General sponsor “Planet of airsoft” “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel Today we will look at the light machine gun support from G&G It is called CM16 LMG I want to start with the fact that I’ve been looking closely at a light assault machine gun for a long time With which it would be easy to run, easy to shoot from different positions Including left and right hand Which would have a box of at least 2000 BBs And which could be used for short and long distances Setting there normal 120th tuning Such a machine gun would perfectly fit my style of play Because of I very often find myself in the forefront of an assault And very often I have to suppress the enemy with fire, covering the group Of course it can be done with M and a lot of mechans But it needs to take a lot of magazines with and change them after every second continuous burst According to G&G representative This machine gun was planned as light machine gun support For the playing at the small testing facilities with the buildings The first small batch was made in 2018 And suddenly was bought very quickly As I understand G&G didn’t expect such demand on these machine guns And therefore, these machine guns for a long time were not available in any shop in the world But the demand was The new batch of these machine guns was released this spring And only now it is reached Russian Airsoftstore And they, in turn, sent us a copy for a detailed study and review So let’s start Surely many people care about the question Does this machine gun have a combat prototype The answer is yes G&G LMG is a conditional copy of the Ares Shrike light machine gun Which has a machine gun barrel A modified upper receiver and a lower receiver with a buttstock tube from the AR-15 Conditional copy, because G&G run true to form And the buttstock, the handle and the handguard are unique And they are the fantasy of G&G designers about the external kit But the main idea and receiver are copy the combat Ares Shrike By the way there are the other variants of machine guns with a lower receiver from the AR-15 in the world of firearms For example FightLite MCR But the G&G version is the most like Ares Shrike To reduce weight, the handguard and the upper and lower receivers are made of shockproof plastic Barrel, flame arrester and buttstock pipe are made of aluminum The handle and the buttstock are plastic According to the manufacturer, the plastic is very durable And can give odds to receivers are made of powder aluminum alloy The weight of the machine gun in running order With a full BBs box and batteries is only 4,5 kg Which makes it very, very playable for the gunman-inventor The handguard with RIS-bars and the interface cells M-LOCK If you want to install an additional equipment I personally don’t use anything besides tactical handle, collimator and lantern OK, I can still camera There is the tactical handle with folding bipod in the kit Specifically for this machine gun a very convenient option The sights are adjustable Folding front-sight and removable peephole At the base of the barrel there is a button That the combat machine gun needs to quickly replace the barrel Here it is a sham The barrel isn’t removable The controls completely repeat the M4 series rifles Fire selective mechanism as usual has 3 positions Single shot, ranging burst and safety Thanks to the electronics integrated in the machine gun Instead of a ranging burst, it is possible to set three rounds per trigger pull mode For this switch the fire selective mechanism to the single shot Press the trigger till 15 sec and switch to the ranging burst To bring everything back The same switch to the single shot And repeat all the actions The upper receiver cover opens But there isn’t anything interesting under it Hop-up can be accessed by pulling the shutter simulation knob Rotary hop-up By design reminds Prowin The battery is in the buttstock To get to the battery, just click on the button at the top And move the butt of the buttstock to the side In addition to the battery in the buttstock is electronics that controls the power Thanks to this electronics, the machine gun has a very good response to the trigger Instead usual contact group there is a microswitch The box unlocks and adjoins like magazines of the M4 series So you simply adjoin the box And no need to connect any wires or hoses feeding BBs The maximum that needs to do, and that only for entourage It connect the belt If necessary, you can use the M4 series magazines With such magazines, the machine gun turns into a lightweight medium-sized assault machine The box is powered by two CR123 batteries You can change them without unlocking the box Just unlock the compartment on the side of the box and change The decision of using CR123 batteries I personally don’t understand If you don’t know these are some of the most expensive batteries of their kind.

However, they do not differ in large capacity It’s somehow strange to see expensive batteries on the box of a budget machine gun The buttstock has a compartment for additional batteries In this case it is convenient The box capacity is 2500 BBs You can fill up the BBs without unlocking the box Which, incidentally, is not news for machine guns The feeding of BBs occurs automatically when the box adjoins the machine gun Immediately after adjoining, the button on the box is pressed And for some time, the BBs spin up Then the motor stops and the twist occurs already during firing For entourage there is the belt imitation of 13 cartridges in the kit I know how curious you are, so let’s take a look at the machine gun and see what’s inside There is standard gearbox 2 with a little changes inside The most frenzied change can be called the location of the screws That secure the walls of the gearbox To disassemble the gearbox, you must first unscrew the screws Then flip the gearbox So that when you open it does not fall out And only then open Why it was impossible to make screws in a standard way is not clear The motor is basic, 17 000 rpm In this case, the machine gun works quite fast with it The gears are steel, standard, without the tappet retarder Installed in walls with 9 mm bearings The spring is steel, most likely M110 Spring guide is made of plastic with steel rod and bearing It’s strange enough why G&G didn’t make for the machine gun A gearbox with the ability to quickly replace the spring Brass cylinder 2/3 of the volume The head of cylinder is plastic with one o-ring and damper Nozzle is plastic Plastic piston with one steel tooth Piston head plastic, ventilated, with one o-ring Plastic tappet Electronics with wiring for output to the buttstock Plastic rotary hop-up camera Plastic hop-up yoke The press is standard of rubber tube Instead, you can put a normal flat press The hop-up rubber is quite interesting With the pimple is made of two parts The barrel is made of brass.

We don’t like it The window is narrow and poorly crafted The receiver is plastic and is made not bad By the way, plastic corresponds to RoHS standards And that means no harmful substances Opening the box, we were surprised How irrationally the place was used Almost a third of the box is not occupied with anything And this empty space could be used to place additional BBs Unlike most simple motor solutions BBs spinning is done with a servo Unlike the motor, the servo has a built-in feedback mechanism Which, apparently, allows the electronics of the box to understand When to turn on and when to turn off the twist of the BBs And it’s a plus for maintainability So you can replace the servo with its gearbox in any radio model shop The BBs are fed to hop-up by the straight channel, without bends Primary shooting showed That with a basic rubber and a hop-up machine gun shoots at a distance of more than 55 meters With a rate of fire of 800 rounds per minute, at 11.

1 V battery This rate of fire is enough to penetrate bushes If you want to try yourself in the role of a light machine gunner Or you just like to shoot in machine guns with long bursts This machine gun can be considered for purchase No wonder they are very, very quickly sold out The link to this machine gun (in Airsoftstore) I left in the description to this video As always I suggest you to discuss this video in the comments Put you confident thumbs up Subscribe the channel, If you haven’t done it And press the bell not to miss new videos See you soon!


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