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🔫 Sterling MK IV + Blaster E11 Airsoft – Review

🔫 Sterling MK IV + Blaster E11 Airsoft – Review

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation of replicas! Today I wont present one but TWO airsoft replicas:The Sterling MK from Beta Project and the Blaster E11 from S&T! You are watching the 3rd video of a series of 4 devoted to Star Wars airsoft replicas from the Second World War.

You will find the first two in the description of this video and the fourth will come next, depending on when you watch this video. Let’s start with the history of the original weapon first. The Sten has always been very rustic, not necessarily secure, it was time to seek to develop better.

Thus the Patchett Mk1 Gunner was developed in 1942, released for the first time in combat in November 1944. This PM is named after the name of its creator:George W Patchett. Do you imagine having, like Mr.

Garand, a weapon that bears his name? Can you imagine if, now, in the age of the internet, we were doing something like this? Well, in theory I should not have this uniform to present you this weapon, since we are in 1944.

I have a 1940 uniform… I don’t have a 1944 uniform yet, maybe it will come someday. And then it’s not a Patchett, the Patchett has a right magazine type Sten, and some more or less important differences on the body compared to his successor.

There have been between 120 and 400 realized and tested on the European front, especially in Holland. -Eh, but it’s disgusting! -Euh… in the Netherlands… So let’s go from 1944 to 1953, when the Sterling L2A1 came into service, or called Sterling MK2, which was replaced two years later by the MK3, then the MK4, which you see here.

There have been other versions after, but I won’t dwell on it, it is beyond the perimeter of this presentation! The L2A3 has the trade name Sterling MK 4 because it is the 4th evolution of Mr Patchett’s first weapon.

It is possible but nevertheless difficult to convert a Sterling into Patchett. But it’s worth a try! The real MK4 weighs 2.7 kg empty, and has a rate of 550 rounds per minute. Different magazines exist:10, 20 and 34 shots.

We have here a magazine of 34 shots in caliber 9mm parabellum. About 400,000 Sterling were created between 1953 and 1988, and many countries were able to recover, including the Canadian and Indian military.

Now let’s move on to the airsoft replica, developed here by Beta Project. There was already a version at Viva Arms, available for a bunch of dollars, but complicated to find now. S&T has bought Beta Project to recover the plans and make its own version, for about 400€.

This data is important, I will come back to it later. On the other hand, let me explain why on some sites, it’s the Sterling MK4 or L2A3, and others it is the L2A1? The L2A1 was the very first version, not at all developed, so why did they take this version as a model? While the L2A3 was produced 400,000 copies.

The replica is 2.9kg, 200g more than the real Sterling empty. But once the real one is loaded, the weight will be bigger, which makes sense. On the price, we are between 250 and 300€ without shipping costs, without customs fees, depending on where you find it.

“So, the price of this weapon, is it measured in…pound sterling? So it seems to me that S&T has bought the Beta Project because I can not find it on the usual websites of sale. If you have more info, it could be interesting to complete this story in the comments! It is an AEG, so works with a gearbox, a motor and a battery.

Small problem:the battery must have a VERY accurate format, otherwise you won’t be able to pass it in the body. One might think that the available space is this one, but what we don’t see is that the Gearbox starts here.

So that leaves us only this space as a place. I have a 7.4V Li-Po, 900 mAh and it goes in the 8cm by 3.5cm. Ladies, calm down, it’s not about the size of my gear. These measurements are far too big…

By cons I have other ideas to use… -Shit, I’m doing low end there… “AAAAAAAAAAAA” -Yes, “A” is the lowest note of the range. It’s a low-end note. Especially since no battery is provided in the pack.

The pack includes the replica, a magazine, a cleaning rod and a notice. Everything is delivered in a big box with a lot of foam, so very well protected. I can’t show you all that, I didn’t think about taking pictures at the time.

.. I don’t want to keep all the boxes of what’s behind me. No, you won’t see more… On the gearbox, we are on a type 3, with 9mm steel bushing, steel gears and a piston with ventilated head. The motor is a Hi-torque short axis, contained in the handle, which is lined in polymer.

