General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Hi everyone, I’m Evgenievich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And today we will look at the line of GBB pistols by ICS I am sure That most of you Have heard little about pistols by this brand So it’s gonna be interesting info At the moment Only one store imports these pistols It is Airsoft Store And as you know All the pistols have presented in this video Were sent to us by this store In this video we will study What are the features of GBB pistols by ICS And the main How well they work First, let’s see What technologies and solutions are used in ICS pistols in general And then look at each model separately In ICS magazines are used Their own filling and battle valve system Which is called REVO Valve System The filling valve works in such a way That in parallel with filling the magazine’s gas cartridge with green gas Air is forced out of this cartridge itself That is, at the end of filling Only useful working gas remains in the gas cartridge In simple words In comparison with magazines For example by WE and KJW ICS magazines hold up to 30% more liquid gas fraction So in theory, you can take more shots from a single filling A similar system in their gas magazines uses Tokyo Marui But due to a different thread Valves by TM magazines Cannot be screwed into magazines by WE or KJW And valves by ICS – it is possible And because ICS replacement valves are sold separately Including in the Airsoft Store You can always use them to tune your magazines by WE or KJW The design of the combat valve is also quite interesting The valve is collapsible And consists of a valve body A rod A rod fixing nut And a spring In the magazine that comes with the pistol The default is spring But if you buy the valve separately Then in the kit, in addition to the spring There is an o-ring Is made of a special elastomer Which can be used instead of a spring Thus, changing the spring or the o-ring You can adjust the work of your valve Depending on the ambient temperature At which you are going to play If the air temperature is 25 degrees Or lower The valve is assembled with the spring included in the kit The compression force of the spring Provides a longer valve opening time And, as a result A larger volume of gas That the valve delivers to the gas cylinder A larger volume of gas ensures reliable operation of the pistol automatics At low temperatures Of course, it is worthwhile to understand that At temperatures close to 0 green gas won’t work anyway The physics knows better If the air temperature is 25-35 degrees Which is often the case in the southern regions of Russia The valve is assembled With the elastomeric o-ring coming in the kit The use of o-ring instead of a spring Provides a quicker closing of the valve Therefore – less gas That the valve delivers to the gas cylinder Because the temperature is higher The gas pressure is also higher This means that the energy That is necessary for the operation of automatics Can provide a smaller portion of gas With o-ring, gas is consumed more economically And there are practically no excessive loads On the gas engine The valve assembly is very simple But a video with instructions is on the ICS YouTube channel The link I left in the description The next important feature of ICS GBB pistols is A very high-quality fit of the slide to the frame As you know On inexpensive GBB pistols The slide often has transverse and vertical backlashes This leads to the fact that In some random positions the slide hangs And in other random positions It rests too much against the guide frames All this, of course Doesn’t contribute to the reliable operation of automatics And the rattling slide doesn’t add a positive shooting experience In the case of ICS pistols The slide is very carefully adjusted to the frame There are no backlashes The slide holds more monolithically At the same time, it moves very easily And evenly along the entire trajectory There are no showstopper or sagging The slide glides perfectly See for yourself Now we will go directly to getting to know the model range Let’s start with a model called BLE-XFG BLE – it isn’t what you thought It is an abbreviation of the Blue Leopard Eye That is, the blue eye of a leopard XFG is the Xtreme Flexible Guardian Apparently the name implies That this is some kind of very versatile pistol But as for me The ICS names are awful This model was created especially for playing airsoft And hasn’t any combat prototype In addition the model has the imitation recoil Movable shutter The grip is made of nylon There is the texture For more reliable hold The shutter is made of aluminum alloy There are windows to reduce weight All parts fit together very well Shutter movement is smooth The ergonomics is like Smith&Wesson M&P Shutter delay reset button Magazine opening button Are duplicated on both left and right sides The volume of the grip can be adjusted