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🔫 Beretta M1938a Snow Wolf – REVIEW AIRSOFT

🔫 Beretta M1938a Snow Wolf – REVIEW AIRSOFT

WARNING This video features a German uniform with uncensored badges, this by historical fidelity. If this shocks you, I invite you to discover my other videos on allied replicas, all interesting and without insignia 😉 Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft replica presentation video.

Today, I have the honor to present the Beretta M1938a, or MAB38 or Beretta Model 38… from Snow Wolf. Yes, I present an Italian replica. Why? Because it has been used by the Fallschirmjäger in Italy and perhaps even in North Africa.

Let’s start with the history of the original weapon first. This submachine gun is the work of engineer Tulio Marengoni, and its first name, when it was commissioned in October 1938 by the Carabinieri and the Italian Army, was the Beretta Model 38.

It was produced in small series in 1938 and 1939. Its carcass was round and the cooler surrounding the barrel was perforated with round holes. He also had a muzzle brake and a bayonet stud. It was equipped with two detents:that of the front allowed the blow by blow, that of the back the automatic shooting.

By May 20, 1939, only 2,000 had been ordered, as the Royal Army thought they would only give MPs to tank crews. After the entry of Italy into war, SUPERASI asked the colonial police on June 25, 1940 to provide MAB model 1938a to equip the battalion of Libyan paratroopers.

The Beretta 1938 has therefore been simplified to become the Beretta 1938a, which has a slotted compensator and no longer a mouth brake. Then the machine pistol continued to be distributed throughout the Italian army, the monthly production rate rising to 5,000 copies.

In 1943, each infantry regiment was to have a theoretical allocation of 356 MAB for 3982 men. By the end of 1943, there were only 15,000 copies in service. This weapon was used by the Wehrmacht, the Ethiopian army, the FFL and the SAS.

As a weapon of choice for the last 3 armies. Now let’s go to the Snow Wolf replica. Very surprising to see what kind of developments that has no antecedent! Usually, we have replicas developed by the Japanese (TOP, Marushin, Tanaka, Marui) which will then be adapted in cheap version.

Here we are on a new design, which will add diversity to our battlefields! Well… in terms of look, it looks like a MP41 and a Sterling who fùcked together… The weight is about 3kg, when an original will be between 4.

5 and 5kg, depending on whether it is loaded or not. So here we have a big black point of realism… The fault of zamak and crate wood that were used. The wood, as usual, will have been reworked here with my usual recipe: I sanded, then magic powder, fondur, linseed oil and I finished with “vintage patina”.

Not only on the wood but on the entire replica. Since there, too, I sanded the body of the replica to cold blue it. Which gives it a frankly nice look. And that’s why I used “vintage patina” on it: to protect the metal from oxidation.

The package will contain: a sling to throw away, a bag of BB’s to burn, an allen key, a notice, a magazine, a BB-loader, and the replica. The BB-loader will be required to fill your magazines with 50 BB’s.

50 BB’s when the original double-column loader made 40 cartridges. Not bad realism level! For the sling, to replace the shit that comes with, or you take an original MAB sling, or you do like me: I had a sling of MP40 North Africa that I had in spare, that I never managed to mount on a MP40, here it was the opportunity to use it.

Yes, and the German paratroopers fought in North Africa, the Italians too, so nothing prevented the Fallschirmjger from using their slings on an Italian weapon. (To check, I don’t have a vintage photo.

) The replica uses a rise a little strange, in stairs. We have a cursor here but no lock on the board. We have notches in which is placed the cursor which has a small locking pin. The handlebars at the front will be surmounted by a small ball.

The ancestor of the fiber looks like. This makes instinctive aiming much easier. Even Gilbert Montagné could aim! We will shoot, on a yankee or a beautiful English… The location for the oiler at the back of the butt is fake.

Since the stock will be the cocoon in which a small field battery will be stored nicely. Oh that’s cute ! YES ! I AM A SMALL SWEET FLOWER AND DELICATE !!! To access the battery, you will need to use the allen key provided in the pack.

It’s a bit of a hassle to dismantle that on the battlefield. I admit I would have preferred a rocking system like the Thompson. At the battery, I use a 7.4V battery from Energy Airsoft in 1400 mAh, 25C.

Which gives a low enough cadency but realistic. After, the worry you may have, regardless of the type of battery, is the lack of space in the compartment. We can see that we already have a lot of wires with a fuse here, which also takes up space, so I advocate batteries type “stick” that can be placed in the stock here.

On this part, it is a part that is full, so not usable for the battery. The 11.1V batteries will pass and will even be supported by the replica, which has been upgraded by SWIT Airsoft with parts TNT-Studio listed here.

To put everything back in, you have to stuff a little… I admit that I don’t like the idea. Basically, avoid batteries that have 3km of cable. Otherwise it won’t happen. As I said, it closes with 2 allen screws here and there.

The advantage is that these screws will have ankle to go into the wood, not the screws directly screwed into the wood, which will ensure a certain longevity. That is cool ! By cons, I said too, it’s boring to have to screw like that.

