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(bum) (guy looks up to check for them tangos) (Reaches for terrorist equipment) (cocks (is that how you call it??)) (waBANG) (clatter clatter) Cova me (run with epic music) (bang reload bang reload bang reload) (clack) OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AWWWW AHAH AW (10/10 acting why isn’t he in the Titanic) AW GLASHIM Parkour stunt Parkour stunt jump yes let’s plant I agree but first look at this window some ninja might comein Wait it’s E right omg you noob plant the bomb right there my god I thought we were CT no hurry up Yes red button that’s always bad hmmmm A B or C bruh legit im tired at looking at your face (CLACK) HOLY%%#^^# So we win right This is why I play roblox and nerf (Woman Screams) HELP HELP SAVE ME! HELP ME! (WHERE ARE YOU AT BRUH?) Ouch that must’ve hurt Wait, We kill the hostage right? bum bum babababum bum babum babababum babum babababum bum babababum babubum bubababum bumbum bubababum bububum dundundun wowwwwwwwwwwww (thats a guitar noise) Ready Ready wowowowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww bangbangbangbangbaabangbababababang (in the swat caterpillar formation, bravo variation) (car starting) up shootshootshot Moveriht shots fired ricegum I’MOUT Cue melody* shoot x8 Yes very good game what no handshake Yes never forget the cLiP (shikshik) (thud) (thud) Hope you guys enjoyed the video.

I had a blast recording it And also Big shout out to as a factory rule airfield for letting us record it, and also To all the people that were helping us with the video that you just saw, you know, the actors in the seats I didn’t want to offend anybody that’s coming into the sport because obviously noobs are very important for the community and for a sport itself if There wouldn’t be new people coming the sport would die down at some point so if you are among those people who want to get Into the sport or you just had your first few games Don’t hesitate.

continue playing or start playing airsoft. is an awesome sport you get to play outside You get to meet a bunch of cool people and you get to Play it with your friends, so It is a great sport, try it or stick to it.

Let me know if I forgot any I’m sure there’s a ton of them out there, and you know if you can recommend 10 more types of noobs I’m gonna make another video like this one. This is Noveritsch. I’ll see you guys next Monday.


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