Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And this is continuation of rubric In which we’ll view different airsoft rifles and kit In this video we’ll veiw M Pattern on M4 CQBR SOPMOD Block II The first this rubric video about AK from Syria you accepted 50/50 So that First half of viewers accepted it with the enthusiasm The other half of viewers accepted it negatively If you didn’t like this format Do not torture yourself or others And turn off this video right now Moreover, it will be advertising To others – pleasant viewing! General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics So As you probably know, I play airsoft more often using M series rifles And my approach to tuning can be described as Max convenience and efficiency But the friend whose AK we shot before also has M And his approach to tuning is somewhat different from mine And rather, it sounds like: military entourage, convenience and efficiency And this is also a very interesting position When assembling this rifle, the owner focused On the type of rifles used by USSF and MARSOC between 2012-14 In short the project can be described as CQBR SOPMOD block II with a pair of non-standard parts The project was based on the M4 CQBR rifle from G&P The most recognizable element of the carbine from SOPMOD II is handguard from Daniel Defense In this case, it is a short model Mk.

18 RAS II with a length of 9,5 inches By the way, it is worth mentioning that The name of the carbine Mk.18 mod 1 is an invention of airsoft manufacturers In reality, there is a Mk.18 mod 0 carbine With a kit SOPMOD block I And what airsoft players call mod 1 Is actually M4 CQBR SOPMOD block II As you can see, only the receiver, the external barrel and the buttstock tube remained from the basic rifle Handguard Daniel Defense was installed from Madbull Ahead of the question Why didn’t you immediately buy a ready-made carbine from G&P with such a handguard? The answer is simple The quality of the handguard from Madbull is noticeably higher than that of G&P Buttstock type LMT Cranestock (sand color) was installed As an additional element of the entourage A sticker with a brief Anglo-Afghan phrasebook was glued to the buttstock Which is sometimes practiced by ISAF contingent fighters in Afghanistan CQD swivels from FMA were installed on the handguard and at the base of the buttstock tube Perhaps the most common type of swivel Magazines are used mechanical – Magpul PMAG Sights are standard folding – replicas of Knights Armament Front sight and 600 meter diopter A 300 meter would be more common and correct But six hundred is also found Pistol grip was left basic – A2 The owner of the rifle didn’t change it to any Hogue or ERGO Grip Simply because he was used to it Well, on combat carbines, it is more common than fashionable ergonomic ones Several rubber rings are put on the end of the grip So that the hand doesn’t slip down With such a carbine as a base for further assembly In principle, you can move towards any unit from the US SOCOM for the period 2010-2014 Everyone had M4 CQBR Handguards like Daniel Defense, too Crane Stock buttstocks were common In the meantime, you decide which way to move on the kit I’ll probably go to play airsoft Hello! Hello, is this airsoft? Yeah.

.. The BBs are swollen… Off-season No one confesses It looks like there will be no airsoft today Well then, a couple of rounds in Caliber Caliber is a free tactical game about special forces from the 3rd person Based on team actions and the unique abilities of fighters The game realistically reproduces The appearance of equipment, weapons and special equipment units from around the world Each team has 4 operatives with their unique skills and roles Sniper, assaulter, support fighter and doctor You can play with friends in 4×4 PVP mode Or in PVE mode against artificial intelligence In any mode, tactics and teamwork are the first to decide The game right now in the public domain is completely free Follow the link in the description Download the game Go through training and get 1800 credits already at the first level Well, you students don’t take care of yourself Em.

..what I was talking about?… With the basis of M figured out Let’s move on to additional equipment The variety of sights for a specified period of time isn’t very wide Typically, this is EOTech EXPS or Elcan Specter DR EOTech 553 was found less commonly Friend decided to choose the first option, in the form of a replica of the sight from Marcool Including for practical reasons Because the collimator is more suitable for CQB and urban-type testing facilities with short distances A mandatory assembly element is a replica of the tactical unit LA-5/PEQ In this case this is the model AN/PEQ-15 Which is much less common than LA/PEQ Meticulous reenactors will certainly criticize such a choice But in our case, the PEQ-15 will also work The unit can work in the mode of a flashlight, a visible laser and an IR-laser The latter is useful when working with a NVD (night vision device) Because the flashlight in AN/PEQ is weak An additional flashlight like Surefire Scout M600 was installed And this is not only in airsoft The military also put an additional flashlight M600 in combat use is not the most common flashlight, but it still occurs For ease of use, the flashlight was mounted on a remote bracket So that you can press the power button with your thumb Without changing the grip on the handguard Because all the electronics on the rifle are powered by CR123A batteries A Tango Down QD front grip was installed With a compartment for two of these batteries In addition, it is very comfortable to hold And, together with polymer overlays on the handguard, helps to form a comfortable stable grip Acetech nozzle is used to highlight tracer BBs Made in the form of a KAC QD silencer with an AT2000 module inserted inside A silencer is installed on the included KAC NT4 arrester The rifle was painted in a makeshift way From spray at bench scale All in the image and likeness of the real military After painting, the rifle was additionally wiped and aged For a more entourage look The total cost of assembly is approximately 60 000 RUB And as far as I know, this is quite the average price tag for similar carbines On the subject of US SOCOM for the modern days In my opinion, the assembly turned out to be convenient, functional and entourage Although without claims for a meticulous reconstruction If you like this theme And you thought which way to go when tuning your M4 Here’s a completely working option that doesn’t look like a toy As usual I propose to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up If you like this video – necessarily subscribe to the channel And press the bell not to miss new releases See you soon!


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