Home Airsoft Loadouts #1 Dutch Airsoft Sniper | Cleanshot |

#1 Dutch Airsoft Sniper | Cleanshot |

#1 Dutch Airsoft Sniper | Cleanshot |

Hi. I’m Cleanshot and I’m a Dutch Airsoft Sniper. I started airsoft in May 2015. I have had many type of airsoft rifles. But I started sniping since Januari 2016. So I got myself a Tokyo Marui VSR-10 and I upgraded it.

As a secondary I’m using a Tokyo Marui MK23 with a silencer attached. I’m not the regular sniper guy you will find on the field. I like to get up close to my enemies. And use the element of surprise in my tactics.

I decided to entertain you guys with my sniper gameplay. So I created my own YouTube channel called Cleanshot. I could talk hours of how I play, but its better if you take a look yourself. This is Cleanshot, thanks for watching and subscribe of upcoming video’s.


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