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English subtitles available Replica test + links Go to www.airsoftreview.fr Welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Our partner StudioSport adds today to its range of replicas the brand TOKYO MARUI in its list. I will present the Famous 1911 MEU to you.

This replica is the derivative of the 1911A1 weighing 843 Grs and 223 mm in length. It will be delivered to you in a box and a very pleasant typical USMC case giving an overview of the Marui quality. In the package you will find: -a 28bbs GAS magazine -marui balls -a stripping rod -a barrel bushing removal tool designed to load the loader with beads, -a manual and a catalog.

This 1911 meu is therefore blowback and works on GAS. We will now move on to the exterior characteristics of this replica. The 1911 Meu therefore has high density ABS in a matt black, no visible molding traces and no adjustment problems.

The grip is comfortable and a little wider than those of the 1911A1. The safety, hammer and trigger are made of good quality metal and do not appear to have any play. Two sureties are present and ambidextrous identical to the 1911A1 This replica also receives NOVAK’S sights not equipped with white markings as found on a large number of handgun replicas.

A wrist strap ring is also available. Now let’s find out about the internal characteristics: It is equipped with an adjustable Hopup, a 6.04 precision barrel for 113 mm. We will now go to the CHRONY test in bbs 0.

20 gas extrem blowback Now we go to the test on target to see a little the precision of this replica, at a distance of about 20 meters Conclusion: The 1911 Meu Tokyo marui gives any satisfaction whatsoever by its quality of manufacture but also by its precision making it a formidable fist replica even at long distance Here is the review of the 1911 Meu TOKYO MARUI completed.

This replica is therefore available from our partner “STUDIOSPORT” in Rouen I put in the description of the video all the links allowing you to acquire this replica As well as all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW.

I tell you very soon! BYE BYE


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