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🔫 COLT 1911 A1 Inokatsu – REVIEW AIRSOFT

🔫 COLT 1911 A1 Inokatsu – REVIEW AIRSOFT

Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft gun video review. Today, I am attacking a monster, I have hesitated during a long time before presenting it to you: this gun unleashed the passions. But finally, my friend Mathieu corrup.

.. convinced me ! I present the Colt M1911 A1 100th anniversary of Inokatsu, under Colt license, distributed by Cybergun, thanks to Mathieu and OPS-Store, presented by Neo035, with the kind participation of.

.. I didn’t know you were doing the credits at the beginning… You want to do like Hollywood, right? NeoHollywood? Go to the title, we are pissed off. This Colt 1911 A1 waS SenSeleSSly praiSed aS Soon aS it waS releaSed on the SiteS.

A lot of S in this sentence. If you want to have a technical break, it’s my fault. Thus, some owners swore by this miracle gun, this sometimes unreasonable, preferring to hide the face rather than admit that this gun may have defects.

But now this fashion has passed I can venture on the subject without taking the wrath of the owners. Everyone is calm. There is one who has put his red thumb. Take it off. You’ll put it back later. First of all, I would like to thank three people and a store: Mathieu for allowing me to buy this Colt 1911 A1; Chris Adams and OioiAirsoft for helping me analyze it.

The channel and the blog are in the description of this video, really go take a look, it’s worth, both are experts on this type of gun. Without them, this video wouldn’t have been so detailed. On the other hand, Mathieu is an individual, so it’s not a partnership but a gift.

If you too,you want to participate in my personal enrichment, then don’t hesitate, I accept all the gifts! Car, jewelry, money, credit card, phone, mother-in-law, I accept everything! Offer subject to condition that your object is usable.

Including your mother-in-law. I would also like to thank the store OPS-Store, partner of this video at the level of the consumable, namely the cartridges, the BB’s, the goggles and the lubricant that I will be able to present to you.

Lubricant… Present… It’s a little “sextoy party”, isn’t it? As usual, the link is in the description. This replica has a history. We have several generations that have come out. Ranging from 1000€ to 300€ now.

The decline in price could be explained by the decline in quality controls that we find on the 300€ version. Thus, defects that didn’t pass on the 1000€ version are now accepted on the 300€ version.

Would not it be the very reflection of our current society? There are several finishes of this gun. Parkerized, blued, and… a version that I had the opportunity to briefly meet, was developed in 2014 by Cyberbun with an artificial patina, realized I believe in acid.

Version that was made for a contest, won by a lucky one who became a very good friend. I had the opportunity to attend the award ceremony, since I was in the Paris region at this time. #TalkAboutYourLikeWeDontCare Here we are on a blued version, so darker than the parkerized version.

The Parkerized version is the one that jumps in all directions by weaving webs? Peter Parkerized The extremists of the Colt 1911 A1 Inokatsu will now fall on my face because I am going to tell the magic words.

This gun has flaws. Yes he has some. A lot. We will also weigh the pros and cons throughout the video story to appear impartial. Do you agree ? (Good airsoft gun 0 – 0 Big Shit) I’m waiting, you have to answer.

Well, we will say that yes. Not very talkative… It’s nice to have a pistol that is the weight of a real but it consumes three times more than a conventional CO2 Colt. In addition, this gun only accepts magazines that have a UGLY HEEL.

And again, this one is the one developed by Inokatsu, normally it’s the KJWorks which have a big heel. Why do they do that while the KWC doesn’t? In any case, it consumes so much CO2 that I triggered global warming in my own home.

.. Suddenly, if you finish a magazine fulled with its BB’s with a single CO2 cartridge, you are very lucky. The breech is so heavy… One comes to wonder what is the interest? Have something realistic but not usable in part? Or the opposite with the Marui for example: not realistic at the level of weight but which is a monster in game.

