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šŸŒŠAIRSOFT SUMMER LOADOUTšŸ˜Ž | Tactical Shirts Airsoft EspaƱa

šŸŒŠAIRSOFT SUMMER LOADOUTšŸ˜Ž  | Tactical Shirts Airsoft EspaƱa

Hi everyone! Daniel here, from TS! Today I’ll show you my summer loadout!All the links are in the description! This loadout allwos me to wear everything i need while i’m confortable and everything is at hand, without hindering the movement.

Besides, we play in Madrid, and in summer it’s very very hot, so this way i won’t be so heat while playing as if i’d wear a vest. Keep in mind that this loadout is focused on playing on Sundays, no Milsim games.

Starting from the bot, I use the typical trekking boots which i bought for 20 euros. I’ve been using them for over 5 years only when playing, and they totally fullfilled their duty. Now they are pretty wasted, and I should buy new ones, so leave me your recommendations in the comments I also wear Specna Arms Atacs Combat Trousers.

You can pull out the kneepads in order to wash the trousers, and then put them back without difficulties I really like it, because they are much much confortable than ordinary kneepads. This trousers have a lot of pockets in different sizes and velcro fastening.

There are pockets everywhere, at the frontpart,at the back part and even at the sides. This way we can keep everything if needed, from pistol magazines, a multitool, and even the car keys. This troursers have velcro fastening even for ankles and knees.

This way we can fit it in order to be more confortable. They aren’t very expensive and they are really resistant. The belt i’m using is an Emerson CQB Rappel Belt. It’s a confortable belt, it’s wide and it doesn’t hurt the waist when it’s charged with pocuhes.

Something really interesting is that it also has velcro on the inside and on the outside. The belt buckle is made with metal and it’s a little bit heavier than the ordinary ones In order to fasten the belt, just use the buckle and then, since both sides have velcro, join them together.

And after this i swear nothing can move it, not even Jesus riding a velociraptor. The velcro is also very useful since my holster has also velcro. So i join them together and it won’t move at all. The holster I’m using is made with resistant cloth.

Why am I not using a rigid one? I like using my pistol gun with a flashlight mount, and there is no rigid holster which allows me to wear my P-09 this way. This holster can be carried two ways: 1. Leg Harness and 2.

Waist ,when removing the top leg strap. When carrying it at the waist it will move less, it fits better, and the pistol gun is more handy. Setting the holster to our pistol gun is very easy. Just open all the velcros, place the pistol gun, and close.

This way we won’t press the magazine release by accident, so we won’t lose our magazines. There are two retention systems. One of them is pressing a button which is not very good, and the other one is a flexible rope which can be set and this way our pistol gun won’t be lost while playing.

The holster has also a very useful built-in magazine pouch, so we can keep, a speedloader, a magazine or even a multitool. Besides it also has molle strips, so we can place an aditional pouch, though i don’t recommend it because the heavier it is, more it will move.

On the left leg i’m wearing an EMERSON molle pannel, an EMERSON taco pouch and a grenade pouch. The molle pannel is hooked with the belt and with the leg, and just as the holster, it will not remove from the waist.

The inside fabric is padded, so when i’m moving it doesn’t bother me at all. It has a high capacity, enough to carry 3 M4 pouches. The pouches I placed on the molle pannel are Emerson. There are two double taco pouches, a simple pouch and a grenade pouch.

The pouches also have a flexible rope in order to hold the rifle and pistol gun magazines inside and don’t lose them though you must be careful when keeping the pistol gun magazines because they get lost easier.

The middle individual pouch has no flexible rope, so this way i can recharge easier when needed. The granade pouch is placed upon the individual middle pouch, and it holds a Zoxna grenade, which i don’t like very much, but since i bought it,why not using it? In the belt there is also hooked a pouch where i’m holding my radio.

The radio is a RETEVIS RADIO RT5R , which is a BaoFeng chinese copy . I’m also using a Retevis PTT and Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuff Headset. I won’t expand on this too much, since we’ll publish very soon a video about it.

The gloves i’m wearing are a chinese copy of the original Mechanix. They are confortable and very cheap. Of course the Tactical Shirt is very imporant, because it offers me a plus of aim and sex appeal.

The mask i’m using has padded sides on the inside and is more confortable than normal ones. I’m using Bolle Rush+ Safety Glasses with antifog properties and smokey cristal On the head i’m always wearing a cap or a boonie hat, but i never use helmets because i think they are very unconfortable.

I also cut the boonie hat because i like wearing it this way. I hope you liked it! How it would be your ideal loadout? Leave your comments! Subscribe to our channel and see you soon!


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