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⭕ [Neko Airsoft Team] Cinematic Airsoftgun Indonesia Scope Cam | Neko Team 5th Anniversary #11

⭕ [Neko Airsoft Team] Cinematic Airsoftgun Indonesia Scope Cam | Neko Team 5th Anniversary #11

Bobyhara will it stick though? eq-chan maybe? eq-chan hello airsofters eq-chan and welcome to the neko airsoft’s new video eq-chan i’m eq-chan eq-chan this video is the 1st part of the skirmish of the 5th anniversary eq-chan of neko airsoft team eq-chan as you know eq-chan we will make 3 parts eq-chan of skirmish videos for neko airsoft’s anniversary eq-chan the first part is this video, which located in jakarta eq-chan for part 2 and 3 eq-chan will be held at jogja and solo eq-chan on 12th to 17th september 2018 eq-chan we will be at Jogja on the 13th and the 14th eq-chan and then on the 15th we will be at solo eq-chan and on the 16th we will go back to Jogjakarta eq-chan we already have a list on the place where we will be at on jogja and solo eq-chan for solo we will be at htc mall and gunners arena eq-chan and for Jogja we will be on jungle paintball, jupiter, and greenzone eq-chan i hope we will meet you guys there and skirmish together eq-chan back to the video eq-chan for the first part, we invited some teams that we know from tangerang and jakarta eq-chan which are STALKER.

ID eq-chan KSOG, and Fallen Angels eq-chan for the location, it will be at The Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera, Tangerang eq-chan the camera man for today is eq-chan eq-chan and please enjoy yoga 3 yoga 2 yoga 1 eq-chan GO GO GO yoga GO! eq-chan FREEDM! eq-chan OY freedm! reff CLEAR reff clear! reff clear! freedm762 3 freedm762 2 freedm762 1 freedm762 GO eq-chan why all of us here?! freedm7.

62 shit! hit! *literally just become a meat shield* eq-chan give your gun to Leocchi eq-chan this is a stupid situation eq-chan you better go there eq-chan go leocchi your gun eq-chan ok eq-chan got one eq-chan go! eq-chan let’s go forward with me! eq-chan are there anyone left? player clear! eq-chan are there? eq-chan no one? eq-chan CLEAR! friendly welcome to the dark side another friendly halo eq-chan welcome to the- friendly is it recording? eq-chan it’s recording eq-chan but it’s still too soon eq-chan it’s hard to advance eq-chan uh.

.. Icaros! Icaros Yeah? eq-chan you go make contact at the front eq-chan i’ll shoot this one eq-chan got him eq-chan *evil laugh* eq-chan got him? icaros yup eq-chan i see one eq-chan railgun is still there icaros there? eq-chan yep eq-chan yep, it’s him eq-chan he’s at the right friendly is the right clear? eq-chan maybe? wait, there’s railgun eq-chan i’ll go forward eq-chan icaros! railgun my revenge has been spoiled eq-chan at the front eq-chan crossfire! eq-chan oi, handguns should’ve gone forward eq-chan go eq-chan they’re at the front eq-chan i’m right at behind you eq-chan i see him icaros at the corner eq-chan i see em icaros whoops sorry icaros he wears adidas clothes eq-chan ok eq-chan cover me icaros please move! eq-chan CLEAR! icaros CLEAR! clear! Eq-chan CLEAR! eq-chan done? *freedm talks about stuffs that was missing at balitro* Bobyhara eq hit! freedm762 let’s check if the gopro recorded that leocchi i use a springer now eq-chan follow me then leocchi spring? freedm762 then railgun, you’re gonna follow me railgun ok railgun then if you die, i’ll gonna use your gun bobyhara who use a handgun here? railgun me bobyhara then i will flank eq-chan then the one who use a handgun gonna go crawling eq-chan and we (the one who use aegs) will provide cover fire bobyhara i want to stick to the wall eq-chan i think they all went to the left eq-chan you go take the middle eq-chan go to the middle eq-chan i’ll take the right eq-chan got one reff *talking to some new players next field about team communication* reff don’t shoot him again if he’s hit *and again, neighboring field* reff if you’re hit go back to the respawn reff give some distance reff ok, now go back to respawn eq-chan friendly! friendly! eq-chan friendly! eq-chan oh wait, you’re an enemy eq-chan clear! eq-chan clear! eq-chan i thought you’re friendly eq-chan nice enemy player nice! eq-chan i hope you’re enjoying part one eq-chan of neko airsoft’s fifth anniversary eq-chan don’t forget to press like and subscribe! eq-chan i’m eq-chan, we’ll see you next month at jogja and solo


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