Home Airsoft Gameplay 【玩具評測】Tokyo Marui MWS 打12kg瓦斯耐用度大考驗 上集

【玩具評測】Tokyo Marui MWS 打12kg瓦斯耐用度大考驗 上集

【玩具評測】Tokyo Marui MWS 打12kg瓦斯耐用度大考驗 上集

Hey everyone, I am Li Yi Hey, I’m actually very curious about one thing Just how many players have this MWS gun I still remember the original look of my gun Even the appearance of the box For myself This is the first time I bought the whole factory Brand new MWS this gun Why did you come to make this video today? One of the main reasons is We all know Use the MWS of Z SYSTEM It has been out for at least five years, right? In the middle, Marui and the others also produced other guns Contains 89 type MTR-16 Even the MK-18 that has just been launched recently So strictly speaking, this system It is very very mature Including players from Hong Kong and even Taiwan Actually a lot of research on this gun Really makes me amazed So today’s unboxing video I don’t stick to the routine Like my usual unboxing video I just introduce the appearance and the internal structure Then try to show everyone See how this gun behaves I won’t do that today I want to take this opportunity Is an IDEA my friend gave me He said many people said MWS he is made in Japan We know that Japanese toy gun regulations are stricter than ours in Taiwan They may have rules saying How much metal does the toy gun contain in a toy gun? Even in Japan Most of the players are playing 8 kg of gas But our Taiwan side Our toy gun hit 12 kilograms So someone is talking In Taiwan’s relatively humid and hot environment Take a handful of MWS If you hit 12 kg today Most likely it will be broken soon In other words, some of its parts may not be so durable How many boxes will it break? Or maybe it’s not as fragile as we think Well before we go outside to try it out I will take a shot of this gun first What is the internal structure of its brand new all-original factory? Because of this, we can make a comparison Just after we wait for a round of violent testing Will know OK This all-original brand new MWS Where is its ability Is it really what everyone says Easily broken So good nonsense Let’s watch today’s video together Let’s take a look at all its new parts What is their condition So I can make a comparison First, let’s look at the gun body This is the current situation in the fire control of the lower gun body You can see that there is basically no wear It’s worth noting that This is the post-fixed block Even its current status is of course brand new Without any wear Then I’m hitting 12 kg of gas Go to shoot the MWS gun Many people will talk about After the drag There is a screw in the rear part to lock It is very likely that under the impact of 12 kg of gas This lid is likely to come loose Buffer Buffer I rarely hear that there is a disaster And then the most important thing is this bolt Many people said that If you hit 12 kg of gas The plane in the gun It should be the first to hang up Then this is the current camera of the original factory Of course it is zero wear Then we will wait for the test to finish and also check its wear OK, let’s not talk nonsense Let’s go outside together Camp 66 see you later This is the first historic shot of this gun in my hand Hope it doesn’t hang up I just want to adjust its HOP HOP is very good but difficult to adjust This is how I feel about this system It may also be my own personal problem Because after all, other guns are better adjusted.

This is the truth OK, let’s test the muzzle velocity of this gun now The same is 0.25 grams Is there something? Have OK, finish it and watch its gasification performance This magazine is not filled or filled That’s it Let’s wait a minute, I just hit one box So this gun hit about 1 box I have prepared 6 horse magazines Then I loaded 35 rounds in a magazine We try to fill it up Then wait for my first round I will make 10 boxes first Because I heard someone talk about it before That horse-branded plane might be down after 10-20 boxes.

Then 30 boxes to 40 boxes There will be screws at the bottom of the tow bar that will spray off But this is what everyone says on the Internet Let’s try it out today OK then we will It feels good to be able to waste bullets Let’s have some automatic It seems boring, it doesn’t matter to finish it I’m out of breath, OK, the two boxes are almost empty I beat my entire factory like this Then my HOP adjusted slightly I hit Xiao Zhan about 20 to 30 meters away almost I use iron to aim at it as well I think it’s pretty windy today I think it’s really powerful Do you count how many boxes? 129 00:06:46,39 –> 00:06:46,373 everyone can watch The original factory’s 12 kg recoil is actually quite big Come fully automatic to compare gas consumption How many boxes are there? 4 boxes so few? Then we are going to shoot in the Republic of China for a few years Let’s take a look at the farthest one that’s about 40 meters away Fly It’s okay, we have a video anyway Going back to watch the video is more accurate I think it may not be as fragile as we thought Let’s take a break Oh the first failure How many boxes? 13 14 boxes, right? 14 14 15 bar it’s 15 box first failure Let’s take a look at it Let’s see what is going on Then the gun malfunctions first Real guns are the same as toy guns The first one is to remove your magazine Then Why? Why does it fail? Let’s see if we can shoot like this OK, normal, let’s continue Left-handed shooting is really worse Because i am right handed I was watching my channel before and some people thought I was left-handed Actually I am right-handed OK, now let’s test the impact point of this gun Because to be honest, I expected it might hang around 20 boxes But in fact, let’s take a look at its current state There is no maintenance at all in the middle process How does its impact point behave 5 meters 5 shots Then we are 10 meters Come 15 meters 15 meters is no reference value Because I missed the target just two or three shots and was blown away by the wind So it’s about 5 meters to 10 meters Today its impact point is more accurate (in terms of reference) Let’s wait to fill in the bombs and then continue Will I play too fast? I don’t know if you can shoot it Grip Started to shake Don’t know if it’s me Can this be photographed? Oh okay Let’s get this one The screws inside should be loose OK so let’s continue You do that again OK And everything else looks okay OK let’s continue Fully automatic Is Xiao Zhan tired from playing? Sore hands Fill so much for the first time And it’s not distressed, right? It’s okay to play as much as you like This will probably be in all the videos I made The most expensive project in a single movie I was thinking it should be similar Oh When approaching 40 boxes Something similar happened again Maybe the magazine is too ice But it doesn’t matter us Can’t unplug it’s stuck Oh down Is it a double bomb? It should be that the magazine is too ice (it may be that the darts are frozen) So it can’t move It’s okay, we’re trying to see if it can play This is the second failure today This magazine is too iced and it starts to jet It was actually broken just now It means that the magazine is too cold and vaporized and may not move So after we hit this box, we let it rest OK, let’s take a break Then we wait.

.. Urine bombs start to appear OK This should be the fourth time that I am stuck today This is gasification, it’s freezing Now let’s take a look After a round of testing, MWS’s camera Waiting for the dessert to ferment Ha ha ha ha ha


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