general sponsor AirSoft-RUS StrikePlanet, Ars Arma, Airsoft66, StrikeArt, Kugelwerfer, Delta Airsoft Yekaterinburg, Kapterka66, vk.com/babahi_shop Hey everyone, you’re on RedArmyAirsoft, I’m Evgenevich.

This is another assault gameplay. We’ll play already familiar to you hostage scenario. Short recap: There’s a dummy in a building. The goal is to evacuate it to the spawn. To get access to the hostage, we need to set a bomb with a 2 minute timer.

Hold on for the time and then carry the hostage out. I played with a new Bur grenade launcher by Tornado Airsoft and the MK23 SOCOM pistol. Lyoha played with a Darth Proteus HPA autorifle for the first time.

Also, Grom joined us with his Proteus Beast HPA autorifle. We’re attacking, it’s a 10v10. We realised, that the enemy will take positions in the building faster, than us. And this time we won’t be able to secure the 2nd floor, like we used to.

After the previous videos they’ll be waiting for us there for sure. So we decided to change our tactics and enter through the 1st floor balconies. The plan is: Grom and Lyoha cover the main force’s approach first.

Then pull back into the forest and watch windows and balconies. Also cutting off reinforcements. The main force must enter through balconies from two sides and secure the 1st floor. For distraction, a couple of guys ran on the central road.

– Fuck, the smoke is over. Something went wrong with the smoke, need to change the plan quickly. – Left side, 2nd floor, there’s enemy, careful. – A group on the left, 2nd floor, 1st balcony. They frequently operate from this window.

Also 1st floor, balcony. Lyoha noticed enemy sneaking to our rear, and decided to ambush them. But unfortunately, Lyoha isn’t used to the Darth Proteus yet. It’s rate of fire and BB consumption. He wouldn’t make out the sound, when BBs are over.

Neat ambush with an empty mag. Meanwhile, I’m trying to make it the building once more. Ron and Strelok too. Under Grom’s cover. – How did I fuck up with the mag like that? – Don’t know. Sorry. – No biggie.

Let’s blast a balcony with the grenade launcher. And flank completely from the rear. Lyoha and Grom decided to make a loop. At the corner. There’s one. Under the balcony. – Where? – There somewhere. While Grom is covering windows, Lyoha has made a bold move.

Having run through enemy spawn, he has come to the far end of the building. – Did they kill him, or no? – They didn’t, I did. – Fuck, that hurt. I and Strelok decided to blatantly run to the transformer and also come from around the corner.

– This is Lyoha. I’m on the 1st floor. Right side. Starting to clear. – Yeah, keep shooting. – I’m here. I entered there, cleared everything. Lyoha cleared a part of the 1st floor and linked up with Ron.

Need to push the 2nd floor, while they’re not back from spawn. Ron is killed. – Dead! Dead! Dead! Meanwhile Grom, using smoke for cover, is trying to enter through a balcony. – I threw a grenade there.

There’s some yellow. – One is here. – I don’t know. – They’re here. I’m almost by the transformer. – Yeah, I’m dead. Lyoha is on the stairs, enemy is all around. He’s surrounded. – Ah! Fuck! That’s it.

No time. Comms are gone. I don’t know, what’s going on in the building. Indicating myself to friendlies. Grom linked up with a group of ours, and they started clearing. – Need a grenade? – Go on. – Where is he? – Oleg got fucked from the front.

– Ahead? – Apparently, yeah. – Careful. – Grenade is out. – Fuuuck! – Killed? – Fuuuck! – Are you deafened?! Lyoha activated the bomb. Have to wait for two minutes, then he can evacuate the hostage. Unfortunately, here his camera died.

– Straight in the corridor. – The far room. – Nobody peek there. – I’m holding it. – Are you? – Yes. – Hold it. – Flank left. They’re flanking from the central entrance side. That’s it. Now they can carry out the hostage.

– Get up here. We can evacuate. There’s friendlies. – Quiet. – Fuck. – Contact! Stop, stop, stop! Lyoha, run! – Go, go, go. I’ll throw a grenade. – I’ll go get the gun. – Go. It’s on the balcony. – Left it on the balcony? – I followed you there.

.. They got me. – Other side. The next one. – Huh? – Next one. I ran out of BBs! We won. But it wasn’t an easy victory at all. Lyoha brought the hostage five seconds before the round ended. In conclusion, I want to talk about plans for autumn gameplays.

Tell us, if you’d like to watch a reverse scenario from the game, where we were defending. It’s almost edited, and I can get it done, if you’re interested. In the comments to the previous video some of you said, that it’s boring to watch games from the same field.

I agree. 4 videos in a row from the same field might be boring. Even if it’s mixed with sniper gameplays from Rasty. But because we only have 2 fields available, this is one. Other is an indoor CQB arena of Delta Yekaterinburg, that we’ll leave for winter.

There’s no other field options. In the nearest future we won’t be able to play somewhere else. So, I offer you a choice: I keep making dynamic gameplays from different players. At this Delta outdoor field.

I’ll try to film from new players with new weapons and new scenarios. Or I start editing videos from big events, that we attended this year: Armored War and Frontline. There’s way less action, but unique features and atmosphere.

In any case, you get one sniper or marksman gameplay from Rasty every week. Let us know in the comments, what you’d like to see more. We’ll do whatever most people would want us to do. That’s it. With you was Evgenevich.

Be sure to put a thumb up, see you soon.


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