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14-year-old boy with airsoft gun shot, killed by Tempe police


Nice big story dramatic new details on two of the four officer involved shootings happening in the valley in just the two first weeks of the year the suspect in the Fountain Hills case now accused of having ties to Isis details on that in just a second but first the Tempe Police Department now admits that one of its officers killed a 14 year-old burglary suspect you’re getting the complete best team coverage tonight starting with team trawls Bianca Bono live in Tempe with the latest on the teens death Bianca well Mark rebei in addition to learning that the suspect was a 14 year old boy police are also now saying he was not armed instead they say he had a fake airsoft gun oh we heard a gunshot a Tempe neighborhood recovering from what they witnessed and they picked him up like he was a rag doll and they put handcuffs on him in a media briefing Tempe police initially saying an armed adult man prompted Tuesday’s officer-involved shooting the suspect running on foot from police after breaking into cars on South fairlane Tempe investigators say while running the suspect turned around toward police and that’s when the officer felt threatened enough to pull the trigger right now there are no children involved that I have information about but we’re now learning the dead suspect a 14 year old boy police say he had a replica airsoft gun this young man you know he didn’t deserve to die for a cell phone that you know that they took for me this man says the boy was breaking into his truck when police showed up he also says he has a fake gun in his truck and thinks police may have thought it belonged to the boy I would like to tell that family that you know the only mention who died 12news speaking with the 14 year olds family they are too emotional to speak on camera but are heartbroken over what has happened I know he did a crime they don’t mean I treat him that way they and those who witnessed the violence demanding answers from police nobody deserves to die or be treated the way that they did with the little boy and we requested an interview with tempies police chief to find out why yesterday day they told us the suspect was an armed adult a spokesperson telling us during yesterday’s media briefing they quote shared what they knew of the investigation we’re live in Tempe Bianca bono 12 News at Ten all right Bianca thanks me


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