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🔫🤠 Colt SAA King Arms – REVIEW AIRSOFT

🔫🤠 Colt SAA King Arms – REVIEW AIRSOFT

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video review of airsoft gun. Today, I have the honor to present you the new Colt Single Action Army from King Arms. First of all, I would like to warmly thank SWIT Airsoft for its support, which allows me, thanks to our partnership, to buy new replicas, before the others even sometimes; And this in addition with a small reduction.

It’s a small gesture that is always close to my heart, because it’s thanks to that that I can continue. Thanks also to OPS-Store for supplying me the consumables, namely a gas bottle and a bag of BB’s, which allowed me to carry out the shooting test on this video.

So I can only advise you to go visit their shop. So this King Arms Colt SAA has just been released, so I’m one of the first to introduce it to you. SAA, what does it mean? Single Action Army. He was also nicknamed “Peacemaker” or “peacemaker”.

It corresponds well to Americans that… Hi everybody, we come to bring you peace and democracy… with .45 caliber. It was originally developed for United States riders by Colt in 1872 and was adopted by the US Army in 1873 in Colt 45 long caliber.

It’s surely the most widespread weapon of the Wild West besides. It was manufactured until 1941 with 359,722 copies produced in about thirty calibres. Among the last major changes made to this revolver, we have: The possibility of using the cartridges of 45 ACP of Colt 1911 in a specially studied cylinder.

It was developed in 1924. It was not entirely satisfactory, but was more practical to use, allowing to reuse the cartridges of the automatic pistol endowed in the US army. So why do I introduce this baby when it’s a cowboy thing? Simply because it was General Patton’s favorite weapon, for which I have a certain respect.

I dedicate this video to his little daughter Helen, whom I salute. Well, but the Colt model worn by the general had custom engravings and grips. But here we have the base. There are 8 models in this new range from King Arms.

First, two different lengths: short barrel like here, and long barrel. Then by color, we have 4 per length. Black, gray, jasper and chrome. The grips will adapt to the color. Jasper, you don’t see what it’s? As if we had spilled a blue inkwell before putting your gun in the oven.

The prices, whatever the length, whatever the color, will be identical, on the site of SWIT Airsoft. The price will be $145 without shipping costs. The revolver works with fake cartridges. 6 are already included in the pack, but additional cartridges are available for $22 a lot of 6.

So not too disconcerting, especially given the realism of the cartridges, it’s bluffing… I know there are already Colt revolver replicas on the market, but each will have its flaws. We will have a plastic body, or a CO2 propulsion that makes the revolver unusable in airsoft so it hits hard.

.. Here we have a mix of the advantages of previous versions, as we have a gas propulsion and a metal design. Well, everything is in zamak with polymer grips. Ah? You too have several personalities? Are you poly-mere? What makes the weight feels: 836g at the end of the arm, I can tell you that we feel it! The grip is quite nice, but be careful: the polished grips are slippery.

But the shape of the handle will prevent you from losing it. The dimensions of the imitation ivory grips are respected. At the same time, we respect the Ivory Coast (dimensions = ratings in french). Under the handle will be located the filling valve, since we have a built-in tank in the handle.

Be careful with the bottles with small tips, you may need an extension: the valve is not badly depressed. The disadvantage is that the autonomy in gas will be limited. Fifteen shots, so 2 cylinders and 3 more shots.

But the power will be greatly reduced compared to CO2. So it will be PERFECT for CQB. Close Quarter Battle. Or SQB: Quarter Battle saloon for our cowboy friends. So it’s a NBB, No Blow Back, in… simple action! THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! The pack will include a cardboard box, a velvet cover (that’s nice), but that’s it.

Looking for a manual? There are not any! By cons, there will be a flashcode here to access the manual. Ladies and gentlemen from KA… Please, publish the right website. Put online the manual. That’s what it gives when I tried.

Maybe I got it too early compared to the release date, I don’t know… But I would have liked to have the manual. I don’t know how an airsoft gun works, me… Keep the paper manual! Because the box, I won’t keep it! A card like that doesn’t protect anything at all.

So I’m going to throw the box, the QR Code with it! If the notice had been available, I would have printed it. It’s an economy for you, not for us. The hop-up, where is it? Why there is no adjustment key? Ah.

.. There’s no… So, the velvet condum, it’s for us to pass the pill, is that it? Yes, a beautiful cover… But… this thing shoots badly without hop-up. Damn man, you shoot really bad! Yes, but I have a velvet cover! Ah, well in this case, I understand, it’s normal.

