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🔫 Sten MKII S GBBR – Northeast Airsoft – REVIEW AIRSOFT

🔫 Sten MKII S GBBR – Northeast Airsoft – REVIEW AIRSOFT

Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft gun video review. Today I have the honor to present the Sten MK2S from Northeast Airsoft. I didn’t necessarily realize it at the time of filming, but this jacket makes a lot of noise.

It’s beautiful, it’s practical, it makes me warm, so I apologize in advance for the noise of leather. That said, the label does correspond to the product: I am cooking (french joke)! Before starting this video, I would like to thank Northeast Airsoft for their support, without whom this video wouldn’t have been possible.

Thus, they were able to offer me some accessories to convert my Sten MK2 to Sten MK2S. Except the silencer, they don’t have any more. But I had already bought one from my side. We don’t say silencer. We say SOUND SUPPRESSOR.

Let’s be specific. I’m lazy. I’ll say silencer if I want. Out of respect for those who have a hair on their tongue. FOUND FUPPREFFOR. Okay. See how I can be a good sound suppressor too. Thanks to the person who edited it.

Yes it’s me. So this video on this replica is the direct continuation of the first one concerning the Sten MK2 from Northeast Airsoft, you can find the link of this video in the description to remind you.

And since this video is a continuation of the first one, I will therefore consider that certain points have been acquired. To be sure, a written test. Take out a sheet, last name, first name, date, phone number for girls under 15 years old.

This is for youtuber friends, don’t worry. And so you will answer the question: What is the main hearing defect of this Sten. It : a) Makes noise in a spring bed b) Makes a spring noise in bed c) Reads a spring which makes noise d) O there I pick up the copies, the correct answer was “it makes a spring noise in bed”, and even in all the other places you shoot with it.

Sten MK2S, what does that mean? Shepherd and Harold Turpin Enfield Mark 2 Special Purpose, or Silencer, as you wish. This Sten was intended to have a silencer and was the ancestor of the MK3 version, where the silencer was integrated.

It was intended for special forces and French interior forces, and had modifications compared to the Sten MK2 to really make it silencer. Thus, the silencer made it possible to slow down the speed of the bullet, to go below the speed of sound, and to do this, the pressure had to be reduced.

Thus a shorter recuperator spring was put in place and the breech block was lightened. The Sten Special was made to shoot semi-automatically. Short bursts could be tolerated, but it was not done to, to prevent the heat from being too high in the silencer, which would melt the rubber rings that compose it inside.

Which, in fact, made it unusable. So let’s go back to the replica from Northeast Airsoft. This is a variation of what I have already shown you. Indeed, it’s the same, but with a few more accessories that they were able to provide me.

Well, I arrived a little after the war, so I didn’t have it all. So the body of the replica is the MK2 that I have already been able to present to you. So I was able to have in addition: the skeleton stock (I already had one but this is the manufacturer’s), the longer internal barrel with the hop-up unit (longer because the authorized length is greater ), and an additional magazine that was lying on the desk of my friend SĂ©bastien.

Hello! And also the canvas piece here, which was given to me, but I don’t know the name in French. In English it’s Cover. Since I’m not sure what to call him, I’ll call him Harry. It makes a very nice Harry Cover.

However, it takes up space, it’s not practical to aim. Already the organs are not great for that… It’s really for hip shooting after all… Be careful, if you want to do like me and adapt your silencer, since this is a reproduction for a real Sten, found at in famous English shop, it’s because the diameter is not good at the level of the screw thread.

I had to reduce it a bit, at the beginning with a file then I got fed up and I finished with the dremel, but it has to be completely pushed in, since this part allows to retain the internal barrel and the hop-up unit that we have inside.

Basically if you don’t push it all the way in properly, it will move all over the place, and it can even cause breakage. But to be sure it’s good, the part here that acts as the lock has to lock the silencer and therefore everything underneath.

After that, the version manufactured by Northeast Airsoft will have a small difference: There will be an additional S on the marking on the body of the replica, which I don’t have since it’s the converted MK2.

After that, I imagine that during WW2, not all Stens had this little S, they could have, like me, converted Stens. There haven’t been many made… Besides, the silencer I bought looks different from the one sold by the brand! By the way, when I got it from England, it was in shiny light gray.

Ugly. So I hastened to strip it to repaint it black. Which corresponds, ultimately, to the same color as the replica. You can see that my painting is leaving, which gives a rather good patina. Who says silencer and longer internal barrel possible.

So Northeast Airsoft got me one, suitable for this replica, but since the length of the silencer is not exactly the same, I had to cut 1 or 2mm at the end. I did it with dremel, only to add a barrel spacer that I made myself with chatterton, and I repainted it all black at the end to hide it all.

After that, you won’t have to do all that if you have the base version from Northeast Airsoft. Here, it’s just there are no more at the moment, so I’m doing it with the means at hand. And so the chatterton allows to wedge the internal barrel in the silencer, which is hollow.

