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♥ Airsoft Gameplay: Area 34 (Loveland, CO) 8/1/15

♥ Airsoft Gameplay: Area 34 (Loveland, CO) 8/1/15

hey good shot ah I love you man hey guys blue heart here today I’ve got some airsoft gameplay using my beretta arx-160 the gameplay today takes place at my home field area 34 in Loveland Colorado I’ve pleaded this field quite a bit and i love it and i love the community that plays there you’ll be watching a capture the case game where a case is chained to the wall of the building in the middle of the map and that building is known as the kill house there are two combination locks that secure the case to the wall in the kill house and the combinations are written all over the walls inside the kill house you have to figure out which combinations belong to those locks on the case and once the case is unlocked from the wall run it back to your base without getting hit enjoy ready to go rin rin rin watch it watch a nice it’s right in the corner okay i’m pretty here I think run below me on three pop did not know you were there the guy right there hit good shot oh I love you man so right there I was planning on kill trading I thought I could get both of them I knew I was probably going to die but I ended up only getting the one in the back and they tagged me but it was still really fun hey who’s working on the clutch we need to get freakin in there again movie watch right side so there’s clutch from apex predator running into the kill house again human the guy you’re on okay sometimes fire fights so right here I was trying to tell my teammate where clutch was I inadvertently gave away my teammates position though and it ended up getting him killed hey Connor he’s on the other side of low from you he’s right behind you apparently friend so I have a strong feeling that clutch is still in that closest corner of the kill house to me and i’m getting ready to change my magazine so i have a full magazine and i’m going to move into the kill house and try and take him out and anyone else that I be on the case from the opposing team just in time my team starts moving up so I take that opportunity to move in as well ah sorry man you okay we’re on the case come on move up friendly hit hit hit hit hit can’t say I’m dead so right there after I died one of my teammates ask me where I got shot from if you’re dead in real life you can’t talk so if you’re dead an airsoft you can’t talk either so how to courtesy Eddie didn’t give away the enemy’s position alright man i got hit the far bunker that range that’s sick moving the tension that’s us and kill house guys moving a duck hit hit hit hit hit so I got a little pretty good moving to that next building there were two enemies in the building in front of me that I didn’t see before i started moving i took about seven rounds of the front and and i put my gun of yelled out hit and started walking back and took another seven or so rounds in the back what that’s just how it goes sometimes moomin ribbon he’s right there sorry he’s down he got cancer moving up so when I pop out here in a second you’ll notice I have a guy right in my sights however I accidentally switched my gun to safety and so I pull the trigger and shoot anything which is unfortunate hey good shot we do we have to push out they got the hill all right I’m gonna rush right we’ll yell laughs a count to three and then we all rush okay all right on three one two three move over the next 15 minutes or so the other team started to wear a south and eventually ended up unlocking the case and capturing it the winning the game overall the day was a blast I highly recommend checking out area 34 airsoft field if you’re curious about my gun or accessories I was using in this video I’ll link them in the description below as always guys and remember stay safe and call your hips if you enjoyed the video please give me a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to get notified when I release a new video thanks again guys happy honey


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