General sponsor Planet of airsoft “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And today we will talk about flashlights The most of tactical flashlights which you can find on the market And which you can buy Can be installed on the left or right side of handguard According to the principle – to be and not to interfere But most of you noticed that It isn’t very convenient to use the face button of these flashlight Holding the gun Not always a finger can bend like that And not all At least among my friends there are few such acrobats One of the variants to solve this problem Use the remote button Which is placed in convenient place on your gun It would seem that the problem is solved Unfortunately, Chinese replicas of remote buttons are of poor quality Cheap brittle wires and loose connectors cause the button to fail quickly Or doesn’t work right away Various brackets can partially solve the problem Allowing to shift the flashlight relative to the RIS-bar Just under the comfortable thumb press But unfortunately it only works for one hand But if you play CQB You have to change hands and shoot then left, then right And with uncomfortable hand, the flashlight will be unavailable Or again you will have to change the grip on the handguard I’m probably a gormy and for a long time I can not solve this problem Until I saw at foreign Speedsoft players flashlights That are mounted on top of the handguard with a corner button Which is convenient to press both left and right hand After studying the information, it turned out that such flashlights are called Inforce WML And their replicas are on sale in Russia in AIRSOFTSPORTS.

RU I contacted store representatives And they sent several models for review So let’s figure out what these flashlights are And what’s good about them Models differ among themselves mainly in dimensions And brightness The most compact model WML Tactical Short has the brightness of 200 Lm The middle – WML Tactical ver.

2 has the brightness of 400 Lm And the most powerful WML-X lights of 800 Lm WML-X Tactical is powered of 2 batteries CR-123A The rest – of 1 battery The batteries aren’t cheap But you can always buy a rechargeable battery in this form factor All three models copy their originals well There are even logo stickers “Inforce” in the kit The main feature of this flashlight Is that it is mounted on he RIS-bar Due to the special shape of the case and button Equally convenient for use with both left and right hand Flashlight case made of nylon fiber And won’t split from accidental hit of BBs The activation button has a special protective bracket Which in the raised position protects it from accidental pressing For example, in a bag during transportation The bracket moves down in one quick, intuitive motion Absolutely not bothering to press the button with your finger The flashlight has several modes of operation They are controlled using the main power button And a switch on the side of the flashlight By turning the switch, you can select one of the operating modes In position with white mark up Pressing the button turns on a constant light To turn off the flashlight it needs to turn the button once more In position with white mark down The flashlight only lights when you hold down the activation button Lower the button – the lights go out This mode is convenient for use on guns A quick double tap in any mode turns on the strobe To turn it off it needs to turn the button once more With M4 Using the KeyMod and M-LOCK handguards As well as tubular handguard, type TROY You don’t need to buy additional adapter bars with an interface RIS There mostly always is RIS-bar with interface RIS on the handguard And besides the flashlight, nothing more is needed for such handguards They are quite comfortable to use without any tactical handles Quick-detachable mount allows you to install a flashlight on a RIS-bar in a matter of seconds And fix it It is also removed quickly and conveniently The height of the flashlight case is such that It doesn’t overlap the visual field of most collimator and optical sights On standard high mount That is, on the one that is most often used with carbines of the M series and the like For AK with a sight on the low mount The flashlight can be installed on a gas tube with a rail type UltiMAK Another important feature of the flashlight Inforce WML is that When installed on the upper bar, it is on the same vertical axis as the barrel This means that when you exit from the cover It appears also with the muzzle This gives a slight advantage over the players Whose flashlight is mounted on the side bar When the flashlight is on the side of the handguard, you have 2 variants Or a flashlight appears before the shooter Prematurely showing position Or you have to lean out more In order not to light a flashlight in the cover itself That means substituting a large area for hitting There aren’t such problems with WML on the top bar Now let’s compare how these flashlights light We will compare on the street in almost complete darkness Distance to the target, that is, to me, 30 meters The model WML-X (800 Lm) is expected to light better than others It can be recommended as a universal flashlight Including for open forest testing facilities Models on 200 Lm and 400 Lm have approximately the same brightness It is smaller than the older model WML-X So these flashlights can be recommended for CQB Where the distances usually don’t exceed 30-40 m By testing these lights, it becomes clear Why the foreign Speedsoft players, who play CQB often Choose these models At least I haven’t seen anything more convenient for playing in the building As I said these flashlights are on sale in AIRSOFTSPORTS.

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