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đŸ”« SHOTGUN Double Barrel Farsan – REVIEW AIRSOFT

đŸ”« SHOTGUN Double Barrel Farsan – REVIEW AIRSOFT

Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft gun presentation video. Today, I’m going to introduce you to the new Shotgun Double Barrel from Farsan. So, I will first warn all the reenactors who are going to watch this video: don’t cry! This is an AIRSOFT gun that I could have with reduction from SWIT Airsoft.

But not good for WW2 reenactment. Along a product placement, you’re shit! Yeah, and I take the opportunity to thank OPS-Store for its support in terms of consumables! Yes man, if I want to be able to present cool stuff, it’s thanks to the help of cool people! But this replica has actualy nothing WW2.

Indeed, it comes more from the Mad Max universe. But I told myself “Challenge Accepted” to convert it as much as possible into WW2, which makes it possible for a resistant to use it in the maquis. You want maquis? I have an excellent Lucie Aubrac to offer you in the MP40 menu.

So don’t expect to release it in reenactment, it has no place. On the other hand, in WW2 airsoft game, it can pass, having no other alternative (for the moment) to a shotgun of this type. There are several versions of this AMAZING SHOTGUN DOUBLE BARREL.

The 6mm short version. The 8mm short version. The 6mm long version, and the 8mm long version. On the SWIT airsoft website, you will be able to choose your power, your caliber and whether you want additional cartridges or not.

YES ! You heard right! I said “CARTRIDGES”, because we are in immersion! One cartridge per tube, and one trigger by cartridge. Result: it spew you 7 BB’s per cartridge! And we say “thank you who?” Then we have to open the barrel to reload.

So in action, I can’t wait to be able to piss on me because I can’t catch the next cartridges, while dropping those already shot! It promises nice sequences! Some people will say, “But… it’s a Haw Shan repack!” And then I would be tempted to say yes! Yes, it is.

Because if you look good, you will see that Farsan is a subsidiary of Haw Shan. Confirmed by the marking on the side. Now let’s go to the rifle itself. This is an exclusive that I have, there is only one person for the moment who could make a review, but it’s more an unboxing than anything else.

I have already done an unboxing, you will find it in the description, but I go further in the process. It face has changed a little. You’ll find this rifle for $300 on the SWIT Airsoft website, and by the time I shoot this video, shipping is available worldwide.

For the operation, it remains simple but effective: Each trigger is connected to a hammer, which will hit the cartridges. Right trigger, right hammer, right barrel. Left trigger, left hammer, left cannon.

Don’t be surprised when you shoot without a cartridge, there is no “click”, there will be no resistance. Hey, I’m not here! The spring is actually located in the butt of the cartridge. 2 cartridges are provided in the kit, you choose the caliber, between 6 and 8mm.

6mm: you can put 7 BB’s, 8mm: you can put 5. For more futuristic than me, you can find a kit available on the SWIT Airsoft website, printed in 3D for $130. With the choice of color, black and white, which makes the rifle a bit more.

.. tactical. With a rail also on the handguard at the front. About the modifications that have been made on my version, here they are: First modification: I cut the rubber end of the guns, which allow to stall the internal guns.

These are kind of rubber mushrooms, held by 2 screws allen below, so I decided to remove them. Since on any rifle of any time, you will have gun ends like this. Disadvantage: we see the internal barrels.

But I much prefer to see them a little than to have something bulging out. But we need internal guns, I was told to remove them. I want to be able to shoot my BB’s at a minimum of 20m, without an internal barrel, the BB’s would start to ricochet from here, and we would have a range of 2m.

So the internal barrels are useful, they serve to guide the BB’s, you will understand after why. If not, both shoot manually a cartridge. I sanded and tanned all the metal of the replica, I didn’t like the original color.

So I can tell you that the body is zamak, and the double barrels are aluminum. Hence the result quite nice. But it was hard… I removed the rear sight. Indeed, hunting rifles of the time didn’t need the rear sighting devices, we already had the trench here that will serve to aim.

At the front, I left it, even if I could also remove it, to simulate a sawed gun, so with the sighting device in less. But it would be more complicated to aim… So I decided to keep it, even if it’s less realistic.

It would have been better, it’s large here. I modified the stock to have a more correct look. The original one was too modern with a horrible modern pistol grip, which I removed to have a compatible look with the 30s/40s.

I had ordered another stock, not wanting to change the original stock, but it took so long to arrive that I preferred to make the change on it. So I have this kit wood available in spare. If anyone wants it, I sell it the price I paid for it: 150 €.

Anyway, the wood seems good quality, the only drawback is that it has no butt plate, so we must add one. Or not, to choose. But we feel that the wood is denser than the original kit, I feel that I would have more problems to change, especially that has relief on the side.

So, if you want, don’t hesitate to contact me, if it’s still available the moment you watch this video! I could have refined even more the stock, but I’m afraid to make the rifle fragile, especially in case of big shock while it’s held by the stock.

.. So I preferred to extol the solidity to the finesse . Yes, I am a little dick. And I made my little dick because I could have added some fine engravings on the wood as we can find on shotguns, but I don’t have the talent or the tools required for that.

I changed the color of the wood, the original color was not satisfactory. Free to do what you want, it’s an artistic choice! So I chose to make it dark brown, anyway you can do what you want. I have chosen here to put dark brown and for once, I put glossy varnish, since you do what you want, it’s a civilian gun! So I can do what I want, there is no regulation.

Where I usually put only linseed oil, keeping a mat look. I added a butt plate, bought on ebay, that I adapted. I thought it was metal, but no, luckily it was bakelite, so I was able to modify it to fit the wood, and modify the wood to fit the plate.