It’s good. To access the fake cartridges, you will have to open the door on the right side, which is functional and realistic. An extractor will be available on the left side to stand out on the right side.

But normally, you won’t have to use it, there is no problem of expansion of the rounds at the time of the shot, as one could find it on an original model, since here, the cartridges slip by themselves.

The only thing you can expand here is the… No pumba, not in front of the kids ! Oh sorry. Each cartridge will have joints. Drugged ! One to keep the BB’s in the cartridge, and a joint on the back that is supposed to maintain the seal between the tank and the cylinder.

We are on 1 BB’s per cartridge, but I admit that it’s much easier to reload by the front of the gun, using a BB-loader. Pouf, we rotate, we introduce, we rotate, we introduce. Rather than removing the cartridges one by one for after filling them and garnish them again in the cylinder.

So it’s much simpler to use the lazy method rather than the role-play method. To be confirmed but it seems that King Arms cartridges could be compatible with Umarex revolvers, and vice versa. It will be possible to disarm the hammer to put the gun safe, it’s realistic and fortunately, because it’s the only way to put it safe elsewhere.

And we have a lock notch here to be able to freely rotate the cylinder, and to fill it, empty it, garnish it. Otherwise the cylinder, whatever the position, will be blocked. Note that the hammer is dummy, we have a small plastic nipple that is mounted on a spring.

To see if it’s worth it to paint an aluminum painting. In any case it’s fixed by a pin, directly on the hammer. We have a spring-mounted mobile part at the entrance of the barrel to keep a certain seal between the cartridge and the cylinder.

It doesn’t work so much I think… I had a slight leak, but my friend Chun warned me, he had proposed me a version with and without leak, while knowing that the leaked version was unsaleable. So I took the leaked version, it took me 20min to disassemble the grips and the handle.

It’s not difficult, there is a screw for the grips, and three screws for the handle. I put Teflon, I went up and the seal was redone! And what I remember from all this is that the seller had tried the gun before and I salute the honesty, so that I was psychologically ready to receive a gun that leaked very slightly.

I didn’t ask for additional financial compensation, as some might have done… The revolver passes smoothly into the US Army revolver holster. For additional cartridges, however, I have not much idea.

.. If you have any, don’t hesitate to swing. But what I can advise you is the first aid kit. Put that in the M1924 pouch; Cartridges in a rescue kit… ironic no? Or the Colt 1911 A1 magazine, the cartridges loose in each compartment.

But not ideal when you have to take everything out. In terms of markings, we have several. First of all, we have a first on the barrel. It’s better than painting, but it’s still very fine. Like your c.

.. We have others, one on the left side, under the cylinder. 1995. It’s a joke? WHO IS THE SMALL MALIN WHO MADE HIS DATE OF BIRTH ON THIS REVOLVER ??? It should have been put on September 10, 1871. In addition there is no space between June and 2, which should be July by the way.

.. And January 18? Missed! It was the 19th. NOTHING GOOD. All this to avoid the problems of rights maybe… A serial number is engraved on the right side, below the cylinder, and is unique for each replica, and I can guess that I have the 56th copy! MORBIHAN REPRESENTS !!! The only making that actually miss is the colt, on the left side.

Surely a licensing and rights issue, just like we could find it on grips medallions. We will now go to the chrony test, at the 0.20g, then a firing test on a target at 10m at 0.25g, and finally a range test.

OFF TARGET EMPTY We can see that level accuracy… it’s bad. Max range? 15m. It hurts all the problems we have in the sealing of the barrel. It’s a lot of moving elements through which the gas must go through and then the BB’s.

So you’ll understand, a gun for CQB and cowboy shooting at the hip, but don’t plan to put a telescope on it… And even touch someone at 20m, it will raise the feat… Here is what concludes this video of presentation of airsoft gun, I hope that it will have pleased you! If so, don’t hesitate, as usual, to leave a blue thumb, leave a comment, subscribe and share this video! I thank OPS-Store and SWIT Airsoft again for their support, without which I might not be able to continue right now.

If you too, you want to help me, my page Tipeee is in the description, even if you don’t want to give anything, you can at least watch videos on the right of the screen, 1 minute of watched video equals 3 cents for me.

It may not be much for you but it’s a lot for me. Especially if you are many. For my part, I’ll see you soon for a new video of presentation of airsoft, Denix replica; uniform and VIP presentations! Bye ! Directed by Neo035 With the support of SWIT Airsoft and OPS-Store Thanks to the tipers Florian, DerpyH and Chun


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