Home Airsoft Cheaters 1500 rpm FULL AUTO PISTOL vs 7 Guys in a Car

1500 rpm FULL AUTO PISTOL vs 7 Guys in a Car

1500 rpm FULL AUTO PISTOL vs 7 Guys in a Car

“Hey, what’s going on guys? I’m gladly back are using the SSG-24 instead of using my L96 Dragon Laura.” “We’re at the cold war military base here in the Netherlands, and there’s a torrential summer storm about to break loose, which will make long-range shots very, very difficult the mission is simple, though, the enemy has an intel crate in their base, which we have to steal and bring back to our home base.

This crate is quite large and heavy, so it will take multiple people to carry it back home, and the exact same mission applies to the enemy team, and vice-versa.” “Both teams have the ability to use vehicles for either assault or troop transport.

” Hit Hit Hit Hit Hit “Hit!” “I wasn’t able to retreat after I spotted that push by an enemy squad and they got me surrounded, and killed. After respawning, I meet back up with Clean Shot to overtake a hill on the northern side of the military base and begin our push from there.

” Temmate: “You got their spawn on the left side.” Silo: “Yeah, I know” Hit Hit Hit “Okay, I see him, I think…” Hit “He’s down” “Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa…” “F*cking hell, man…” Hit F*cking hell… “After resupplying at base, our plans to take up an offensive position inside the buildings on the southern flank- to secure this flying for our team to move up on the enemy crate.

” “Whoa!” Hit “He’s down.” Hit “Adam.” “What?” “What do you see?” “Whoa.” Hit Hit Hit *Missing all 27 shots* Hit “Whoa…” “Hit!” “After my death, I was called back to the same location to deal with an enemy squad taking up position just across the road in the treeline.

” “If we manage to take out this squad, it’ll mean we’ll be able to start our final push using the card to up to the enemy crate.” Hit Hit Hit Hit “On his helmet, haha!” Overkill Hits Hit Hit “Look at em’ go, yeah!” Aimhacks “Thanks for watching, guys, don’t forget to check out Clean Shot’s perspective and follow me on Facebook and Instagram for extra behind-the-scenes content, and I will hopefully see you in the next one.

” Bye <3


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