General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And today we will look at the tracer nozzle AceTech Lighter BT With interesting functionality and characteristics Lighter BT is the continuation of the AceTech line of tracer nozzles Nozzles from AceTech, due to characteristics and very bright illumination of BBs They can be deservedly called the best tracer nozzles on the nowadays market They are even used at light CQB testing facility to better see the hit Surely you’ve seen these green fireflies in our videos many times This new product, like other models, is made in the form of a silencer And has a fairly compact size Length – 100 mm, diameter – 34 mm Weight – only 78 gr The case is made of aluminium Coating – anodizing The front of the nozzle is closed with a plastic cap on the thread Under which are: micro USB connector for charging the built-in lithium-polymer battery And the Bluetooth module antenna In the pre-production version, this cover was metal But, in order not to interfere with the work of Bluetooth In the production version, it was made of plastic The manufacturer claims that A full charge of the battery lasts for 30 000 shots Full charge time – 2 hours But if the nozzle is completely discharged, it has an emergency charge mode This means that after 5 minutes of charging, the battery can be charged To have enough for 1 000 shots In the back there is a retaining ring on the thread Unscrewing which You can change the adapter for installation on airsoft guns It is very simple Unscrew the ring Change the adapter Screw the ring back There are 2 adaptes in the kit The first is M14- for installing on the most machine guns and rifles The second is M11+ for installing on the pistols Please note that When installing on your airsoft gun It is necessary that the inner barrel doesn’t stick out beyond the edge of the muzzle end by more than 12 mm If the barrel is longer It overlaps the sensor And as a result, the BBs won’t be illuminated According to personal observations Lighter BT is the most bright tracer nozzle I’ve ever seen And it can actually illuminate red BBs Maximum rifle rate of fire supported by the nozzle is 35 rounds per second or 2100 rounds per minute This is clearly redundant in most cases Rarely does anyone fire more than 1500 rounds per minute The main feature of Lighter BT is that It can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth And use a special application that extends its functionality The application is available for phones on Android and iOS You can download it by scanning the code with phone’s camera, a link in the instructions for the nozzle The main use of the application is The ability to use the nozzle as a chronograph In this case, you can save in the settings up to 6 types of BBs used Specifying the desired weight and diameter Before chronometration, you simply select the BBs to use And fire a burst The app will assign a number to each shot Will measure the speed of exit of the BBs Will calculate shot energy And if the burst is longer than 10 shots, it will show the rate of fire You will also see the values of the minimum, maximum and average speed of exit of the BBs If necessary, the result can be saved One more important moment When the nozzle is in the BBs illumination mode It doesn’t measure m/s If turn on The chron The illumination of BBs turns off But then the nozzle measures the speed of exit of the BBs As you understand, buying a nozzle we get A full chronograph Always at hand Which is undoubtedly convenient In addition to the chronograph, the application can be used to collect statistics For example, you can see how many shots you fire in one game Pull apart at the number of frags you made per game And calculate how much money you spend on 1 frag For what? Because you can It turned out to be a surprise that The application has a function to select the illumination mode – red or green BBs Personally, I had never even thought that BBs of different colors need to be illuminated in different ways And indeed it is Well, finally there is an energy saving function If you turn it on Then after 40 minutes of downtime, the nozzle automatically turns off Personally, I immediately turned off this function Here’s the kicker Let’s see how this nozzle illuminates red and green BBs And also how it works on pistols Test №1 GBB Hi-Capa from WE, green BBs As expected, the green BBs are illuminated perfectly A low weight doesn’t interfere with the normal operation of the gun Test №2 PM-2 from ICS, CO2, no-blowback, green BBs The result is interesting BBs are illuminated perfectly, but with blanks It illuminates approximately 1 shot from 3 Most likely, this is due to the fact that CO2 stream flying out of the barrel together with the BBs Knocks down sensors and prevents them from triggering There isn’t such problem using green gas blowback Because the gas in the barrel passes much less than with no-blowback systems Especially on CO2 Test №3 AEG, green BBs As expected, the green BBs are illuminated perfectly The most interesting Test №4 AEG, red BBs To be honest, the first time I see that Red BBs are illuminated bright enough to be visible on camera By the way, note that In the illuminating red BBs mode The flash in the nozzle fires much brighter than in green mode So we have a very bright illumination of green BBs And a very good illumination of red BBs I repeat, almost for the first time in my life I saw red BBs are illuminated There is a built-in chronograph that is always at hand And which is very simple and convenient to use Need to be measured by a chron? 1.

Take out the phone 2. Gave the fire burst 3. Looked at the result At the same time, this nozzle isn’t much more expensive than its analogues For example, the Lighter BT costs 6600 RUB in Babahi shop For comparison The popular Lighter S costs 5100 RUB As always, I suggest sharing your thoughts on this product in the comments Put your confident thumbs up If you liked our work Subscribe to the channel And press the bell not to miss new releases With you was Evgenivich See you soon!


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