Hi Doc! Look, I’m ready for my very first airsoft, game, are you coming? Uh … how to tell you … Holala, slowly we are not still there ! First, let’s start with the basics ! So Softy, tell me: what is the base? I know, I know, I need a reply and BB’s ! It’s a good start, but what kind of replica ? That, that and that ! My poor Softy, you know, if you want to get started seriously the ideal is an AEG.

An AEG is accessible to beginners and requires little maintenance. And unlike gas and Co2, you will be able to play with them all year long matter the weather. Great Doc, I’m going to order my first AEG and my BB’s.

I think you forgot something essential. Freeze! I’m going to tell you a little story. Oh the pretty butterfly! You want it ? I catch you, I give it to you! Oh no … If only I had worn my protective glasses.

during my last airsoft game … In addition, you know that there was a great promotion at DG. You see, guy … If I had my protective glasses I could have caught it … Softy, that’s why eye protection is essential and mandatory.

And moreover, they must always be certified at the standard EN166 A or B. To learn more about AEG replicas, beads and eye protection, I invite you to consult the info bar. And that’s Softy, the base is that! A replica, BB’s, and eyes protection.

So Softy, how was it? Awesome ! But I fired all my BB’s… So, I had to do with the means at hand. Haha! It’s time for “Level Up”! We can complete your outfit now! You can increase your outfit with many accessories.

Additional magazine which, for example, could have been useful to you, or a fist replica with his holster as “Back Up”. You can also take additional protection, such as gloves, suitable shoes or even face protection.

Very cool ! I see myself well with a stalker. What? Yeah Doc, a wire mesh mask what! Haaaa! I understand better. Indeed there are many facial protections, like the scarf, the wire mesh mask or the full-face helmet.

With all that you can put your shoes and go play again. Wow, they are really badass like that. And still you haven’t seen anything ! To accentuate the feeling of realism, you can put on a full outfit and use a tactical vest.

To refine the accuracy of your shots, you can even equip your replica with plethora of accessories like a handle, a red dot, a strap, or even a silencer. Class !!! And what is Doc? Ah yes, I forgot! This is an airsoft grenade.

And here is Softy, now you have seen the different Set Up to acquire for your first equipment. I noted everything : to start I just need a reply, preferably AEG, BB’s and my pair of certified glasses.

Then, so asn’t to run out of BB’s on the ground, I can equip myself with additional magazine as well as facial protection. Finally, to accentuate the sensations of game, I can bring a vest, and tactical accessories for my replica.

Exactly, anyway I hope you you liked the video, and that it you will get you started in airsoft. If you are already in it then share this video to a buddy who is just starting out. In the meantime, forever more content, subscribe, activate the little bell, and let go of a blue thumb.

It warms our hearts! See you very soon for a new didactical video ! And stay connected with Team DG. Talent doesn’t wait for style !


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