Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Today we find ourselves in our studio Photo Video for review of a product very experienced players looking for quality products Our partner “The company TRB Holsters” sent us a complete kit, which will allow me to show you the various accessories available in their product range Begin to detail the various things I have in my possession.

– It starts with the holster KYDEX camo Multicam Desert Warrior V2, so after unpacking we see that this product is very clean finish to level but also by the quality of materials and adorned with an engraving TRB easily recognizable go to the introduction of replica handguns in the holster and the ability to see it in detention.

We see 8 rings that allow two elements to be well set together, KYDEX plates are very thin and very light make this holster It comes with two clips and tricks kit screws that allow you to wear fashion belt on soft platform or while on spoilers Now we go to black spoiler KYDEX allowing remote on the hip also receiving the TRB and existing logo in 3 models Installation Model 1 (2 malice clips), the second model (3 malice clips) and the third model (4 malice clips) We will now assemble the holster with the Malice Clip on the model first 2 positions of malice clip and wear a belt.

Then we find two types of additional loops black belt KYDEX Then we find two types of additional loops KYDEX black belt 2 and 1.5 inches which corresponds to 3.8 cm and 5 cm wide logo also receiving TRB They are accompanied by a lot of screws, nuts and Washers cup for installation on the holster.

Go to the assembly and installation of belt to see the maintenance and position relative to the hip and should help out the replica without discomfort. It remains to discover the latest TRB who are appointed Cases Charger SORC Stacked in existing Single Version and double whatsoever for replica handguns as assault, and provides KYDEX made with malice Clips.

TRB logo is also present in engraving on the front of the SORC As against what strikes me about this product is the quality of materials used, the ultra-thin kydex and durable, the Shock Cord moisture resistant military-grade, corrosion and abrasion Cases SORC these are obviously universal with all chargers and adjustable to whatever you like me to use the Desert Warrior M4 magazine or simply by adjusting the Shock Cord It can be mounted on belt or on a soft spoilers optional It is also possible to modulate these cases SORC single or double reverse and even overlapping the SORC.

Test the quality of retention with one or two chargers position Time to be different arrangements for these cases SORC Precision on the spoilers and positioning of SORC, only cases Simple malice clips can be mounted on these spoilers for machining holes is not intended for double malice clips (like assault case charger model) TRB also get some custom creations like your grenades or other accessories.

Currently TRB offers over 55 colors including many camos, all holsters and cases are guaranteed for life and 100% French and that it was absolutely the report I’ll let you return after prolonged use in part Here is the review of the holster, the SORC and spoilers in KYDEX home TBR complete.

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