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Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft video review. Today, I have the honor to present the Colt 1911 A1 from G&G. First of all, I would like to thank SWIT Airsoft, the store where you can find this baby.

Since, remember, without these supports, I am nothing! It makes a great motto that… You have inspiration in fact! In short, let’s resume. Another Colt 1911 A1 on the market, We still have a hell of a lot of Colt But I don’t mind showing it to you, Because it works at 100,000 volts.

This Colt 1911 from G&G Can fit in your holster It has the dimensions respected And for its performance, I say yes. Made of metal and ABS It stands out for its finesse This Colt will seduce you But its markings scare YOU away Its color is to shit And this gun is nothing special in the end.

Sorry for this digression, I thought it SONNET well. And in the end I’m not too wrong in what I say… Even if I admit that I was a bit trashy and that I could have put a little more forms. Weighing 1036g, it’s almost realistic, I note the effort! And that gives us a really nice kick at the end of the arm! Its pretty name is GPM1911 for GasPistol Model 1911.

It’s G&G which manufactures it, I didn’t know until recently that G&G made these kind of babies. In any case, it’s currently the only WW2 pistol developed by this brand. The pack consists of a beautiful plastic box, which is very light.

It’s pretty indeed, but when it comes to protection, it’s not that, it’s thermoformed plastic, it doesn’t protect anything. So we have a box, with a BB-loader that has a tip (french = embout) A Nambu.

.. Japanese? We have instructions and a magazine is supplied with. The BB-loader is transparent white, it’s pretty! You buy a replica for the beauty of his BB-loader ?? You’re weird… You scare me. The instructions have small drawings which are quite childish, I find them very cute, very nice.

However, we will come back to the content of this notice. Like, “don’t point at people.” So basically, you buy that, but you don’t do airsoft with it. But I’m going to have to explain to me why make drawings that seem made for children when this replica is not authorized for children under 18.

Or so it’s so that even the stupid ones understand… But anyway, we don’t have stupid ones in airsoft! Neo035, friend of ALL players! – You are all good people* – *Offer subject to conditions The undeniable advantage of this manual is that it has a French (and other) version.

On the other hand, it’s noted “looking into the barrel is extremely dangerous, even if there are no more BB’s in the replica. If you are hit in the eye by a BB’s, you risk, in the worst case, loss of eyesight”.

Sight is two eyes. How can we get rid of both eyes with a single BB’s? Unless you are damn stupid! I have a BB’s that is stuck in there. AAAAAAAAAH MY EYE! I BELIEVE THERE IS ANOTHER! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah “We’re going to love each other, on a star on a pillow, I took a BB’s in both eyes.

” Well, I’m kidding, but it’s well done anyway. The manual I hear, not my jokes! The Colt is painted in graphite black. Why am I referring to the color “graphite”? Because we notice that the paint is slightly sanded.

And that it’s not real black. Unlike the canon, which we find here, which is black. Besides, the bolt doesn’t have the same color as the body. Strange. Afterwards, it doesn’t really look like phosphating real ones.

.. But don’t try to phosphat it, it won’t hold. I have already tried, on aluminum and zamak, phosphating doesn’t work. Even if you work on it, the color that will be closest to the original model will be that delivered by aluminum black, so we will have to cold blue it.

It will look more like the real treatment than the original color. The grips are made of ABS. Not shocking, the real ones were made of Bakelite. The color is pretty nice but here I am not showing you the original version.

The original version was there. Guys… You wanted to imitate the texture of wood. It’s pretty, sure, but here we’re on a 1911 A1. With bakelite grips. And even if it had needed wooden grips, it would have needed the diamonds of the Colt M1911.

Here we are on a total fantasy. It will therefore be necessary to repaint these grips. Good thing, I had a spray of brown paint lying around in my cupboards. Since yes, guys, you shit in the glue. The original bakelite has that look.

And it’s much more uniform than the shit color you chose at the start. Eh but there is not the photograph there. Ah, but yes it’s true, magic of editing! Photoooo And as long as we are in the faults, we will talk about the markings.

I’m not going to talk about it too much, otherwise I’m going to have an aneurysm rupture… They are all to be thrown away. Between the markings supposed to be historic on the bolt which are not it, the markings on the side which are not realistic either, the markings which we have downright painted on the carcass.

