Do it! Knife! General sponsor Planet of airsoft “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, you’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And today we look at the dynamic CQB gameplay from the Black Swan team The guys are interested in the direction of SpeedSoft And we thought it was time to create a column dedicated to this direction If you are interested in this topic We are waiting for your support in the form of comments and likes So The game scenario – bank robbery First round – Black Swan were played on the attack side The plan is Firstly it is needed to find the bomb Which would allow to open the safe Then, to walk in on the enemy It was decided to strike with the main forces on the left flank As soon as the enemy was thrown back On command, one player must brought a bomb to the bank And started timer Then – it was simple We defended a bank Waited the safe opening And got the money Let’s go! Attention! 3, 2, 1, start! No Need to search! Do not join the battle, look! The center! The center has passed! The bomb was found, it’s time to start fighting the enemy What to do? What to do? Nikita! Nikita! Fight to the left! Fight to the left! Resp The enemy is thrown back to the resp We can install a bomb The timer was started 2 minutes to go Nikita! There is the one of them! Right here, yes! Left side! One more here! The enemy understood that the bomb has been started And decided to fight left flank And most likely went to the rear From this Killed! So, it happens Serega, cocked? We have such a mess there Don’t you remember the central column So keep Come in The bank was opened, we could get the money One covered One got Our there! For which reason you killed him? Serega! There is the one of them! Yes, he left Sass is the key to success Final push! The last bundle of money left Well, a very lucky guy The win! The winner is Black Swan! Stop the game! Airsoft Store is one of the largest airsoft stores in Russia Which always has a large assortment of weapons Equipment and expendables from Russian and world manufacturers for any budget Sending an order to any city in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan And the main These are regular promotion actions All the actual info is on the airsoftstore.

ru Second round Scenario is the same But Black Swan team were played in defensive positions Their task was not to let the enemy in And not to allow them to take away money from the bank The team is on the position and ready to meet the enemy Attention! 3, 2, 1, start! The bomb have been found! Beat the dog before the lion I don’t know what happened with a glove, you can write your variants in the comments This guy, by the way, was carrying a bomb And didn’t carry Well came into position, minus 2 people of ours Insidious cupboard – the enemy was shot at in the legs Killed! Minus one of Swan! There I saw – missed! Yes Did you bring the bomb? It looks like the enemy started a bomb Caution! What about timing? What about timing? See that they shouldn’t pass Tarpaulin – 1, house gray Tarpaulin – minus Here is! Coil – 1 Coil – minus Break into a bank It was urgent to knock out the enemy from there and not give money The same guy again, and minus two of us again The master of entering the rear Knife! Knife! Knife! Knife! I don’t have! Empty! That’s all! We mustn’t give it to them! Otherwise we’ll lose Three ones! I don’t have cartridges! Almost lost Won on knives Stop the game! If you are interested in this format from Black Swan And you would want more such gameplays Pls will write about it in the comments As usual, I propose to put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel See you soon!


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