What are we looking for? Realism or performance? You have 4h, without calculator. Basically, my friend Mathieu had offered me a first. Same version as this one. But he never worked. Whenever I wanted to shoot with the replica, it was like that: “PSHIIII” I have disassembled, reassembled, used the lime, the dremel, nothing helped.

I finally sent the gun to Chris Adams Custom, who specializes in Inokatsu, he has 3 or 4… And he too was faced with an impossible problem. Even by inverting the parts, we could not find the origin of the problem.

I said to my friend Mathieu “Sorry, I can’t do a review on that”. So he sent me another one in exchange. One that works this time. Notice that the magazine was provided in the first version but not in the second.

Check that there is the magazine when you buy. Or manage to find elsewhere. While knowing that there are several generations of magazines depending on the versions. This one is not compatible with KJWorks magazines.

That’s OioiAirsoft who had the opportunity to test. I put the link of the comparison in the description of the video. So if you can, try it before you buy it. Some have adapted their Colt 1911 A1 to go with HPA.

It’s an idea, but you have to bring the bottle in game. Imagine if you have 2 colts like it and a MG42 from Shoei? It’s not a tactical bag you need, it’s a wheelbarrow! At the black dot: Look at the adjustment of the bolt relative to the body of the gun.

The body of the gun AMEN So I said, look at the adjustment. The slide is not aligned with the frame. On the slide, the elements are not positioned exactly in the same place as on the original. Example with a photo that sent me Chris Adams Custom: a comparison between 1 RS and 2 inokatsu.

It’s a few millimeters, but a few millimeters that are enough to fuck a fly. Moreover, if you want to recognize an Inokatsu 1st version of an Inokatsuni 2nd ver… Oh, sorry, sorry, I didn’t even do it on purpose.

.. If you want to recognize an Inokatsu 1st version of an Inokatsu 2nd version, there are two elements to see at the slide. Simply the position of the markings in relation to the curve we have on the top of the breech.

The 2nd point: the 1st line here. Here we see that it has a correct form. Look what it was before. And in addition we had a mark on the outer barrel. From the ejection window. Here is the box for this 100th anniversary edition.

Why make a box edition 100th anniversary for the M1911 then the M1911 A1 dates from 1926? We still have time before making his real birthday… It would have been more fun to make a real M1911, it doesn’t exist in airsoft.

.. We have a notice provided in it, which has just farted the mouth… It’s in two parts: the hood and here it locks with a magnet. And we have the gun inside. Note here a part that has been added to the location of the magazine.

Which proves that it was planned that they put it, but that finally, it costs too much. Sure, 300€ without magazine, it’s perfect… If you want the box, I give it to you… I have one in addition. Some parts are smooth as the sides, others are grainy as on the top and on the front.

Simply because it’s handmade, so some machines can go on the sides, it will be more complicated on the top. So it’s an excellent point of realism, the real ones are finished the same way. The breech is made of steel and therefore positive to the magnet! Hence its weight in the end.

Which means that according to the versions, we can find traces of welds more or less well camouflaged, it all depends on the version on which you will get. And even the 1000€ version could be less well finished than this one.

Look what could be found under a grip for the version of 1000€. It’s really disgusting, huh. Oh shit, no it’s me in the reflection of the window. But imperfections and asperities, it can also happen on the real one, the finish.

.. the last priority in time of war. The breech is here very well adjusted, it has a very light game. But on the previous model, that I had the opportunity to receive but not to test, it was the disaster, so much that we could make maracas and when we did that.

It will depend on the versions made by these gentlemen from Inokatsu, a company that no longer seems to exist as the website is Down. Maybe because they got bought by Cybergun. I don’t know. Note also patina created on the right side only.

A fitting problem surely. In any case, the natural patina will actually skate your replica, don’t do it manually, it would be a pity. Speaking of patina, don’t hesitate to use and abuse silicone lubricant such as this one.

Yes, you know, juice from modified boobs. By default to have a hottie at home, have a bomb of this type. It will be good for your petard, and joints will be more satisfied. Yes, I talked bomb, boobs, petard, joints.

