general sponsor AirSoft-RUS StrikePlanet, Ars Arma, Airsoft66, StrikeArt, Kugelwerfer, Delta Yekaterinburg, Kapterka66, vk.com/babahi_shop Hey everyone, I’m Evgenevich. You’re watching RedArmyAirsoft. This is an assault gameplay again.

But this time I’m only using grenades and a pistol. This is because on this weekend I was testing new RGS-4 grenades from StrikeArt for failures. Which are now just 100 RUB for each. That makes them the cheapest certified grenades.

On the Russian market. A standalone test video will be out soon. For now – a gameplay from three players: Me, Ken and Lyoha. Ken is running a P90. I believe, someone asked for that in the comments to a previous video.

The scenario is the familiar to you Bomb. Attackers have to defuse it in a period of time. Defence team has to no let that happen. There’s 11 of us and 18 enemies. First round we’re in defence. Don’t know, what went wrong with the referees, but they started the round ahead of time, Not having asked the defence team about it’s readiness.

Thus, we didn’t manage to plan how we’re going to defend at all. – What the fuck!… – Fucktards… I tried to get to the 2nd floor as I could and slow down the attack with grenades. It looked like I got it.

– Autorifle, here, faster! First wave’s been driven away. Now we need to try and cut them off from the building, when possible. Is there anyone? – Behind the lamp post. I hear enemy fumbling under the balcony.

– Careful. Is the 1st floor theirs? The 1st floor was taken by the enemy. Ken got hit from a window. The enemy is trying to go around through bushes on the left flank. Lyoha’s been picked off. The situation is getting out of control.

In the meantime ours are trying to make their way from the spawn to the house. But the enemy is firmly pinning them down with fire. Ken didn’t make it. I’m trying to hold the approaches as best, as I can, using grenades.

Lyoha also didn’t get in. There’s enemy in the stairwell. Guys, tell me, what is with the first floor? One more attempt to break in. – Oh, fuck. I kinda fucked up. On the 2nd floor, except me, there’s only Vasya the machine gunner.

– Killed! … Killed! – Dead, dead. For fuck’s sake. – Oh, fuck. – Killed! Vasya, hold on. We’re coming. Even when the situation seems completely unpromising, one must always try doing something. For example – circumventing.

– Left side. I got into the very left room. From our spawn. Another attempt. Just 3 more guys can spawn on our team. We have to hold just a little more. – Well, get in. Next. – Said the manager. Strange, that the enemy hasn’t covered the rear at all again.

for Lyoha it’s especially handy. – Game over! Victory. – They have more people. – Strange, that they didn’t make it. Obviously, someone nicely held the 2nd floor. Next scenario is reverse. The same conditions.

But we’re attacking. – Quiet! We’re on the 2nd floor, Ken is right below us on the 1st. Where to throw it? Let’s do that first. Didn’t go off. – We’re waiting longer. – Is there anyone? – On the right, there is.

– Fuck. – Be careful. We were stuck on the balcony, exchanging grenades with the enemy. – Do it. – Quiet. They’re watching from the stairs. – Yeah, I got it. – One…Two…… Three! Is that a grenade here or what? – Huh? – What fell from above? – Nothing fell.

– I’m gonna run now. – You’ve pissed me the fuck off! – Lyoha, I’m here. I throw grenades for real. But the sly Ken just throws a dummy, making the enemy run. – Oh, fuck it. A gear failed. All that’s left of Ken’s weaponry is the dummy grenade and a knife.

Darn! Didn’t notice the gun. Here it is. – 12. At 12 o’clock. Look behind the big tree. – Fuck. – Are you cut down again? Again at the same place? I’ve always been amazed by Ken’s tranquility in such matters.

The first knife kill for today. – Are you killed? It’s a ricochet. – Was he shooting from there? Oh, I thought it was legit. – How many of them are left? – Don’t know. – Any on the right? – None. The grenade must’ve got them.

– I’m in the next room. Your rag? Ken has gone mad. – The left side is all… 2nd floor ours. – 2nd floor, the left side is completely ours. – Copy that. Right side tango down. Evgenich, you can enter the stairs on the right.

– There’s noone there. Everythin…Everything is clear. Lyosha, I’m gonna… The enemy is trying to break through from below. Holding them down with a grenade. Hold the stairs. Hold the stairs. We almost made it to the bomb.

Just need to clear out the 2nd floor from enemy remnants. And cut out the reinforcement. Seems clear, but I’m checking the balconies just in case. – Game over. The bomb is defused. That’s it for now. If you’ve watched the video till the end and it was interesting, write about it in the comments.

We will be pleased. See you soon.


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