under your hand Using Interchangeable pads The pad changes as follows Using an Allen key Weaken the screw And move the pad down Install the other pad And fix with the screw There are two safeties here Automatic is on the trigger And mechanical is inside the rails in front of the pistol Sights are with light-accumulating elements For more convenient aiming in low light This model has an adjustable hop-up With standard VSR type packing To adjust, you must remove the slide To install the tracer nozzle In the kit there is an adapter for the M14 thread on the left Magazine capacity is 17 BBs The next model is called – BLE-XPD I don’t know how this name is deciphered But it’s a compact pistol That has no firearm prototype But it clearly shows the influence of Glock 26 The frame is made of shockproof plastic The slide is metal The magazine reset button Is duplicated on both left and right sides In the back of the slide There is a pistol cocking indicator It is made in the form of a small pin That protrudes When the trigger spring is cocked And the pistol is ready to fire This pistol is just crazy about safety There are as many as 3 safeties Automatic is on the trigger Automatic is on the back of the grip And mechanical is at the bottom of the frame In front of the rail On the rear sight and front sight There are marks of light-accumulating material Magazine is for 17 BBs It has an enlarged beavertail On the one hand It is convenient when refeeding On the other hand It looks a bit strange on the subcompact Because increases the overall dimensions of the pistol If 17 BBs are not enough for you Then you can buy an enlarged magazine for 24 BBs Hop-up is adjustable VSR type packing To adjust you need to remove a slide In the kit there is also an adapter for M14 thread left The next pistol model is Beretta M9 version by ICS True, it is called BLE-BM9 May be apparently to avoid problems with the license Original markings, as you know, are not here either Only airsoft Frame and slide are as it should be metal Moreover, the metal is very durable ICS even has a crash test video In which they hammer nails with this pistol Don’t believe me, you can see for yourself The link is in the description I would not repeat this with my pistol The controls almost completely repeat the combat prototype With the exception of the decocker function Which isn’t here That is, the safety is just a safety And it doesn’t pull the trigger from the firing position Sights are standard Front sight and rear sight They are marked with light-accumulating material Hop-up is still adjustable To adjust you need to remove a slide The kit includes an adapter for M14 thread left For use with a tracer nozzle or silencers If the previous pistols haven’t the original markings Or didn’t have a combat prototype at all Then in the case of this model, the opposite is true GBB version of Korth PRS GBB version of Korth PRS by ICS Is a fully licensed replica of the Korth PRS firearm By the German company PTW KORTH Technologies This is essentially a commercial version of the Colt 1911 For civilian shooters and athletes Catches the eye The main difference from the classic 1911 This is a barrel shortened to 4 inch And a slide That has become more square and similar to Glock The version by ICS to the smallest detail repeats the combat prototype Markings Trigger Sights Mainspring All like the original As with the original The pads on the grip of Colt 1911 are suitable for this pistol Plastic ones are installed in the base But you can put any others The key for resetting the shutter delay The button for resetting the magazine And the mechanical safety Are made under the right hand On the back of the grip There is an automatic safety button Shutter key stroke is regulated using a screw with Allen key Sights – standard front sight And rear sigh Tags are made from light-accumulating material Which makes it comfortable to aim in low light Hop-up is adjustable To adjust you need to remove a slide Magazine is for 15 BBs In the kit there is an adapter for M14 thread left In summary, we can say that ICS in its line of GBB pistols First of all laid emphasis on efficiency At the same time, according to subjective sensations Automatics was the best in models of Beretta and Korth PRS The price range from 10 000 to 13 000 RUB Hints that ICS are competing with pistols by Umarex and Tokyo Marui From an efficiency point I will remain of the opinion That GBB pistols by Tokyo Marui work quite a bit better Because of the plastic slide But ICS is metal From the point of view of the lineup The pistols clearly stand out If you want something unusual for intense pistol playing There is something to look at Links to all the presented models I left in the description As usual I invite to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel Press the bell With you was Evgenievich See you soon!


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