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🔫 Springfield M1903A3 S&T upgrade TNT – REVIEW AIRSOFT

🔫 Springfield M1903A3 S&T upgrade TNT – REVIEW AIRSOFT

Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft gun video review. Today we are going to talk about Springfield M1903 A3 from S&T, upgraded by TNT. First of all, I would like to thank my friend Chun from SWIT airsoft, without whom I couldn’t have presented this replica.

He’s the one who found me this out. You can find the link in the description of this video. Let’s first take a look at the history of the original weapon. The Springfield M1903 is an American bolt action rifle, first manufactured by the Springfield factory (yes, spring field.

..) then by other factories like Remington or Rock Island. Before arriving at the M1903, he went through prototypes, called M1900 and M1901. A cartridge was specially developed for this rifle, .30 caliber, first called 30-03, then improved in 1906, to finally be called 30.

06! The rifle has a magazine that can hold 5. It was massively used during the 1st war with the M1903. The Springfield M1903 A3 was developed after the entry of the Americans in the second war, so from 1942.

Yeah but the Americans entered in war on December 7th, 1941… I saw it in the movie Pearl Harbor… FALSE. The Americans went to war on the December 8th. On the 7th, it was the attack, but the speech took place on the 8th.

And so it was in December. You think it’s possible to switch to “war” mode in a few days? No, it wasn’t until early 1942 that we managed to do something. The M1903 A3 was intended for training mainly, hence the change of sighting system, now with a eyecup system close to that of M1 Garand, against an open sight to the origin.

Also, the wood of the rifle has been adapted accordingly. A Springfield 1903 A4 was used by the snipers during the second war, but I will talk about this version again in due time! SPOILER! For the anecdote, Mauser Waffenfabrik won a lawsuit against Remington at the beginning of the century because this American factory violated the patents filed by Mauser for the Gewehr 98.

Well that’s why the Germans lost the first war! Because there was plagiarism! So you’ll understand, this replica is made for the WWII and not the first, the sighting elements and the stock being not the right model.

This replica is made by S&T. It weighs 2.8kg, compared to 3.7kg for the original model. So we have almost 1kg in the view. The fault mainly with the materials used: we are here with zamak + wooden crate.

It is indeed a replica called “cheap”. The not upgraded version costs maximum $300. At the time I shoot this video, we can even find it at a US site for $212. I admit that I wanted to order it there at one time, but they refused my order for customs stories that I never understood.

.. Fate decided for me, then SWIT Airsoft came into my life and took me a lot of money. Against lots of happiness and an enlarged or improved collection! But I don’t took the original version, I bought the version upgraded by TNT, company specialized in the improvement of replica airsoft.

The modified elements are: a precision barrel, a modified hop-up block and an improved bolt, as evidenced by the small laser-engraved TNT marking below. You will find all the specifications here. I’d rather show you all of this at once to avoid losing half of you.

Including me. Note for the more do-it-yourselfers: don’t disassemble your hop-up unit unless and if it is REALLY necessary, TNT spends a lot of time putting it in place and setting it! So it would be a shame if you had to do it again.

It can be tedious. The upgraded replica is available only from SWIT Airsoft for a price of $450 without shipping costs, so about 470€ with shipping costs. Beware of customs, it can fall on the corner of the nose.

.. And if you want to change the power, you can, on the site, choose what you want. But you will be able to change the spring yourself if you wish, it is a VSR10 mechanism and contains a classic AEG spring.

Yes, I said the word “spring”. It is indeed a Spring gun. Well yes, a Springfield, it must be Spring. It’s more eco-friendly OK ? Nothing to do with the Simpson on the other hand… And like that, you can even use it during winter with regular performance.

To know that SWIT tests 3 complete magazines before each shipment: traces of wear can therefore appear. It is however possible to ask them not to test to have a perfectly new replica. And thus avoid any signs of wear.

But it increases the risk of having problems… it’s up to you. Like the original version, we have a sight by eyecup, which in addition, is adjustable upward and drifting. Up with a moving board, and sides with a screw.

The front sight doesn’t move, unless you take off and then pick it up again. But we’re on target shooting at 50m max. So not necessarily need to touch it… Watch out for the eyecup, on the sight it has no lock.

It has small notches, obviously, but it remains free, so when you put your rifle on the shoulder, it can go wrong. A peculiarity of this replica is that the setting of the hop-up is on the right side, between the upper handguard and the stock.

It is quite difficult to adjust and you will need nails (but will not be easily changed) or a small tool -Like your dick! This Springfield works with 25 BB’s plastic magazines that come in this form. The most basic form for the lowest possible price.

Indeed, we are on the 12€ for one magazine with shipping! It will be possible to use a BB-Loader, it will avoid the filling of 25 BB’s by hand. Magazines are to slide into the body of the replica, under the chamber, accessible through a small hatch under the store that we should find on the real.

Push in the small magazine, tab down, BB’s up, until you hear a little “click”. A small stockon will come out then, which will disengage it when you press it. To remove the magazine, you will have to press the small stockon to unlock it, then use the tab to pull the magazine.

