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2015 Airsoft Load out | Taiga Airsoft – Wes

2015 Airsoft Load out | Taiga Airsoft – Wes

hey guys is west from tyga’ airsoft and today we’ll be going over my 2015 airsoft loadout okay so first in my primary it’s a magpul pts masada which I’ve got a custom paint job to OD snakeskin I’ve also had an ncstar red dot and magpul vertical grip I’ve also added a flat hop in the hop-up unit and an angel custom six point 01 millimeter type war to attach my gun to my rig I have a condor single point bungee sling and the chest rig i’m using is a condor MCR for i’ve attached to that triple kangaroo pouch which I have my pistol and two elite force 140 round mid caps in these ones in the front I have my pistol mag battle of Chernobyl patch and a Swiss Army knife for my secondary I’ve a limited edition Elite Force walther ppq and sometimes instead of running it in my chest rig in this pouch I’ll put it in my leg holster some other things that have my chest free the dead like two seconds other players that I’m dead also the small flashlight on the other side I have a condor utility pouch which I store things like tools and medical supplies on my feet I have a pair of garmont waterproof boots and my pants they’re in a tricolor desert and then my coat is desert marpat digital on my back I have Condor hydration carrier in tan and one thing I really do like about it has a locking mechanism to cut off the flow of water when I need to it also has a really nice mouthpiece cover so does it get dirty also for quick reloads I have Condor dump pouch last but not least my head gear starting off on my full seal of Vulcan tactical glasses i also have a black head wrap that protects my face and neck and a black baseball cap to complete the look this has been West with my 2015 airsoft loadout as always Tyga airsoft and consider subscribing you I


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