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Subtitles available in English Welcome AIRSOFT REVIEW Today we are left to find a product marketed by ASG licensed STEYR MANNLICHER. This is the STEYR AUG A3 MP proline range. The replica will be delivered with a user guide, a HIGH CAP 300+ bbs a bag and a cleaning rod Now to the design of this STEYR AUG A3 MP.

This replica is part of bullpup type replicas. The STEYR AUG has a body made entirely of ABS with the exception of metal RIS KIT which gives this look so aggressive and futuristic I’m not at all fond of STEYR AUG but this one really appealed to me.

The replica weighs 3830 grams for 775 mm, its weight is a bit too spread forward which will increase with the addition of accessories Let’s find out in more detail: It is composed of a counterclockwise metal barrel extension 14 mm attached to a metal outer barrel RIS KIT imposing a metal compound of Picatinny rails 4 and a quick disconnect fastener strap and its dummy sear allowing access to the adjustment hopup By cons we can immediately identify the absence of target elements ABS body receiving STEYR markings and ASG equipped with its safety, its charger eject button and equipped with 4 additional Picatinny rails The dummy cartridge ejection port is ambidextrous thanks to the movable rubber cap A HIGH CAP 300 BBS charger Then ends with his butt ABS covered with a non-slip surface finished with a rubber heel and found a second quick disconnect tether This replica is largely ambidextrous with the exception of the cocking lever As for firing positions, there is no fire selector, it will gently press for a shot in semi and strong for a shot in full auto, which for me is a bit annoying especially in games Now for the internal features The gearbox receives V3: – Engine HIGH TORQUE – A bearing on spring Guide – A piston and piston head polycarbonate reinforced – Of Bearings 7mm She receives an internal 530 mm cannon mounted on a 6.

08-type block G36 hopup easily adjustable By cons, it is equipped with quick-change system and a single spring of the replica disassembly to strip your internal gun and hopup block you will discover now on video Now to test 0.

20 Chrony balls and battery 7.4 v LIPO, this replica is given to 394 original FPS BBS 0.20 Let the test target at a distance of 20 meters and 30 meters test 20 meters in 0.20 gr At 20 meters in 0.20 gr BBS, most BBS is in the target and a good result is obtained test 30 meters in 0.

20 gr the test was 30 meters gives a dispersion of BBS and loss of accuracy, so a negative finding ASG provides no information on the max scope of this replica, so let out several different distances shooting test to know your limits and show you the one that gives the best results test 40 metres in 0.

20 gr the majority of BBS has missed the target, and see to change the internal gun for reliable one, but we reached 40 meters well Let Negative and positive points: Negative: A lack of battery and charger for quick use in transmission output The absence of sighting member.

One half of the plastic outer barrel and the block hopup An obligatory passage by a downgrade before use in combination due to its very high power. A gun in the range 6.08 to PROLINE positive: A hyper aggressive look and a pleasant finish.

A gearbox reinforced with the rapid change of the spring system Here is the review of the STEYR AUG A3 MP over. You can find this product in the shops near you for a suggested retail price of 249 Euro Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW in the description of the video.

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