.. Those which are in fact “variable”. Computer scientist, you know yourself. And we have the big GG instead of the foal (GG here means Gross Gun… not Good Game, it doesn’t deserve there…) Gamers, yourself you know.

In fact when we marked in hard “Manufactured by G&G Armament”, that still goes, GPM number thing. And on the other hand, we have “GPModel machine number. Caliber 6mm, training and simulation only, made in taiwan.

” In fact we have a gun that is “law friendly”. It can be imported into all countries that allow airsoft like this. With that, if customs piss you off, it’s really that you’re out of luck, because it’s marked roughly on top that it’s an airsoft gun.

It only lacks the orange tip! Be careful, don’t say anything bad about customs, otherwise they’ll make you pay even more! Already that you have to pay even when you receive a gift… It has a magazine that works with conventional gas.

Its lifting board hangs at the bottom. Be careful when you release, the upper lips are plastic. We can put 25 BB’s in it, and it will be possible, depending on weather conditions, to shoot all of it with a charge of gas.

The magazines will have a magnificent marking below. We have marked G&G with a number that will be specific not to each magazine but to each model of magazine. Ah, we know this is your stuff, guys, marked G&G everywhere! Special feature of G&G magazines: they have a green joint.

Practical so as not to be mistaken in the different brands of magazines. Because obviously, the Colt 1911 A1 G&G only takes the magazines from G&G… And I like the reference… green… joint color..

. nature… It’s the gun that relaxes what! Very good ! When you have inserted a magazine, you can arm to shoot. But beware, if you don’t arm it, the BB’s will shoot anyway! It’s kind of a double action actually! No need to cock the bolt before firing, unlike the real one, of course, but also unlike other Colt 1911 from other brands.

So watch out for accidents. The hop-up is located in the same place as on all the other 1911 on the market: disassemble the bolt, and access under the barrel to the small wheel; and the beaver tail works like all the other Colt 1911s on the market.

The security is located on the left side, so not accessible for lefties, sorry. Yes, right-handed people are the ones with the strong hand who have the left thumb. You will need to cock the gun before you can safe it.

I always thought it was a little weird… Arming to safety. It’s a bit like you have to dirty to clean! The axes on the right side are not simulated, unlike the Colt 1911 from KWC, where we had two real axes and the 3rd was dummy.

Here, the three are well reproduced. It’s a little detail, but I like it. We will now go to the Chrony test, carried out with Nuprol 1.0, with 0.20g BB’s, at a temperature of 17°C. Then we go to the shooting test at 15m then about 30m, at 0.

25 with an outside temperature of 16°C! Now, range test. Max range: between 30 and 35m. I have had misfeeds on 2 magazines that I have on 3. Why? Because the magazine’s plastic lips were a little too narrow.

Result, the BB’s could not pass to be engaged in the chamber, in the hop-up block. So I had to file them a bit. You filed your lips. You’re going to have problems! Goodbye, monetization! For ever ! It’s necessary to remove a little material but not too much, otherwise your BB’s will no longer hold in your magazine and it will be screwed up.

Unless you change the upper lips. Misfeeds caused this problem: We are going to assume that it’s the magazine that is shitty… Otherwise it’s doing quite well! I’m going to have to run the hop-up a bit, since it’s almost out of the box that I’m doing my shooting test, but we almost have the performance of the Marui, for a power that is not excessive.

The Colt 1911 Marui… maybe I should present it to you one of these days… It’s the reference Colt 1911 and I keep it only for me… It’s stupid huh… Here is what concludes this video, I hope you enjoyed it! If so, I’m counting on you to leave a blue thumb, a comment, subscribe, and share this video! You can find this colt on the SWIT Airsoft website.

And if you too, you want to help me, since I am nothing without my partners, go see the description, you will see the link Tipeee – Oh, I do not like the Indians, I am a cowboy it’s not not for nothing! Um.

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As for me, I’ll give you an appointment soon for a new video presentation of airsoft gun, uniform and VIP! Bye! Directed by Neo035 Thanks to SWIT Airsoft and Victor (text) Thank you to my Tipers and subscribers!


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