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🔫 Mosin Nagant M44 BO Manufacture – Airsoft video review

🔫 Mosin Nagant M44 BO Manufacture – Airsoft video review

Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft gun video review. Today, I will present the Mosin Nagant M44 from BO Manufacture. First of all, I would like to thank Destockage Games and BO Manufacture for their support.

You can find the respective links of these 2 shops in the description of this video, as well as a promo code for the site Destockage Games, a discount code of 5%. That’s all, I’m done with the sponsors, thank you for watching this video, hello! Dirrehctid bay Nez-High 034 If you have not yet seen the unboxing of this replica, I invite you to discover it.

For once, it’s essential if you want to understand the context of this partnership. Well, I said stop advertising. I won’t develop more here my relationship with BO, go see the unboxing, so you can understand everything.

I SAID STOP!!! The replica is delivered in a new box, but suddenly, we have no more exploded view. But the advantage is that we have a notice that will be in French! COCORICOOOOOOOOO The replica comes with a magazine, naturally.

But there is an innovation. It’s up to you to contact BO Manufacture to define if you want a limited vintage mag, like this one, if you want a vintage version of the non-limited magazine; or if you want a magazine in black finish, limited or non-limited version.

Me I took the vintage limited version since I already had the version in non-limited. You’re going to ask me: “But why redo another video when I already presented the M44 from Wingun?” First of all because my hop-up joint on my first version was burnt, the shooting performance was therefore disgusting compared to the shooting capacity that this replica can have.

And secondly, my job is to be able to present you a maximum of replicas. So even if it’s a different livery, it’s a different replica. Which may in the meantime confirm that the shooting performance of the M44 that I have already presented was just for this replica precisely, since this one draws much better.

So the finish is a blue applied in vintage version. So applied only partially. The rest of the metal is bare. So I took pleasure in using black aluminum to finish the job. Which gives an even nicer finish.

It took me 30min and not even need to sand. By cons, I had to strip the bolt. A real bolt won’t have a tan on it, it will be polished. Hello Sir, you are very nice. Yes, they are poli(te)shed the bolts.

To pick it, I used… hydrochloric acid. Be careful, do this in a ventilated place, with gloves, without a cat next door. If you forget one of the three factors, it can be very problematic. This kind of product is EXTREMELY dangerous.

As much to smell as to touch. Like your cock. And I finished polishing with steel wool. I took the opportunity to add the markings of the serial number on the toner. By cons I admit that the metal is hard! Like MY dick.

I’ve been sick of it more than classic zamak. The markings of origin are not good… On the very first version, the date was not good, I already spoke about it in my first video; here the shot has been corrected.

However, we still find Chatellerault markings. In Cyrillic, certainly, but it’s not good. So I added a serial number, I added the year: 1944, I tinkered the marking with a triangle with an arrow inside.

By taking different letters: a 1, an I, doing my best. The only marking I miss is the hammer and the sickle around a laurel wreath. But I don’t have it. But I still note that BO Manufacture has followed my advice: the collection “Overlord” had no meaning for this kind of replica.

This range is now called “WW2 Series”. Like this, it’s perfect when man listen to me! Note that all parts of the replica will have a marking that corresponds to the model number, I spoke a little in the first video, I could confirm that here: all the parts have the same identifier.

But none will be really apparent, they are all hidden inside. The only one we will see easily will be on the magazine, since it’s difficult to put it inside. (the 1J is for limited version) The wood of the stock is always plastic, always weighted as well, since the weight of the replica is realistic.

A label was present on the side, with the indication “Power <1J", if you order a version with limited magazine. This is to allow importation into countries with power restrictions. The stock has a different color from the classic M44 model.

Since BO asked for a different livery. But how did they do it? By changing the printing ink of the wood. Because in fact it’s Water Transfert. This is the first time I discovered this process in real life, and it’s quite amazing.

The problem is that it’s too regular. No nuance, no imperfection in the wood. In fact it’s like in life, it takes nuances, otherwise it’s too bland, and we’re pissed off. So… I took my good old method of marker and alcohol to burn.

