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Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Today we are left to discover an APS brand produced and distributed in France by our partner DM diffusion It is the ACP 601 CO2 Multicam water transfer on the basis of a Glock 17 You will receive this replica handgun in a plastic carrying case, it will be provided with the CO2 cartridge wrench, a silent 14 mm adapter counterclockwise a joint replacement charger, a BBS sachet 0.

20, Two sticker GRIP, cleaning rod and manual Discover the replica from the outside: The ACP601 CO2 is composed of a metal slide ACP receiving markings and HAKKOTSU logo and equipped with two black sighting members enhance White dots Its body is made of ABS high quality receiving the APS molding and equipped with a Picatinny rail molded to install your accessories as well as bolt locks and charger eject button All of the replica receives WATER TRANSFER MULTICAM officially licensed and available in several camo you want.

It measures 184 mm 780 gr Now on to the internal of the replica. the ACP601 receives a precision barrel in 6.03, the outer barrel is threaded and will install the silencer adapter 14 mm anti-clockwise Dismantling the internal replica is not excessively fat, nozzle is transparent and looks good that’s left to do in the meantime, the HOP UP adjustment is by knob One can also note the presence of two breech end buffers to be used to cushion the mechanism during its operation.

Regarding the magazine, it will be compatible with the WE and MARUI models. Its CO2 loading system is different from other feeder market Its CO2 loading system is different from other feeder market to change the CO2 cartridge, it will take some precautions because once the empty cartridge, keep pressing the valve not to let CO2 and cause plug gasket ejection due to the remaining CO2 residues, which would damage the seal sealing to replace the CO2 cartridge, place it in the magazine upside down and replace the stopper clockwise once blocked loosen the central part of 10 degree to impact the CO2 cartridge.

APS said its charger with a new cartridge can be emptied 3 times full magazine (about 70 BBS). The magazine has a capacity of 25 + 1 BBS chambered. Let’s test chrony balls Gr 0.20, the replica is given to 280 to 350 FPS depending on outside temperature with this weight Let the test target at a distance of 5 meters, 10 and 15 meters and shooting model to determine the maximum distance range BBS 0.

20 0.25 gr see if the path is not correct Test 5 meters target BBS 0.25 gr The hopup is a little fat exit package gives the following result the majority of BBS are in the target 5 meters and fairly well grouped Test 10 meters BBS 0.

25 gr the result is random but remains in the target, wearing black glasses do not make this easy results Test 15 meters BBS 0.25 gr (wearing a transparent mask for better visibility) the result at 15 meters is rather favorable despite the random BBS path due to the presence of fat on hopup Test 35 meters on mannequin to know the max distance of this replica BBS 0.

25 gr The majority of BBS have affected the mannequin with proper accuracy. Here is the review of the ACP 601 Multicam CO2 in APS and distributed in France by DMdiffusion complete. For this product, ask directly to your local shop.

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