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🔫🤠 Winchester 1894 UMAREX – REVIEW AIRSOFT

🔫🤠 Winchester 1894 UMAREX – REVIEW AIRSOFT

Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft gun vide review. Today, I have the honor to present to you the Winchester M1894 from Umarex with the SAT wood kit. Before starting this video, I would like to especially thank SWIT Airsoft who allowed me to acquire this baby with a small reduction.

Without them, this video would surely not have been possible. I’m a fan of vintage weapons, so I also love the Winchesters. But before I take a part of the community on my back, I want to clarify that I also like the Marlin! And the flowers.

Shooting session at 50m with a 336S Marlin in 30-30 win (Factory cartridges). Thanks to Chris Adams Custom for the loan (images from 2014) On the other hand, I am specialized in WW2, so what outfit should I wear to fit with this cowboy thing? At first I started on Poilus of 1914.

But with the outfit at 1000€, I had a little trouble with the idea, so I turned to an American civilian outfit from the 1940s. But first let’s start with a little history of the original weapon. The Winchester model 1894 was the first American commercial rifle to use smokeless powder, with 2 different cartridges: the .

32-40 Winchester and the .28-55 Winchester. In 1895, Winchester used a stronger steel for design, allowing the use of .25-35 and .30-30 Winchester cartridges, or .30 WCF (Winchester Centerfire). This last cartridge will become characteristic of the 1894 model.

Namely that after 1899, the 1894 model was also chambered in .32 Winchester Special. Its firepower, added to the fact that it was comfortable to transport and could fire at a high rate made this rifle to become the most popular shotgun for the time, especially to kill deer in the dense forests of the eastern United States.

It was also the first sporting rifle to be sold with 7,000,000 copies. In fact, the number 1,000,000 was offered to President Calvin Coolidge in 1927; the 1,500,000 copy was given to President Harry Truman on May 8, 1848; and the 2 million copy was offered to President Eisenhower in 1953.

The US government bought 1,800 1894 models – are you following? – with 50,000 cartridges of .30-30 during the first war, and these rifles were then sold in surplus after the war. The French army bought 15,100 copies in 1914 with side loops to place a sling, as well as a metric rise.

These rifles were used by motorcycle mailmen, artillery troops, train regiments, and some zeppelin units. The Winchester 1894 was able to equip Canadian troops on the Pacific coast during the Second War to defend Canada from a Japanese invasion.

There were then several minor modifications to the Winchesters, but in mid-1964 Winchester completely revised the manufacture of his rifle in favor of cheaper materials. Thus, all rifles before this date have increased in value.

Depending on the versions and calibers, the Winchester 1894 could receive between 7 and 9 cartridges in its tubular magazine, located under the barrel. In .30-30 for a 24″ gun like here, we have 8 cartridges of capacity.

In 1983, the Winchester 1894 achieved the record for the best-selling high-powered rifle in history in the United States. However, production stopped in 2006, offering 14 versions of this rifle. In 2010, Winchester remanufactured 2 limited edition 200th anniversary models to commemorate the birth of Oliver F.

Winchester in New England in 1810. And a commemorative cartridge box to go with it. Yes, there is no small profit, if we can force collectors to pay, why not! Maybe one day there will be editions of airsoft replicas with my logo on it.

.. You never know… (megalomaniac) Now let’s go to the replica from Umarex. The replica is part of a Vintage range called “Legends”, offered by UMAREX. And this is the first time I have the opportunity to present one of these objects to you! Among these replicas, we find the MP40, the Luger P08, the M712, the Colt 1911 and the Winchester.

Particularity of this range: it’s initially designed for BB’s of 4,5mm, which shoot up to 3J. Which is absolutely not allowed in airsoft. But here, only the caliber will change, not the rest. So no hop-up unit, SUPER important element on an airsoft replica, you will agree.

.. Without mastering, the power is nothing. – Pirelli But barely you start talking about the replica that you cut it into pieces, you will have problems, you! I don’t take it down, I prepare the people watching us for a shooting test.

.. Shooting test that you can find in a second video, since we are in a Covid-19 confinement period, it’s impossible for me to go out, and shooting with an airsoft gun is not a valid reason to leave my home.

Stay home, be careful. BTW, if you want to see again the unboxing of this replica, the link will be in the description, or here in small form. This rifle is available in 4 versions, 3 of them are available on the SWIT Airsoft website.

Namely this version, black patina, a silver version and a gold version. And the version that exists in addition, which it can be harder to find, will be the black version (new). There is a common point with all these versions: The barrel will be black, whatever the color of the frame.

The original rifle will have wood imitation, plastic parts well reproduced, but I chose to take the wood kit from SAT also sold on the SWIT Airsoft website. To have a result that is not disgusting at all.

