Home Airsoft Gameplay #12 Airsoft Gameplay Brasil – Review Glock G26 HFC

#12 Airsoft Gameplay Brasil – Review Glock G26 HFC [ PT-BR ]

#12 Airsoft Gameplay Brasil – Review Glock G26 HFC [ PT-BR ]

personal talk but a review video on the channel this time from the globe and 26 from the hfc brand I’m showing it to you in detail take a look you are seeing there when mass mirandela here we have 80 slides and then holding the charger here we can see as standard the two disassembly levers of the glock the operation is like in any blog you downloaded the two beams a slide is released to assemble again just put the slide on the rail now trigger you are seeing her in good detail she has no markings as in the actual blokes in the marking well the manufacturer’s marking but it doesn’t have slide markup like a real glock you can also notice that he is a very compact person I have a medium sized hand and it still has my little finger left out it is very compact even this water it has 3 magazines of 16 babies each it works with propane gas the congress well I know that many have seen the disassembly of the glock but for those who have curiosity or is showing you and I will also show some pieces different that this pistol has removing the slide next step is to remove the spring pin and the spring the first modification of this weapon is a barrel pd 601 that you are seeing there in the video here where the adjustment of the pap is done on it another part that she has replaced is the piston head ok see in the video another part that was changed in it is the trigger system was replaced by a with bearings to mount it is very simple you will put the slide on rail that has on the body and trigger the gun just that thanks guys is now the shooting concession if you liked the review leave your like if you are not registered subscribe channel doesn’t help cool was worth being in shooting position


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