The cool thing about the silencer is that it has a marking on it. On the other hand, there is a small drawback to having a silencer: it’s impossible to put on a sling, you will have to do without! My cocking lever was the first model, remember.

However, it was quickly replaced by a 2nd model, and Northeast had told me that an original was compatible. So I bought one, which is here. I don’t know if it’s the lever I bought that didn’t match, or if it’s ultimately not compatible, but I had to adapt the lever a bit, I had to cut a bit of length.

I shit to cut some of it, since it’s real steel, the dremel got a little hot. My fingers too. However, it’s adaptable and it works well. And it comes apart very easily, like the real one in fact. And I admit that I much prefer this model than the first version which was not very practical, it must be said.

I had shooting issues on my first video. To avoid misfeeds, you have to hold your magazine, when you shoot, pushing it slightly upwards, you feel a very little play, and this is enough, if you have a full magazine, to prevent you from shooting.

In fact, Northeast Airsoft saw this video, and gave me the means to correct this problem. So I give it to you, if you ever have it: You have to dismantle the part that serves as the firing pin here, in the ejection window, to re-tension the small spring, since it could be a little soft, which prevented firing.

A soft spring that doesn’t do its job properly and prevents you from shoting… Believe me that causes frustration. Believe in my experience. Sorry Geraldine… The first name has been changed to Geraldine to preserve GĂ©rard’s anonymity.

Kisses uncle… And now I have no more misfeed! Perfect, it shoots every time! Magic! On the other hand, be careful to put threadlocker on the screws, I have already lost one… I admit it feels good to have a live response from the manufacturer when you have questions.

I remind you, there is a facebook page, and there is definitely a group to regroup the owners of this collection of Sten. Moreover, they gave a recommendation on filling the magazines that I will share with you: When filling the magazine with gas, it takes 7 seconds.

No more. Under penalty of causing overpressures, whether in the magazine (with the seals), or even in the replica. 7 seconds, no more. And normally, you will shoot a full magazine with that 7 seconds of charging.

I had a leak on mine, probably because of that. I must have put Teflon on the valve thread. I showed you the Skeleton Stock before, seeing as I bought one for my first video, but now I have the official version from Northeast Airsoft.

We can see that it still has a small marking. I admit that I much prefer the skeleton stock to the T-stock. NO this time I don’t have a joke about T-stock. I’ve done everything already, sorry. That said, an ass-butt, that would have been fun.

.. But this stock was the one that was found the most, it’s more comfortable to handle than the T-stock which cuts your knuckles. The weight of this baby? 3.7kg like the real one, with 500g of magazine like with the real ones.

It’s a beautiful baby of 3.7kg, congratulations to mom! For these measurements, I made with the silencer that I had myself, not the official one of the mark. We will now go to the chrony test at 0.20g.

Then the shooting test at 15m, then 30m, and finally a range test, all at 0.28g. It can be seen that the power is higher than that of the short version. A longer barrel… and that’s the only difference.

There you have it, the power is greater. Maybe find a way to restrain this line a bit? It comes out a little too hard to use it in buildings, which is the optimal place to use this kind of replica, since remember, it’s a gas GBBR, therefore subject to temperature changes.

That said, the range test gives a maximum range of 35m, almost like in real life! But we are relatively precise in semi-automatic. In gusts on the other hand, you can forget the precision, it remained at home, almost like in real life! But I find that the precision is better than on the version with a short barrel.

In a way, that makes sense! Filling the magazines is still a pain. There is still no BB-loader adapter provided. It doesn’t exist. I hope one day there will be one. Because right now the tip of the BB-Loader is your fingers! You take your BB-loader, you take your magazine, you place your thumb and your index finger on either side of the lips.

And you squeeze firmly. You take your BB-loader and place it on top. Then wrap it all between your fingers so that the BB’s are guided inside. The capacity is 32 BB’s if I am not mistaken. We are on a real course.

For real weight. No, but seriously… that’s great! In terms of realism, that’s perfect! And like I said before, you don’t have to put BB’s in it to shoot. Which is pretty cool for movie scenes. But the day you can replace my two fingers with a BB-loader tip, I’ll give you a kiss.

Finally, we were at 2 fingers of perfection. Two fingers. You have it ? I know, I tire. Here is what concludes this video, I hope you liked it! If so, as usual, feel free to leave a blue thumb, comment, subscribe, and share this video.

I again thank Northeast Airsoft for their support. And if you too, you want to help me, don’t hesitate to have a look in the description to find my Tipeee and MyTip pages, or by becoming a subscriber of the channel, you will help me on the shape but also on the content of my videos.

Go see the different links in the description, to discover the references of Northeast Airsoft, you will see, you won’t be disappointed! As for me, I’ll see you soon for new airsoft replica, uniform and VIP presentation videos! Bye! Made by Neo035 With the support of Northeast Airsoft Thanks to Thomas (jacket), Sonia (hat, tie, shirt) and JĂ©rĂ©my and SĂ©bastien for their advice.

Thanks to my Tipeurs…


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