men! VIPER: What are you planning to do?! VIPER: Are we going to take that or what?! TEAM MEMBER: That’s good for me! VIPER: Cava! VIPER: Come to me! INSTINCT: OK.INSTINCT: Viper, move towards that pallet. TEAM MEMBER: Are there still guys left? VIPER: In the hospital or what? TEAM MEMBER: It’s full in there. VIPER: We’re under fire!
WOODY: If we cover you! WOODY: Then you guys can move up. TEAM MEMBER: Cover us! TEAM MEMBER: Where to?! TEAM MEMBER: Everywhere, just everything. everyone you see! TEAM MEMBER: Yes?! TEAM MEMBER: Yes! TEAM MEMBER: Yes! WOODY: Go! Do it! VIPER: HIT! HIT! INSTINCT: House is clear! WOODY: We’re still looking for 2 objects guys. INSTINCT: A jerrycan and ammo box. INSTINCT: Can we take over that house?! INSTINCT: Can we take over that house?! TEAM MEMBER: There are a few guys over there! INSTINCT: OK INSTINCT: 3 guys, go around to that house! INSTINCT: Come Woody, because nobody’s moving! INSTINCT: More towards the right.INSTINCT: To that plate in front of us. INSTINCT: Where? At the church or? INSTINCT: Ok, get to the house. INSTINCT: There are others too. WOODY: Are you going or am going? INSTINCT: Alright, he’s going away. Ok, towards the house in front of us. WOODY: Is that red? TEAM MEMBER: That’s red I guess. I don’t know. WOODY: Red or blue?! Red or blue! WOODY: He’s down. INSTINCT: Ok! INSTINCT: Going inside. VIPER: I spot Woody, I think. *WOODY: That’s right.* WOODY: I’m moving up towards that wall. INSTINCT: In the house, towards the back left are some guys. Oh, he’s moving away. INSTINCT: I think, they are primarily focusing on the right. So, they will have the objects. TEAM MEMBER: Is this side clear? INSTINCT: A moment ago, there was a guy in that house. I didn’t saw anyone else and I saw him running away.INSTINCT: But that’s the last house we need to fully close them in. VIPER: Instinct, on your six we haven’t found anything. *INSTINCT: Ok, than it will be more towards your side* *INSTINCT: We captured the house right before their respawn.* *INSTINCT: The left house, towards the back is still theirs.* INSTINCT: My team just searched our six and haven’t found anything. INSTINCT: It definitely lays on the left side of the field. VIPER: I’m passing! VIPER: I think I’m getting shot at. VIPER: I’m moving towards that pallet. INSTINCT: Viper repeat. VIPER: Where are you now? INSTINCT: I’m still in the biggest house towards the side of their respawn.VIPER: The outer left house? WOODY, Try to make contact, ask … *INSTINCT: Not fully the left back side huh. VIPER: We are at the pallet at the sand pile at the corner of the field. *INSTINCT: Ok, so you’re in the left side back corner?* VIPER: Yes, almost. INSTINCT: Have you guys seen anything? TEAM MEMBER: There’s a house over there, which we
want to take over. TEAM MEMBER: Then we will move along the edge of the field. INSTINCT: I’ve got 2 people waiting at the pile of sand. On the back lift side of the field. INSTINCT: From our team so we can push. TEAM MATE: Ok, then we will move along the edge of the field. And when we get hit we can get off the field, it’s nearly brake time. INSTINCT: Ok! INSTINCT: We’ll take the left backside house. INSTINCT: Viper we’ll take action to take in the left backside house. VIPER: Can you get those guys to move up towards the black house? VIPER: Right in front of us. WOODY: As fast as possible. INSTINCT: Come on, move! *INSTINCT: We’re moving.* VIPER: We’re sitting by the berm. INSTINCT: At your 3, euhm 9 o’clock, 9 o’clock.*INSTINCT: Understood* INSTINCT: House is clear, house is clear! VIPER: Alright great work, that’s the last building. Consider your work here done. .


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