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♥ Airsoft Gameplay: APC Indoor (Denver, CO) 6/20/15

♥ Airsoft Gameplay: APC Indoor (Denver, CO) 6/20/15

hey guys blue heart here today I’ve got some air staff gameplay using my beretta arx-160 I’ve got an in c star green dot slash laser sight with a Picatinny hood mattered on top and i picked this side up for around ninety dollars on m1 surplus calm and i have to say it’s been fantastic the game played today takes place at an indoor field in Denver Colorado called American paintball Coliseum it’s the first time i played airsoft indoors and i have to say i had a blast you’ll see as we begin this first game that I’m not used to the enemy respawn being so close and I ran right into the enemy team so this first game will be looking at is team deathmatch with three response I’m already won respawn down there is one respond now as I moved up here I got really confused I had just left my respawn and was moving up with one of my teammates when one of the enemy players made his way into our spawn and shot me in the back same team you just shot me from our respawn so you could probably tell I was a little confused and a little frustrated that enemy had come into our respawn it shot our whole team and I don’t think he thought it was our respawn oh that would office yeah now we’re Penn so for the rest of the game we were pretty much pin right outside of our spawn however I did manage to get a few kills that last when I felt a little bad about you can hear him kind of moaning in the background but died and ended up hitting him twice on the nose right in between his glasses and face mask and he left kind of a nasty mark so right there an enemy player wandered right in my sights and didn’t quite see me and I just kind of got lucky he’s other side of plane watch planes got him got him up hit dead man down man last response ha we are totally pin in our spot early got him watch for more so right there an enemy player through a flashbang it kind of scared the crap out of everyone after that the enemy team kind of rushed in for the kills and the finish of the game hey you shot there man down man down man so a really good shot there by the enemy team player and after you get hit sometimes you if you’re in the crossfire you really need to let people know that you’re a dead person and so you don’t get shot again because sometimes you’ll get shot several times on your way back and it’s not fun all right guys this last game we’re going to take a look at was my very last game of the day and by this point I had become more familiar with the field the angles the cover everything was starting to come together a little better in the game mode that we’re going to be playing is domination and there’s unlimited responds with the time limit there are three flags located throughout the map that you have to change to your color and at the end of the time limit whichever team has the most flags lifted wins so right here I see one of my teammates engaging the enemy and I decided to turn around to start a flank maneuver and when I turned around I saw one of the enemy players and decide to rush him okay heads up buddy I don’t like this angle I’m swinging around dumped you okay okay go go go I won’t shoot you anymore so I felt really bad about shooting him a second time but I wasn’t sure if he was out or not he kept poking out I thought I saw and pointing a gun at mag i watch got him got him flew off or just go through my back I got you back whoa watch your front watch the front Oh hit hit hit so a great shot by the enemy player and that one happened to hit me right in between my glasses and my face mask and let me tell you I did not feel Pleasant so right here I kept shooting at him because I didn’t hear them call hit but I know I hit him at least once hit hit good job good job dead man dead man dead man there were three or four players that stayed behind our respawn the whole game you guys every time I’d respond i try and encourage him to move up I’m coming where are they hey team fire buddy so when I came out of the kitchen there than my teammates that were hiding behind the spawn thought I was an enemy and ended up shooting me in the back it happens no worries let’s go let’s go move up I’ll move into the security okay go go go hit hit hit so after that moment I decided it was time to turn on the afterburners get a little more aggressive and see what I could do I think I’m gonna do this and these real close quarters is really good to practice switching from right-handed trigger to left-handed trigger to poke around cover let’s go ahead okay come on come on flag flag flap cover me okay watch it right back watch the angle watch hop flavor Rick my vision okay we’re clear clear got him got him push up push up watch your left push up you’ll see here and then every time I switch my gun to my left shoulder and left trigger finger it makes of you really hard to see you apologize about that so go respawn hit good shot you got you got me a little good job dad man come up with me oh you get me on me at this point some of the players on each team have already fallen off and left the arena each team has about five people left on their team but you can see on our team it’s pretty much just being one other guy that are pushing out all right i’ll call it I didn’t hear the person you guys still sitting back there come on now tell what’s up ding-dongs off you didn’t hit me one tango airplane when tango airplane are they friendly watch your head cover me cover me good work good job we got blew up don’t turn it turn it off as Auto here are not oh you need to be on semi that’s okay it’s a rule here because it’s so close we need to get kitchen we need to get kids I definitely got a lot of practice with twitch reflexes while playing here at a pc cover me whoa watch friendly fire friendly fire okay let’s sneak around so right okay watch it cool hit good job dead dead dead dead dead dead all right let’s make the last push guys you gotta hold those flags got ahold of flags let’s go my Mac going south I’m comin here we have another man alright let’s out what tell ah right here I looked up and I saw that the flag had changed to red and I knew I needed to change it to blue to win the game thank you thank you for a bit overall the day was a blast I highly recommend checking out American paintball Colosseum’s indoor airsoft field if you’re curious about my gun or accessories i was using this video i’ll link them in the description and as always and remember stay safe and call your hits and please subscribe you


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