Well, that was for the ultra-technical infos interesting only if you want to change parts, or not precisely. Moreover, the word “polymer” (multiple-mother in french), apart from mentioning a lesbian couple with one or more children, is just a commercial word for “plastic”.

it’s a tactical word! -SHUT UP !! The whole replica is metal, hence its realistic weight. It has a retractable stock under the front’s body. By cons, it’s complicated to lock the stock on the back of the replica.

Oh, I succeeded it at first time! Again, be careful not to pinch yourself… In addition it is blocked… Ouch, I really hurt myself… Strange phenomenon:I find disgusting the face of the Sterling with his stock extended.

I don’t know why, on the MP40 for example, I like both, but there, I don’t like, I have the impression that something is missing at the front… After I have my idea of ​​the reason, we’ll talk about it after! The stock locks in a rather strange way:it is necessary to press on the back of the replica, like the true one.

But not practical suddenly, since it rotates, since this back is also the hood. Be careful not to lose it. The stock, it has been seen, folds in this way. When unfolding, be careful not to pinch yourself.

Does that mean that I’m clutching for this airsoft gun? Once we have taken the hand, it goes alone, but you must already take it! To fold the stock, you have to slide the small latch into a ventilation hole arranged for.

We fold the stock to finally lock. At the level of the grip, it must be held as the Sten. Watch carefully :Here I don’t use the bottom of my hand. Make a clamp between your thumb and your index finger and place it on the loader well.

The Magazine, you touch it, you secure it, but you almost don’t touch it. In fact I get the magazine when it is removed, but here I can unlock the magazine, my hand doesn’t hold it. I dropped a magazine.

For nothing. We have two eyecups to aim, which are very strange… he little hole is quite normal, realistic, but the other is really very strange… We have a hole in the center and lots of little holes around it.

I didn’t find that on the photos of real Sterling, which have classic eyecups with a single hole of different diameter. At the front, we have an adjustable front sight up and down. The cocking lever is functional and even has a force feedback! But it is useless, it is there only to look pretty.

The finish is well done, I didn’t touch and the paint seems to hold well. We have the right to have some markings:first on the handle, then above the selector, we’ll see right away, and then under the loading shaft, we have a small “Sterling”.

Note a small marking on the magazine. In fact the magazine has more markings than the replica. Be careful with the magazine, the edges are sharp! We have a strap loop on the back, and you can use either the holes, as for the sten, or I saw a picture of strap with the hook on the ears around the front sight.

Original to want to put a piercing there… At the shooting mode, the selector on the left side. So left-handed :go fuck yourself. It allows to be either safe (which mechanically blocks the trigger), blow by blow or burst.

It is quite simple to handle, as long as you have big hands. We have an adjustable hop-up, symbolized by a notched ring that can be touched through the small hole in the butt, where you have to gently slide a finger.

.. Are not you tired of making gravel in your videos? Do you do Hanouna or what? Go back to the brothel level! -Okay… So the hop-up is accessible on the bottom of the replica, and there is no need for allen key.

Yes girls, no need for you for the moment! For the BB’s to use, I noticed that it needed excellent quality. We must be sure that they are perfectly round. So we must have a precision cannon in it. Cheap BB’s with a form that is not completely round you will cause jams that can be catastrophic.

The “zzz” inside the gearbox didn’t inspire confidence as to the life of the replica with a BB’s stuck in it. I admit that I bought this Sterling in anticipation of making a custom on it. But I didn’t have the budget or the time to do it.

So I waited for a manufacturer to do it for me! Thus, we move on the blaster E11 S&T brand, taken directly from the Sterling already presented. Therefore, the technical characteristics are the same. Here’s what ends this video, subscribe, give me your money, and see you next time! Directed by a big asshole Come on, let’s do a long version anyway! I know, this wig is ridiculous, but it’s Han Solo’s official wig.

The added elements are all made of ABS, except the small wire on the side, which is made with old fashioned rubber phone wire. So when I read on some reviews “Full Metal”. The Sterling wasn’t, how can it be? Full metal means “all in metal”.

But here we have plastic. The various elements added are the following: 82 Ventilation rails to serve as front handguard in addition to ventilation system; A set on the loading well, connected to another element present on the left side by the old telephone wires.

A metal rail has been added on the top of the replica, so that you can fix both the plastic element on the left side, which is a kind of counter, as indicated by the marking here. And also a scope mounted upside down.