I unlocked lots of keywords to annoy me! Or make me demonetize… So this silicone bomb on the joints especially, it will avoid leaks. Looking closely at your Colt, you will see here 3 axes that are not simulated on the back, unlike the KWC which has 2 real axes and a fake! A good point on realism, again! Now let’s talk about markings.

The markings are 99% realistic. It’s a shame, the arsenal marking on the right side is absent. You will tell me, and I have looked for it, it may not be there. In fact, he is one, but he is very slightly struck.

So far, you can’t see it. So afterwards, Hicock45 showed a Colt who didn’t have one. In any case, it’s a pity he is not on this version. The rest of the markings, on this version, we can say that they are well done.

If we put a real side, we will see that the typography is slightly different and not exactly well positioned. But anyway, we knew that the slide didn’t have the same sizes as the original, so the position of the markings, it’s normal that it may not be good.

The serial number on the right side is specific to each replica, and that’s fine! But mine is not WW2, and that’s not good… And the small marking on the bridge, we talk about it? 69! WOW! What’s the point of advertising for the Rhône department? And why not 35 while we are there? Band of pigs.

.. On the side, we have a GHD for Guy H Drewry, so manufactured from June 17 to July 15, 1945. So WW2? While the serial number is not? WTF The magazine, we see that he stained when I have used it just a few.

This is explained: it’s zamak while the frame is steel. Do not hesitate to be a big nagging when you insert it. If you put it in that way and you say, oh, that’s good, then you’re going to lose it. Then you will cry.

Then you will get lost, then you will drink, then you will cry. All this for a magazine. We have false scratches at the exit of the outer barrel. We guess them very lightly on the outer barrel… Normally, scratches, it doesn’t have too much that head, and above all, what is the interest of having blued the inside of the outer barrel? It’s a plus but it’s not a mark of realism, not like that anyway.

All this to get a weight of 1200g without CO2 cartridge, and 1212g with cartridges of… 12g. Thank you Captain Obvious! The original weighs 1105g unloaded and 1271g with 7 cartridges in the loaded magazine.

Basically, they averaged the loaded and unloaded weight and we fall about in the middle! Hence the impressive kick (it’s really noisy too) and a consumption of CO2 that would rant Nicolas Hulot. (French ecologist) We will now go to the chrony test + shooting test.

I will use 0.25g BB’s, and most importantly, don’t forget your goggles, even if it’s to shoot a target, it’s very important. It’s 14°, I have 27 BB’s in the magazine, with a new CO2 cartridge engaged, we will see what it gives, if I will succeed in shooting the 27 BB’s.

The target is about 10m away. I shot at least 10. We take the rest. The CO2 cartridge has a capacity of 20 BB’s. Note, I forgot, we have a nice marking on the magazine: Inokatsu Here we are with a new magazine with 27 BB’s, a new cartridge.

We can notice that we can insert the BB’s from the bottom with a BB-loader. And we’re going to do a range test and see how far it’s going. What makes us a range of 15 to 20m, and yet my hop-up is set! In fact, as for all CO2 replicas, if you want to make a complete magazine, it’s possible, but you have to take breaks every 10 BB’s.

The hop-up is accessible, like all replicas of Colt 1911, by dismounting the breech, it’s below. And if I have a Swiss knife here, it’s because in the hand, it’s not possible to touch it. It’s too stuck.

Like your sister. Or your mother. Once the hop-up set up, to put the breech, it will be tricky because the little spring here is strong, I don’t want to damage the part over. You are warned, be careful not to scratch your breech with your tool.

It’s done, I can shoot again. Here is what concludes this video of airsoft gun review, I hope that it will have pleased you. If so, don’t hesitate, as usual, to leave a blue thumb, a comment, to subscribe and share this video, it’s very important.

Go to visit my page Tipeee, it can help me as much about the frequency of videos as their content. I’ll see you soon for a new video of replica airsoft, replica Denix video review, uniform or VIP presentation! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With the support of Mathieu and OPS-Store With the help of OioiAirsoft and Chris Adams Custom Thanks to Tipeur James Taylor


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