.. I’m lazy, I like when it’s going fast! Oh well, I noticed… We can see that the cocking lever is dummy, it only serves to open the hood to access the hop-up. The cocking lever won’t move when fired, it isn’t an electric blow back.

But it’s realistic! Excerpt from the youtube channel: Forgotten Weapons There is no spring on it, it will be folded by hand. This will prevent you from getting your fingers caught when accessing the hop-up.

This one will be in the form of a cursor which passes in a slide. The further we go back, the more effect it will have. This is a replica upgraded by TNT Studio, the hop-up has been changed also. Therefore, when you are halfway the cursor, the BB’s will.

.. block. Since the hop-up will have much more effect than on the classic version. So beware of jams, don’t go like a nag. The disadvantage of this upgrade is that I need BB’s of 0.30g minimum to have a correct shot.

And I recommend the BB’s of 0.36g. I tried the 0.25 and 0.28g, and it flies even with the hop-up to zero. So difficult to hit his target even if you can reach 70m. Without precision, the power is nothing.

Oh no, that’s not that… The replica has two triggers. That is cool. This one, which will work for auto shooting. It’s not realistic, normally it’s the backside… and one in the back that won’t work at all.

And again, here I reworked. Originally, it was like that. We can see that the second trigger is so pinned to the trigger guard that in some photos, we can think that there is only one. I have already seen comments that said “pity that there is only one trigger.

” No there are 2, but the 2nd is well hidden. You know me, so I corrected that: I enlarged the hole that is under the trigger guard, to be able to bring the 2nd trigger forward. I then put a wooden block and then with wood paste so that the trigger remains correctly placed.

So, it has a good look and is realistic. Magazines will be quite difficult to find and quite expensive, especially with the shipping costs. I wanted to order but… I got mowed the 3 magazines I had ordered by mail.

The letter arrived empty at my house… You’re there, my brother, what do you want? I have Thompson’s magazine. No ? MP40 magazine? I’m full of it. And just new: Beretta M1938A magazine. Good quality, recovered the day before yesterday.

You don’t want ? Otherwise I have Samsung charger. Very long cable, 3m. New model ? I don’t have it bro, not before 3 days, I can recover. I know someone who has ordered and my contact at the post office will recover and you can have magazine just for you.

Magazines will need to have the loading well back at the time of insertion, don’t be surprised. And don’t be surprised even more by the path is very short: a few cm and it commits to a click. To remove them, it’s necessary to actuate the small button at the base of the loading well.

Just push the button to pull the magazine. There will be a certain game, I don’t advise you absolutely to hold the replica by the magazine. There is still something to do with the locations for the hand here or there.

When you remove your magazine, even after you have fired all your BB’s, there are 3 that will fall. Beware of danger: these 3 BB’s are those that will stay in the feed corridor and won’t go back to the hop-up.

But if you put your replica upside down, these BB’s can be shot. Attention in neutral zone: shoot these 3 BB’s, or outright remove your magazine to shoot an empty shot, we never know. Rather than find you with people who have been scared since you didn’t care that there were 3 BB’s in the feed corridor.

3 BB’s? Potentially 3 punctured eyes. CRS APPROVED When the hop-up is zero, the replica will do 365fps. But when you manipulate it a little bit, you will get more correct results like this: Here, we were on a test at the 0.

20g, it’s up to you to see if you want to downgrade this replica, which I should normally do to be able to play in full with. But for 1mm of the hop-up: disassemble everything to cut 2 minions of spring, which is an M120, I admit that I am not motivated.

I forgot to say: safety is here. Engaged forward, and behind you can shoot. It looks like an MP35 like that! In terms of markings, we have only one on the front sights, there is nothing else, it’s a pity.

.. So we will go to the test shot at 15m and 50m with 0.36g beads. We can see that this creature, in addition to having a rather strange look, isn’t disgusting at all. Of course, it’s the upgraded version.

Basic, I don’t know what it’s worth. Frankly, having a 55m range for a PM… I say GOOD. After, the length of the barrel helps, but that’s not everything. You can hit beyond 55m with lighter BB’s, or even shooting bell, but it will no longer be the marksmanship but the pifometer shooting.

But the BB’s dispersion of 0.36 g at the finish is relatively small. With this replica, you will have the precision at your fingertips! Here’s what concludes this airsoft gun video review, I hope you’ve enjoyed like it.

If so, don’t hesitate to put a thumbs up, a comment, to subscribe and share this video. You can find this replica for $360 excluding shipping at the time I turn this video on the SWIT Airsoft website, and I thank them in passing for giving me the upgrade during my purchase! I also thank Energy Airsoft for the battery and Destockage Games for the BB’s used during this shot.

If you also want to support me, I invite you to discover my page Tipeee and MyTip, the links are in the description of this video. For my part, I’ll see you again soon for a new video of airsoft gun, Denix replica video review, uniform and VIP presentation! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With the support of SWIT Airsoft, Destockage Games and Energy Airsoft Thanks to my Tipeurs Philippe, Florian, DerpyH, Chun and Tommy (Tipeee) And to Mamisa, cmfcdtup, Dingchavez, Hunter and axxl (MyTip)


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