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#01 Bomb Domination | GOAT Airsoft Portugal

#01 Bomb Domination | GOAT Airsoft Portugal

Look here! Look here! Look here! 50 more seconds Shadow! What’s popping Cabritos? Today we bring you another Airsoft Bomb Domination with the airsoft bom, created from scratch by Kali Come on! Wins the team that conquer and maintain the airsoft bomb during 10 minutes first.

Come one! Come on Skadrille! Cover me! Cover me! Hold on! I’m running there! HIT! Well played! Well played Slayer! Nice! How’s the situation on the Castle? I’m coming to you! Do you see anyone? Nope! Do you see anyone Ti Té? Are you on the Tower, Skadrille? HIT! Shadow, will you cover me? There! Someone down there! F*ckness! Hold on Shadow! I’m engaging Hunter! Then go by this side * points to the right * Hold on Do we have anyone there? No? We’re over exposed! Look here! Look here! Look here! Look Rambo here! He’s HIT! He’s HIT! Look the other side! Where? Down there! Down there! Go! Go by that side Shadow! * this radio silence could not be good news * HIT! HIT! Nice shot! Nice shot! Nice shot! Me and Shadow are flanking south Engage north.

He’s there Shadow Pass by me! Shadow… Shadow – HIT! * Hunter is engaging on my position * Limón – HIT! HIT! Nice shot! I can’t see anyone from my position But we have to go there! Let me get closer to the south entrance! Hold on! I’m here with Shadow.

He’s entering on the south entrance And I’m going by the east flank It’s Kroni! It’s Kroni! It’s Kroni! I’m dry Ready! Kroni – HIT! Kroni is dead! Kroni is dead! Kroni is dead! HIT! Nice Shot! Do you see anyone? Nope Brágui, check out the timer I’m going inside the Castle too! Brágui – I have 2 Tangos on my 12! On your 12? On that side! Which side? Which side? On my 12! Let me check the timer! Brágui – How’s the timer? Wow! They didn’t won by 7 seconds 50 more seconds Shadow! Shadow – Come one! Hold strong! Limón – HIT! Limón is dead! 9:33 to us Lay low! Lay low! Look! Look! ok, ok.

I see him! I see him! Let me check ok BOOOMMM If you liked this video, don’t forget to subscribe and destroy the like button! See you soon Cabritos!


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