Note that the kit is available at retail for $130 on the SWIT Airsoft website. If you already have the replica for example, and just want the wood kit, it can be useful. And the price of the Winchester, on the SWIT Airsoft site, is currently $299 instead of the normal price of $350.

And the shipping costs are free for the world at the time I shoot this video. The rifle is also available in 4.5mm and .177, but we don’t care, this is not the subject here. It reminds me a lot of the guns proposed by Wingun, maybe they were inspired by it? Or are they linked? Maybe, I don’t know, but we find the same kind of troubles.

.. The guy is so confused because of the confinement that he starts talking to himself… He’s crazy! The weight of the replica will be 2.9kg with the wooden kit, against 3.1kg for the original rifle. 200g difference, honestly, I say bravo.

Realistically, it’s perfect. This is with the wooden kit. With the plastic kit, it will be a little lighter. The replica will work with 2 CO2 cartridges that will have to be put in the butt at the same time, as on the MP40 of the same range from UMAREX.

This will allow you to shoot a packet of cartridges. Please note if you have the wood kit, I have already lost 6 CO2 cartridges due to a sealing problem. The plastic part has a tube here wasn’t perfectly aligned with the tube which is made of metal which makes the tank.

And since it wasn’t perfectly aligned, I screwed it slightly wrong. Hence the seal which wasn’t perfectly good. And it leaked in all directions. Because in fact, the entire tank here will be filled with CO2 once the capsules are pierced.

10 fake cartridges will be provided in the pack. Fail. 10 fake cartridges will be provided in the pack. In theory, I received 9. I had to file a complaint with Chronopost because a cartridge was missing! No, I’m kidding, if I do that, I’m going to have big problems, because I’m such a good pige.

.. client with Chronopost that if I don’t get delivered anymore, no more videos… The BB’s don’t enter from the front, as with all other replicas, but from the back. AAAAAH there it becomes interesting !!! When you have to stuff BB’s in the ass of a cartridge to get a shot, I like that! I will finally be able to enjoy my desires! The tubular magazine will be located under the barrel, like the real one, and it will be necessary to put the cartridges by the side hatch, exactly like the real one! So we can have a wear like the real one that will be done on the hatch, since we can see, it’s aluminum if I’m not mistaken, and the coating (blue) will quickly get damaged.

Be careful, I have already been able to present this baby to you, who also has fake cartridges. They are very similar, these fake cartridges. But they are not really compatible. Finally, if we can put cartridges of the Winch’ in this one, even if the accuracy will be really reduced, since this one has cartridges that load from the front.

But the converse is not true. I already tried, it forces. The length is slightly different. So don’t take the risk, the mechanism is in zamak, it would be a shame to break it because you don’t respect the right cartridges.

In any case, if you force it, I would have warned you, it’s not my fault, you shouldn’t come to cry. There is a small brass pin on the front sight. I cold blued it a bit so that it would be less conspicuous, but it’s not realistic.

BTW, all the front sight at the front are not realistic. Normally, we should have a front sight like this. Unless we are on a 94 compact Ranger version, but as it’s a version that appeared in 1998, this is not possible.

Ideally, a front sight cover should be added. Or a hood as the English say. Put your hood. BTW, is this a reproduction of the pre 1964, or post 1964 version? Interesting question and you are all going to ask me now.

And as I am nice, I will answer this question. We will first take a look at the screws and axes that we can have on the frame. Here, pre-1964 model, and here the post-1964 model. We see here that… We don’t have the axis.

To have the reference. The axis doesn’t exist. Well done Umarex, you have avoided a small trap. But we should also have a screw above the supply hatch… Lack of realism. But where we can have the answer is that the hammer (which doesn’t have the right inclination compared to a real one) will have a grid only on the back.

Unlike the post-1964 model, which it has almost the entire curvature. The sight is adjustable, and is realistic! Even if, in airsoft, it will be useless to us. Even less with this baby! To adjust it, you will have to lift the rear sight which is mounted on a large spring blade.

And put yourself vertically, unless you use your 3rd hand to drag the cursor, to use gravity to drop the cursor and put it at the right level of the small staircase that we have. And finally, the only external plastic element: the butt plate.

It will serve as an allen key to put your CO2 cartridges. To use it, you will have to press the central button, and rotate it to the left a quarter of a turn, until the hatch is slightly raised. To be able to remove the buttplate and access the interior.

Here we have the screw, which is not screwed directly here, the screw thread is at this level! Here we have the plastic part which reinforces the interior, to prevent it from breaking, quite simply. And here we have the tool which allows to screw the screw to manage the sealing.

