general sponsor AirSoft-RUS StrikePlanet, Ars Arma, Airsoft66, StrikeArt, Kugelwerfer, Delta Airsoft Yekaterinburg, Kapterka66, vk.com/babahi_shop Hey everyone, you’re on RedArmyAirsoft. With you is Evgenevich.

This is another assault gameplay. Like always, we’re playing at Baltyn field of Delta Yekaterinburg. This time almost 40 people participate. 14 on our side vs 23 on the enemy. Unfortunately, I didn’t take part.

We’ll see it through Ken’s, Lyoha’s eyes, and a quadcopter. I’ll comment. First scenario is “Seek and destroy”. Somewhere on the 2nd floor a general is hiding. Attackers have fo find and eliminate him.

He can only die from a knife, or a touch with a gun. Defenders have to prevent his elimination. Not let him get killed for 20 minutes. There’s 2 ways to do that: Or escort him to their spawn. But they can only use the main entrance for that.

Also the general can’t run, but just walk. Round 1. We’re attacking. Our plan is simple: Three fastest men have to take the 2nd floor before the enemy. Main group is taking the 1st floor and holding it.

Four men are covering from the forest. It’s a comet! No, it’s a plane! No, this is Super Lyoha dashing to the 2nd floor at full speed! Ken is too old for this shit. – Minus two. – Phew, fuck. Got it. Let’s look at this in slow motion.

– Stairs minus four. The 2nd floor is ours. – Let’s go get the general. Ken is just lucky for AEGs. Thumbs up, if you watched the previous episode and know, what I’m talking about. – The 2nd floor is fully ours.

Ken is looking for general. Meanwhile, it’s got really hot on the 1st floor and outside. Imagine 11 of ours vs 23 enemies. – Fuck, he’s not here! – Look on the left. Ken, look! Look on the left side! We didn’t look there.

– Fuck, there’s nothing. – Look on that side. – There’s a way to the 2nd floor on the other side. – Here…And there. Just in time. – Yeah. General has been found and eliminated. We won. – Game over! – Let’s go, you’ll be my cover.

Not everyone heard it. – Yes, I was knifed. Next scenario is the same, but we’re defending. The plan is about the same. Lyoha, roll out! Oh, snap! He even lost his grenade. I hope he’s okay. – Are you in one piece? Don’t shoot.

Are you okay? – Are they here? Lyoha, where are you? – Are you killed? – Yes, there’s two killed. Go out, go out of here! – Guys, go out please. – There’s enemy on the balcony. – Go through the main. – There’s probably enemy.

– He says, there’s enemy. Let’s go. Here’s the general. Need to escort him. – You got a grenade? – Yes. – Wait one. Lyoha was killed, but the grenade avenged him. Need to escort the general immediately.

Ken was also killed. – Damn. Lyoha, come on, push! Enemy on the right is down, but someone still covers the approach to the general. Enemy was hiding under the balcony. – Can’t you fucking cover me? Fucking annoying.

General was killed, we lost. – Fuck! While guys are preparing for the next scenario. I’d like to recommend Wartech’s channel. They’re a Russian equipment manufacturer. Besides reviews of their products, there are quality videos, showing trainings and competitions of the real Russian special forces operators.

Trust me, it’s worth checking out. Link to the channel is in the description. The next “Hostage” scenario is more complicated. There’s a life size puppet, imitating the hostage. Guys from BattleArena would call him Valera.

Let us call him Valera too. Before extracting him, you need to blast an entrance into the room. It means setting a bomb with a timer for 2 minutes. After the blast you can extract Valera. By the way, how do you like the quadcopter shots? Thanks to Anton Shkriptan for them.

So, we’re defending, enemy is attacking. Let’s roll. – …Two!…One!…Start! – Go, go, go! This is called running into BBs. – Many made it to the left flank. – Let’s go left. – Yep. Ken went to the 2nd floor.

His task is to cut off an approach to a ramp. Lyoha is holding the left entrance on the 1st floor. I would’ve thrown them a grenade. – Antoh, go help them. There’s one left, I think. Many enemies went into the right wing of the 1st floor.

Minus Ken. – You’re actually killed, you know? – You missed. – Did I kill the other one, or was that you? – I’m alone here. – So I didn’t hit, huh? – You shot, I bent, and they went like this. – You bent, I was shooting along.

* wtf? * – Here’s a camera. Expect the video. No hit. I’m serious. – I’m serious and have a video too. – Okay, I’ll leave. Stay here. – … took you out from there already. – You honestly didn’t hit, but I’ll leave.

Lyoha is a true gentleman. – You’re dead. Dead don’t talk. Did you forget the rules? Did you forget the rules?! Oh, that lady again. Lyoha, come on, screw the gentle – I hit you. Yeah? – Yeah. – Left side, minus.

The left side is mine. – Friendlies. – Friendlies. The enemy was almost driven out of the 1st floor again. – Hold this room. – Huh? – Look there from this room. I’ll go behind it and watch there. There’s a generator to the left, If you need me, I’m behind the generator.

– Okay. Lyoha decided to flank and cut off the approach to the building. At the same time, the enemy took the right side of the building again. – Wait, wait! Behind the wall! Do it. Next. Grenade, take cover.

– I think, I hit. – Killed! – Nice one. – I’m behind the generator. – That’s ours at that corner. Dang. Need to push, until it’s not built up. Okay, I’m going, cover me. Hit. I have to say, it’s an intense and protracted scenario.

First, the enemy drives friendlies out, then we drive the enemy out. Once more, ours have built up in the left wing, to try and drive the enemy out of the right one. The round is over. We won. Enemy won the opposite scenario.

Total of all scenarios – draw. That’s it for today. With you was Evgenevich. Don’t forget to put a sheer thumb up. See you soon.


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