Yes, upside down! This is an M38 scope, which comes from the Sherman. And it should normally be in the other direction. They also reversed the sighting system inside. So it’s complicated to see inside.

We have a small sighting device inside, the scope is not adjustable, and when we aim at the bottom right, it will shoot in the upper left. In fact, it is useless. The magazine has been shortened and can hold 55 BB’s.

In truth, they are 10 cartridge magazines. A plastic piece is placed on the left side of the replica. He has a small counter of shots painted on it. Be careful with this part, you will have to stick it, otherwise you will quickly lose it.

Just put the replica against your body to blow this little part. And to find a spare, I wish you good luck. Or you have to go for 3D printing, but for that you need a model, so someone else has it. Just put the replica on the side, and the small part will be unlocked.

So if you want to play with:remove it or fix it, it has only one aesthetic purpose. On the price, we are really on the sensational, we are at a paroxysm of the joke…: Little additional development compared to the Sterling, cheap plastic parts to produce, and we will multiply the price almost by 2.

And so we get a difficult replica to have below 500€… 500€, oh damn! If the basic replica is 250 to 300€, why should we DOUBLE the price to have an addition of plastic parts and sighting elements in the telescope? I doubt that it is worth 2 to 300 euros more.

.. So here we have a pure marketing product, which surfs on the wave Star Wars taking us for PORGS… WE ARE ON A TACTICAL WAVE !!! At the same time, if I bought it, it’s because I’m a pigeon myself…

Good end, when we love, we don’t count… The big visual defect of this replica is the scope that is not placed in the right place. Look at his position. She should not be at the bottom of the rear sight.

Look now at the original version. The telescope is not placed in the right place, it is too much behind. And obviously, the support is molded on the rail, no way to disassemble it without leaving big traces, or to make big manipulations, which I don’t have the courage to make.

.. The selector doesn’t make it possible to pass in paralyzing rays, or long distance shooting, it allows, once again, to pass in semi, bursts or to remain safe. The battery is, once again, in the body of the replica, which doesn’t have much space.

The stock unfolds once again, with the same problem as before. Oh well, ok… You have to find the hand to put the stick first time, which I have not managed to do. I succeeded, the first time! after the 5th try.

.. This is where the stock, once unfolded, makes lose the charm to the replica! Matter of habit ! In any case the Stormtroopers don’t use it. Moreover, we will stop there the image of stormtroopers who aim badly! They have always been pretty good! They shot Leia (with the paralyzing shoot), they shot both Beru and Uncle Owen, they shot C-3PO in episode 5, and they hurt Leia, with the only guy who really aims in the whole saga.

After, we will call the missed shots of “scripting facilities”. Otherwise, a new Hope would have been like this: And why don’t they aim? Because the scope is upside down! So, the glasses on the replica is faithfully reproduced, we see a small graduation in and anyway, we don’t see much.

On the weight, it is not so different from the Sterling:3kg and a few grams, 200g more than the Sterling. For packaging, what is expected for 500€? We are on a box with a foam interior. This is actually the same box as Sterling by S&T, as evidenced by the length of the print of the magazine.

A notice is provided with (it is the Sterling, they were not pissed!), As well as the magazine and the replica. Nothing more. We will now go to the test of shooting and chrony of these two replicas! Distance:about 20m.

BB’s:0.25g Battery:Low, badly charged! Distance:40m approx. BB’s:0.25g Battery:Low, badly charged! This concludes this video of replica presentations. I hope she will have you more! I would like to warmly thank the shops that sponsored me, so.

.. Ah nobody, actually! Well yes, I bought everything myself. I have 750€ in the hands. 850 with the customs… 900… 950 with the shipping costs… 1000€ with the battery… Anyway, I’m rich, long live YouTube Money.

I hope you enjoyed this video, feel free to subscribe, to leave a thumbs up, share this video and leave a comment. By the way, go check out my page Tipeee if you want to support me, so I may be able to present a day.

.. a star destroyer… A real… airsoft version…. In any case, I was very happy to find you with this ridiculous wig! See you ! Directed by Neo035 Framing:Oni Zuka Thanks to the tipeurs of 2018!


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