True, the color of the wood has been dark, but we have nuances. The replica will have a safety at the level of the bolt. It works like that, like the real one, the disadvantage is that we have an ugly branding.

A point and an F, and the point is RED. I’ve already talked about it but I could not let that go, so I put putty for models, I sanded, I put 53 Humbrol paint so metallic color, and I passed black marker over that I quickly cleared, to hide this hole.

It can be guessed at low light but you really need to have your nose on it. When you receive your replica, I don’t advise you, I IMPOSE you to completely disassemble this replica. Why ? Because everything is oiled, greased, but if you don’t clean the barrel and the hop-up joint, the shooting performances give this.

Non-limited magazine – 35m – 0.36g. I’m aiming for full center. But once you’ve cleaned up the hop-up joint, that’s fine. Non-limited magazine – 35m – 0.36g. But still, the replica will still have no adjustable hop-up block.

.. So we will have to adjust the weight of the BB’s according to the power. So if you are using a limited magazine with 0.36g, you are not going to shoot far. And conversely if you use the 0.25g with a non-flipped magazine, it will go to the moon.

I gave you the BB’s weights, that’s what I saw with my magazines, maybe it will be different with you, but for the non-limited magazines at 0.36g, I’m sure that it’s the best of values. I switched to chrony the replica before I cleaned: 150fps.

So much the gun he was greased. Must limit him to an enema, to this Mosin M44… To shoot your enema with the M44. Attention, disassembly is not realistic. Indeed, to remove the front part, we will have to remove an axis here and another there, to avoid doing like me and to think that the front is dependent on the back.

No, it’s just 2 axes that hold this part. Finally, the price of this rifle, 299€, may seem excessive but you say it’s the price of Wingun with shipping and with customs fees. Except that this time it’s directly in France, so the customs is already paid.

And then to buy in France, it’s good. COCORICOOOOOOOOO We will now go to the 0.20g chrony test with the limited magazine, then with the unbridled magazine. Limited magazine – 15° C – 0.20g – CO2 cartridge medium Non-limited magazine – 15° C – 0.

20g – CO2 cartridge medium Then we go to the firing test at 15m with the magazine limited, at the 0.25g, then at a test shot at 35m and range test with the magazine not limited at 0.36g. Did you follow me? That’s good, congratulations! All with a CO2 cartridge engaged for a while.

Limited magazine – 15m – 15° C – 0,25g Non-limited magazine – 35m – 15° – 0,36g. Final range: between 40 and 50m. We have a HUGE range of gas… Count between 100 and 150 BB’s drawn with a single CO2 cartridge.

That is around 10 magazines. And the limited version can go even further. We can see that the results are not disappointing. I’ll admit that this is the 2nd shooting session I did that I show you since the first was skewed because the hop-up seal was too fat.

By cons, the power will be a little variable, so the range too. Not too embarrassing on the unlimited version, but on the limited version, 5m difference, it plays a lot. So with limited magazines, we can have a range of 30m, but not all the time.

Maybe a little break-in is necessary? A break-in? But… you have already shot over 1000 BB’s with! What else do you need to get it in? A crash test?? Basically, the limited version will be ideal for CQB (in addition, the size of the replica is not an obstacle), and the unlimited version for all other types of terrain.

But are the Japanese not limited to 300fps for power? So, it’s perfect! We propose the BRIDLED version to the Japanese! You realize the bullshit you just said… we’ll get SOS Racism on the back, CONNARD! Here’s what concludes this airsoft gun video review, I hope you liked it.

If so, as usual, don’t hesitate to put a thumbs up, a comment, to subscribe and share this video. I want to thank BO Manufacture and Destockage Games for their precious support, you can find the references of these two stores in the description of this video.

If you too, you want to support me, go see my pages Tipeee and Mytips, the links are, there too, in the description. For my part, I’ll see you soon for a new video of presentation of airsoft gun, Denix replica, uniform and VIP presentation! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With the support of BO Manufacture and Destockage Games Thanks to my tipeurs!


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