English subtitles available Welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover together a product that has just landed in FRANCE a few days ago and which is already starting to be talked about in the airsoft community It is therefore the HPA SMP WOLVERINE KIT For my part, I therefore ordered from my partner JBAIRSOFT one of the two kits offered for purchase the first at 549 euro and the second that I bought myself at 649 euro.

Why this price difference? Well it’s simple you will have two regulators of a different range and therefore of a different price Discover the contents of the package There is 1 bottle of the OXYGEN brand of 0.

8l 3000 PSI 1 90-120 PSI regulator kit for HPA – REDLINE system the HPA SMP V2 system – WOLVERINE AIRSOFT 1 7.4v 350mah 35c LiPo battery to power the FC Now let’s find out what SMP means SMP (Single Moving Part): This acronym alone sums up the major advantage of this brand new electro-pneumatic cylinder technology.

compared to existing HPA (High Pressure Air) systems (Polarstar type) Based on the observation that the more parts there are, the greater the vulnerability of a system Wolverine Airsoft has focused its research on the development of a technology dedicated 100% to airsoft combining the comfort and modularity of the HPA, increased compatibility on many replicas, ease of use and reliability I will not dwell on the other elements in detail but rather present the HPA SMP V2 system The contents of the package are: a manual in English a wolverine airsoft silicone patch a screwdriver for adjusting the potentiometers a power cable from the switch to the FCU the electronic switch equipped with a cable which will be connected to the solenoid valve the main solenoid valve which is equipped with a single solenoid which will reduce air consumption by about 50% Its design is very neat and well machined.

an FCU which looks like a mosfet and which is equipped with the two adjustment potentiometers the stock tube retaining wedge We will therefore mount the kit in a Gearbox Type V2, two models of SMP available (V2 or V3) then you will be able to modify the purchased version by changing only the switch and the nozzle of the SMP without having to buy a complete kit Now let’s move on to assembly in a GEARBOX V2 previously emptied of gears, shims, bearings, switch, spring piston cylinder and flat tappet which will be of no use.

there will only be the lower part at the trigger level and the plate selector First of all start with a good degreasing of the GEARBOX, Then the first step will be to simply put the solenoid valve in the gearbox Then place the electronic SWITCH with the original screw and connect the cable to the back of the solenoid valve then connect the power supply on the switch to the stock tube by passing it through the locations of the original cables place your trigger and its spring Then place the stock tube retaining wedge and close the gearbox Here is the SMP WOLVERINE mounted in the gearbox and then reassembled in the replica Let’s move on to the different settings offered by the SMP 3 settings available: FPS setting Firing rate setting Burst mode from 1 to 7 bbs let’s start with the FPS setting, several parameters must be taken into account: the weight of the ball, the size of your barrel and its diameter as well as the desired FPS let’s make this adjustment: Set the PSI on your manometer to 120 PSI and DWELL potentiometer to the maximum and perform a chrony test, the DWELL will allow you to manage the volume of air used to propel the ball from the beginning to the end of the barrel but it will be necessary to find the happy medium to obtain a uniform trajectory and the desired number of FPS Too much air will have a negative effect on the ball and not enough air will not give maximum power and range So set the PSI to 120 + DWELL to the max then test chrony which should reach 490 FPS on average To obtain the power of 350 FPS on this configuration (internal barrel 410 mm 6.

04) at 50 PSI by reducing to the manometer only and perform a chrony test (350 FPS Average) the adjustment on this replica is well at 350 FPS on average, you will have to adjust the DWELL to have a correct trajectory and range with minimum air consumption (0.

8 liters 3000 PSI = 3000 bbs) let’s go to the cadence setting that can be done on the ROF potentiometer by turning the adjustment screw and obtain the cadence of your choice Let’s move on to setting the burst (from 1 to 7 bbs) Adjustable very easily with the user manual provided.

example burst 3 bbs: Position the selector on FULL AUTO, press the trigger and connect the battery The FCU will flash, once off, release the trigger and press the trigger 3 times and wait 5 seconds, remove the full auto and the adjustment is complete! To reset FULL AUTO, perform the same operation but when the FCU LED goes out, press the trigger 6 times.

Here is the review of the HPA SMP WOLVERINE AIRSOFT KIT completed. Find all the links necessary to acquire this product in the description of the video I would like to thank Vincent from JBairsoft and his technician for the information provided for this review Find all the airsoft review links in the video description Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and facebook page! See you very soon! bye


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