The result is not disgusting at all, I just have to repaint the screws, or I tan them. On the other hand, there are points for which I can’t do much: the guns should be longer. Especially since we can see here that we already have an extension, since the short version of this replica is long like that.

They added an extension here, secured by a screw above and two screws below. It would take a second extension to put the end, but obviously, it would be visible, and I’m afraid that the shot performance would be disgusting.

We have a big risk of ricochets. To access under the guns, it’s necessary to disassemble the handguard, to do this, it’s necessary to raise the small key under the handguard to remove it. Oh, we found the basic color, I didn’t touch it.

We have a realistic dismantling. So, if you break your barrels, you can disassemble it in two parts. In three with the handguard. What easier to transport in a smaller case. Or in a violin case. There are several markings on the sides of the rifle.

Right: FS-0521, the model number, MADE IN TAIWAN, its place of manufacture, and HAW SAN TOYS, which proves that it’s not Farsan the manufacturer. On the other side we have: GAS GUN, COMBAT SHOTGUN, 12GA BLANK.

Which means that our gun is gas, that it’s made for the fight and that it fires with 12 GA. And we say thank you who? 12GA I guess it’s the caliber? It’s 12 gauge. I have read and heard many reviews of fake cartridges.

Let’s see what happens with a fire test. I have 10 cartridges available, which I put smartly in this French bag. I say intelligently because it’s organized efficiently. When my cartridges are in this sense, they are not shot, and when they are in this sense, they are.

That way I can know by touching if I can shoot the cartridge or not. The disadvantage is that you must obviously not move too much. With this we will have the gas bottle and a BB-Loader, because it will be possible to use it with these cartridges.

Here we go for the first two. It doesn’t go very far… Double trigger When it’s screws up like that, there are two things to know: -When you open your barrel, there is the butt of the cartridge that will jump because of the pressure of the gas.

And that’s because there’s the BB’s at the end that can’t get out. The idea is to push the ass to get out the first one. There, it will be better next time, not necessarily need to reload in gas. And go again.

If I had to conclude this little test: 1) well grease the joints. 2) Put the gas at the last moment if possible, and keep the cartridges warm, one night in the car, it’s not a good thing, it will necessary to warm them up before use.

3)load 6 BB’s, or 7 but remove the last if it’s screws up to reduce the pressure and make the shoot. And about the reach, we can see that we are at the 2nd tree, so from 15 to 20m, not beyond. it’s not so worth to put a scope on it, In any case, it’s fun, we will now do a shooting test at 10m.

All off target 5/7 in target I’m like a hunter like that! Oh a cyclist! The security is on the top. Here safety, here shooting. And the lever, here we block, and here, it allows the opening of the barrels.

Be sure manually to lock it. There is a force return, but it stops here. So you have to lock it by hand. In fact, the main problem is that we have 7 BB’s in single file and not a cloud of BB’s. It scatters past the 20m.

Which doesn’t facilitate the chrony test… I will try to do it but I promise nothing. The gas projections were interpreted as BB’s? Ok, I didn’t know that. This is the only good measure of the test after 15 cartridges shot (with 1 BB’s).

Official manufacturer’s measurement: 430fps (with 7 simultaneous BB’s) To fill these cartridges, it takes time: it’s necessary to remove the small cap, to fill in gas by the valve located on the base of the cartridge, then you will put the BB’s by the top.

Don’t worry, it won’t go underneath, and there is a retention joint on top. Once the operation is complete, reassemble the elements, unified by a joint. I told you that the joint, it would unify things.

.. Except that says gas, said joints, said leaks… On 10 cartridges, I already had to repair two. One blow of grease on the joint of the valve, and the other because the seal here was torn at the time of the reassembly.

I swear, it tore me the seal. So… I tore it. So I replaced with a 9x2mm o-ring that I slightly sanded to the dremel because it was too large, but I had nothing else, but in the end, it worked! Time wasted because when you want to re-assemble the ends, you will lean to one side, and on the other side, that’s it.

That’s how you tear your joint. I wanted to insert on one side then another, so we must go frankly but right. Here is the look of the cartridge once disassembled. It’s simple but relatively effective.

SWIT Airsoft offers a cartridge for $10. Some will know – SAURON… (french joke…) Some will be able to adapt cartridges of other brands, the problem is that it’s expensive. Certainly, you will gain in performance and reliability because the cartridges of other brands will be better, but for that it will necessary to create an adapter for each barrel with an opening at the bottom for the small part that serves as extractor.

Extractor that will retract when we will fold the barrels. But to make 2 adapters, it costs money. More with cartridges themself. So if you want to snipe with, free to you, but I won’t do it. This replica is good for fun, not for performance.

And I count on the manufacturers to develop guns with better reliability, performance and especially aesthetic, and that are WW2 compatible! In any case, to make the zombie, it will be perfect. Well, without the special effects, it’s not the same.

.. Here is what concludes this airsoft gun video review, I hope you enjoyed it! If so, don’t hesitate, as usual, to leave a blue thumb, leave a comment, subscribe and share this video! I thank again my partners OPS-Store and SWIT Airsoft for their help, you will find the respective links in the description of this video.

And if you too, you want to help me, my page Tipeee is also in the description, it will help you to help me as much on the form as on the bottom of my videos, in particular to replace this camera which is dying.

.. For my part, I’ll see you soon for a new video of presentation of airsoft gun, Denix replica, uniform and VIP presentation! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With the support of SWIT Airsoft and OPS-Store With the participation of NathNath1994 (makeup and filming) and Oni (Zombie)


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