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⭐ 5K SPECIAL! My Dream Airsoft Gun for 2018! ⭐


What an honor to call these the 5000 subscriber special it’s been an awesome journey so thanks a lot for the support and of course let’s keep it going and let’s keep having fun together all right so let’s kick the 5k special out as well with my dream airsoft gun for 2018 what is up guys it’s Mickey from chupacabra door with my latest airs of gun built for late 2019 and hopefully all throughout 2019 them this gun is based of my own ar-15 as well and the old concept bind is build is to get the same weapon handling and manipulation for when I’m at the range where I find myself more and more often nowadays and I’m kind of a big advocate when it comes to airsoft as a training tool for realz the shooting if done properly of course you can train things such as recoil management and trajectories but weapon handling and manipulation is basically the same and you can also train things such as speed reloads and transitions but enough talking let’s see what we got this gun is a tokyo marui next and it’s my old m4 sopmod this gun has been through a lot but still works great and I just redid the internals which are gonna cover in just a second and if you guys have been around this channel even just a tiny bit you know how much I love tokyo marui next sense they have bulk stop simulation on empty mag blowback and even a slight recoil plus they are very reliable with outstanding range now as far as external goes the most noticeable thing is obviously the rail there is a Bravo Company v CM kmr 30 inches keymod rail Itzik knockoff made by Die Tech and owning both died Tech and the PCM I can say that this replica is actually pretty well made it’s solid and lightweight as well my only complaint is about the paint which gets scratched up very easily whereas the BCM is much more resistant I’m running a 14.5 inches outer barrel with a surefire flash hider and suppressor knockoff now I know what some of you guys are saying foam feel suppressors don’t do shit in airsoft and that’s not completely accurate when I use to do customs on regular v2 gearboxes I was able to get such a low mechanical noise with I speed gears I torque motor and a flawless bevel to pinion alignment that you could actually tell big difference with the foam-filled suppressor on and off but yes in this case only talk you marry next and most of the noise will come anyways from the blowback and recoil assembly so yeah it’s they’re mostly for looks but I don’t even mind the extra
length when I’m running the suppressor so it’s so good the flashlight is an a least rity wml flashlight I love this piece it’s light weight low profile this is the 200 lumens version which is more than enough for what I use a flashlight on an airsoft gun for and there is navigation or as a backup if I’m using nuts during low light or no light games on top of the rail I am DG + PV ball pack unit replica which might easily be the best airsoft pack unit replica on the market as both visible and IR lasers metal construction looks great and also has a very practical remote pressure switch which is now attached to a BCM front grip it’s the shorter version which I like the most and can also carry a couple of cr123 batteries moving back to the receiver I have a knight for 2.5 10 by 24 magnification scope replica this cop wasn’t even branded it’s some sort of Chinese knockoff but as a very clear glass and illuminated radical now I feel the 2.5 10 magnification is a bit overkill when it comes to airsoft I’m usually not going over 4 times magnification for shooting but being able to go up to 10 times is very useful for spotting targets and objectives very far away the motor grip is a PCM krokov as well I’m kinda diggin this civilian ar-15 style look lately so I kinda went all in for this build but I’m actually not a big fan of this motor grip it took me a while to get a proper battle to pinion alignment if you guys don’t know what this is you can check out my tutorial about it and I also had to do some rambling to make it fit properly so be careful if you guys are looking into this grip this talk is a mounted Magpul CTR stock which now carries a 1000 milliamperes 7.4 volt lipo battery I recently did a tutorial on how to make these mods so feel free to check it out last but not least and that is possibly one of the best upgrades I have ever made on a rifle and there is a front fixed sling mount or Tinky’s with a front swivel mount I wasn’t often able to do my transitions right away because this link will get twisted so he had to first rotate back this link and then do the pulling whereas with a front fixed sling mount this link is always straight ready to go that’s about it for the externals let’s move to the workbench and check out the internal ‘some on the internals I have the latest next-gen MOSFET and that is the prototype earth sub concept Center is software mk0 guys attorneys up there were also kind enough to send me some
FPS software components 45k special build say chess full steel gears and I torque motor UNIX components here and there the inner barrel is a magic box miracle barrel which is a great investment for your gun I don’t think it necessarily shoots the bb’s further but definitely should stand straighter and more consistently alright guys I hope you liked the 5k special of course let me know in the comments below which is your dream airsoft gun for 2018 once again thanks a lot for the support and subscribing to this channel if you aren’t already feel free to do so I’m actually looking forward to publishing more often by the end of the year I’m kinda busy doing work as a filmmaker for what is the best shooting facility here in Italy and that is the dark horse ranch so if you guys miss me or with my content you can check out my work at dark horse ranch Dority or on our facebook page at dark horse ranch alright guys it was a pleasure you guys take care ride on and as always stay safe out there


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