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hey there YouTube mark here got another review for you this time it’s on my new G&G um G which stands for uber machine gun got this just a few weeks ago and I have to say I’m seriously impressed with it it’s one of those guns that you don’t see very often at the skirmish field I don’t know as suppose maybe people have put off a bit by it sort of quirky looks with its sort of big big magazine there but I mean I absolutely love the looks of it the thing that most impresses me is the way it shoots and the consistency of is accuracy so these retail about 230 pounds I paid a bit less for that I got it from the National airsoft of them here in the UK I say this it’s sort of like GN G’s advanced top tech range of guns you know which you get better wiring a better motor you get a tight ball barrel 6.

03 or standard they just feel a little bit better than their sort of combat machine style of guns which are a great range of guns I’ve got one myself but then I just have to say this gun is absolutely fantastic I mean even though it’s got a very short barrel runs from there to there as about 10 inches long the consistency accuracy and range is incredible it is easily as good as my other guns and good 40 meters range consistency groupings excellent so um no problems at all great gun for CQB being so small but I’ve also used it in woodland and been seriously impressed with it I have upgraded the motor because I’ve decided to turn it into a high speed gun and I put a high speed motor in there and it’s now firing a whopping 31 rounds per second with a lipo battery 11.

1 so it’s got a nice folding stock Fafi goes in there it’s a bit tricky to get the battery in but you can get in eventually I mean a lot of people just use like a stick battery eight point four nine point six but a small lipo just fits in the end here nice positive feel on the ambidextrous fire selector 530 round magazine you know holding load BB’s beautiful quality nylon fiber upper low receiver nice hand grip nice big sort of guard for your finger if you wear a glove it just feels really nicely made you know metal rails charging handle just be aware of that it is plastic just turning the gun over hop-up is super easy to adjust just on that slider there well that’s gonna say it’s just a really nice gun it shoots crazy now I’ve put the new motor in but even as standard on nine point six it was doing fifteen rounds a second which is really good it’s what most people are happy with personally I just I just love high rate of fire guns I’ve learned most you want my guns online pose now but this gun is just crazy fast with a high speed motoring I just show you the chrono which I’ve just shot it through and that’s running it new enough 31 rounds a second and 327 feet per second as you can see it’s running very very fast I then a hand on the gearbox is going to last but hey you know what the hell when it wears out I’ll replace it and replace all the parts in it but an exceptional gun really can’t rate it highly enough the box it comes in it’s really nice with lots of packing inside the foam is really strong so nothing’s gonna break I’ve got plans to get the suppressor for it the G&G one away today and I’m going to fit her for what hang with as well but yeah absolutely exceptional gun great gun from value-for-money if you’re thinking of something a bit different would HIGHLY highly recommend one of these they are just really nice I weighed it earlier on with battery bb’s full BB magazine and the opposite ways in at 2.

6 kilos so it’s not that heavy you know it just feels really nice when you’re shooting it I just fire it into this box to give you an idea of its rate of fire just put the glasses on use the wobbly cameras to do so yeah is pretty fast as I say as standard it’s an excellent firing gun so there you go guys if you’ve got any questions or any comments or feel that I’m wrong in anything I’ve missed something please feel free to post it down the bottom thanks so much guys speak too soon bye


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