Not very practical nor ergonomic… I would prefer classic magazines… The magazines are certainly cheap, but don’t expect to lie on it, especially if you put them in bandoliers: they are made of plastic and are fragile, as the replica.

Yes, I go to the main weak point from my point of view: fragility. Don’t expect to fall on it, otherwise you will break it in two. The metal parts are zamak and the stock is wooden crate. I wanted to strip it, because originally we had that color there.

So I had to dismount the replica and what was my surprise to see the unthinkable: the stock was in THREE parts. Like the Garand! Yes, the upper handguard, the stock and… a lower handguard! Who is independent of the rest of the replica! With a junction here as IKEA hardware here.

And obviously, during a drying moment, I put the stock against my desk, I caused a slight vibration on the worktop, it has unbalanced the stock, which has quite quickly encountered an obstacle. The worst happened: the junction here broke.

The repair wasn’t complicated, I broke the axis, to give another, wood glue, and this is it. And I wonder if he’s not stronger now, but I’m not telling you how I was after seeing that… The fear Anger Relief Oscar for best actor goes to Neo035 for his interpretation of “the stock’s break” When you receive your replica, you will be tempted to add a sling.

Logical thing when you want to use it in the field. But… the passer in the back is too small to insert your sling. It’s up to you to find an original passer and adapt it to the stock. Handling is easy to do, it’s compatible, rest assured.

And for the part, look for American sites, it should not cost you more than $30. Since we are on the back of the stock, I make a small detour by the stock: the hatch for the oiler is present, but it is hard, it must have strong nails or use a small tool.

.. But I doubt that the hole is deep enough to contain an original oiler. And I’m not ok to put one, I don’t want it to make noise by manipulating the stock. Originally, we had some markings on the replica.

Laser engraved on the painting. Remove the paint, remove the markings. Besides, they were not really realistic… Personally, I preferred to remove them rather than having unrealistic markings. I also took the opportunity to strip some parts with sandpaper to cold blue them afterwards.

It is voluntarily that I didn’t sanded all, to be in coherence with the wood, which I also reworked. In fact I turned the imitation plastic toy into an “old rifle”. Note a hole on the toner. I think it is used to place a rail that will be used to place a scope I guess.

.. To fill it can be interesting if you have not planned to install one. I think I’ll do it by puttying it… Ah, don’t puttying like that… Putting putty with paint or black marker. I tested the marker with another replica, it wasn’t bad.

Let’s come to the bolt. It has a screw below that must be checked on receipt: it may not be perfectly screwed, which can damage your replica, or cause blockages. Same kind as the yellow vests yes. Where are the CRS? I will have them.

.. -Hello, National Police, hands up in the air please. -How they found me? -Please release your Springfield M1903 A3 from S&T upgraded by TNT, we will proceed to your inquiry. We have a safety that is present at the end of the bolt.

It’s freewheeling, it has no lock, and has only two positions: safety on the right and fire on the left. It slightly blocks the trigger. Note also that we should have a mark on the lever: READY on one side and SAFE on the other.

Ditto for the disassembly lever of the bolt, which should have ON and OFF, and here is fake, there is no use except to look pretty. But it’s complicated to be able to disassemble with a simple lever this good spring system inside.

The bolt is easy to handle, you have to arm until you hear a little “click”. Naturally, the stronger the spring, the harder it will be. And I can tell you that after a complete magazine shot, it will hurt your hand! Empty! F*ck it hurts the hand, you have better be single to use it well! We will now go to the chrony test and then the firing test.

Note that I did the test on a clear ground to see the max range, so there is some wind that deviated some of my BB’s. So the results can become random 40m past, which can be avoided if you are in the forest.

Accelerated video Reminder of the max limit: 450 fps Note that you can go in the mud with it since the bolt doesn’t really open. To carry the magazines of Springfield, I advise the bandoliers, it doesn’t pass in the traditional M1903 belt.

So we have 25 BB’s, let’s go. Distance from the target:20m. For the last two BB’s, you must return the rifle when you rearm. And after that, your rifle will be safe. 0.25g, hop-up to zero. -Video cut off to avoid rearming noises.

Namely that the rightmost straw mound is 48m, when the left one is 55m. I have the hop-up to zero, I’m with the 0.30g. In tight fire, I can’t reach the 48m, I reach 45m. Now I will adjust the hop-up a bit.

It made a curve, but it touched. Same for the back, I have to make a curve to get it, I can’t hit it in tense shot. There, it fell at 52m. I set the hop-up in a middle position. We always have a curve, but it hits.

Here is what concludes this video of presentation of replica, I hope that it will have pleased you. If so, don’t hesitate to leave a blue thumb, a comment, to share this video and to subscribe. I thank again SWIT Airsoft and OPS-Store for their support! I invite you to go for a visit on my Tipeee, it would allow you to support me as much on the form as on the bottom of my videos.

As for me, I’ll see you soon for a new airsoft, replica Denix video review, uniform and VIP presentations! Bye ! Directed by Neo035 With the support of SWIT Airsoft and OPS-Store (BB’s) Thanks to DerpyH for his support of Tipeee.


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