And you can see that mine is very slightly twisted. Like your mind, dirty pervert. BALANCE YOUR YOUTUBER! Report it! This guy wanted to make a facebook fan page with inciting HATE content! Fortunately, it was reported and the page was deleted.

The world is safe, justice has been restored. It was my fan page with only historical content… Thank you for the good-thinking social network… I went on Twitter now. If you never have strength or a nail, you can use a screwdriver to rotate the central axis of the buttplate.

Either way it’s marked on it, it says “open” and “lock”, so if you’re not stupid, you can get away with it. But with some… you never know. In terms of markings, we are quite poor. One is engraved in the paint on the right side of the barrel.

And that will depend on the versions of the rifle. Indeed, I have here a specific version for the Asian market. The difference is found just at the level of this marking precisely. I just have the serial number.

When the European version has the serial number, caliber and small F for the German market. Ah yes, there is another marking “ac” on the right side of the case. Funny that you’re talking about it, because I have AC (enough in french) of your videos.

Too bad, we don’t have the typical Winchester regulatory markings on the barrel… which is still characteristic of this kind of rifle, but I imagine that this is a question of licenses. Now let’s talk about safety.

Fantastic lack of taste! Indeed, even if it’s completely aberrant (but present on the modern version), is essential to use it on airsoft games. To be sure of being safe once in a neutral zone. The red button will show that the rifle is ready to fire, and the white button that it won’t fire.

(unlike the real modern) White ? White button? This is to get it blank. Like my d*ck. Once your hammer is cocked, it will be possible to disarm it by hand, for this, accompany the movement. Fortunately, since when the gun is armed, it won’t be possible to manipulate the safety.

But it’s because the safety lever locks the hammer at this level. We have a notch that is clearly visible. They didn’t reproduce this notch on the rear curvature of the hammer. To prevent it from being ugly and unrealistic.

But speaking of safety, here we have safety, and below it we have a little button at the base of the cocking lever. And it will be necessary that this small button is pressed to release the trigger. Which can by the way save eyes.

– Yellow vests like this. I said, speaking of this preci… this ring that it was a strap ring in my unboxing video. It’s not exactly that. It’s a saddle ring. A saddle ring? THE PRECIOUS ! Oh damn you are stupid.

.. Oh the level! Well, the idea remains the same as for the wrist strap. It is actually to hang a rifle, connected to a harness, which was used when our rider, mounted on horseback, had to use the rifle while riding.

At that time, to avoid losing the rifle, they hung their Winchester with the harness. Thus was born the 1 point strap. To use the rifle, I showed it to you earlier, it will be like the real one: we will lower the lever to bring it forward to open the breech.

At that time, a cartridge will go up thanks to the mechanism inside. And we will be able to close to chamber the cartridge. And I think the chamber is on that level. I don’t feel like the cartridge is moving much.

It is not an impression, I’m pretty sure, the cartridge doesn’t move. So the cannon starts at this level. Be careful, don’t do as in western movies to want to reload in an ultra muscular way. This is zamak, the cocking lever won’t support the weight of your bullshit.

Note also that we have a slight lateral play on the cocking lever. And finally, the “vintage” finish reminds me of that developed by BO Manufacture for the Mosin M44, which was tanned and slightly reworked behind.

.. Here we have exactly the same finish. And so I answer your question, this is not painting but cold blueing. But the edges only appealed to me moderately, since it was the bare metal that appeared. So I went back to my usual method: aluminum black to give an even more realistic look.

And the result is really not bad. This allows me to hide the serial number on the right side. And we can see that on the right side, it reacted well. While on the left side a little less. It didn’t react as well.

After that means there is potential to make something really good out of it! But if you sand it completely (use hydrochloric acid, but it stinks), if you sand it completely, then maybe you can get a great blue after it.

Why not, maybe someday. For the shooting test and chrony test, this is only part surrender. As I told you, we are in the middle of a confinement period, so I cannot do this fire test. Finally, yes, I could because the maximum range doesn’t exceed 20m, but it would give ugly images taken in my apartment.

And for this kind of test, I much prefer to be outside. So I’m sorry, I prefer to do quality later than quantity now. Here is what concludes this airsoft video review, I hope you enjoyed it! If so, as usual, feel free to leave a blue thumb, comment, subscribe, and share this video.

I thank SWIT Airsoft again for its support, go to their website, the link is in the description! If you too want to support me, I invite you to go to my Tipeee and MyTip pages, or to become a subscriber of the page.

So you can help me both on the form but also on the content of my videos As for me, I’ll see you soon for new airsoft, uniform and VIP videos! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With the support of SWIT Airsoft Thanks to my Tipers


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