General sponsor Planet of airsoft “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And today I will talk about AK No, I don’t plan to use AK series But comrade, who play using AK for a long time Has one interesting instance to tell about This machine gun was assembled on the AK74M base from LCT The interesting is that In this form it was assembled based on the Russian AK special forces soldier from Syria By the way BTT from tactical game just started where you can play for the soldier from the real special forces For example Vympel 2004, Alpha 2016, and even SFD 2014 We are talking about the tactical team game about special forces from the third part “Caliber” In this game every soldier has his own role in team And unique possibilities which he can use on the battle field Caliber is not for loners And requires teamwork The right choice of position, a competent assessment of the situation and coherence of actions This is what this game requires of you You can play against the computer in PvE mode As well as against a live enemy in PVP mode Caliber is currently in close beta testing But you can get into the game right now Using the links in the description, you can purchase early access kits And be one of the first to get into the game In addition to the early access kit, you can purchase kits with unique soldiers Or buy immediately the whole pack of soldiers After the release, they will not be able to purchase In addition to valuable game assets You will receive 3 additional access keys for your friends Follow the links in the description and join the game Let’s turn to the machine gun In my opinion, the assembly in the photo turned out to be minimalistic And at the same time very functional and easy to use The full-fledged magazine for 30 rounds was replaced by a 45 round from RPK-74M In order for the first contact with the enemy Have more ammunition for the suppression of fire Winning extra seconds of time for yourself and your comrades Which are not extra In the airsoft version, the combat magazine from the RPK was taken as the basis The inner parts from CYMA of 150 BBs were installed inside which The employee in the photo replaced the regular handguard with a tactical one LHV-47 from American company TDI In the airsoft variant it is replica of handguard from LCT Because American store doesn’t send in Russia the original handguard Of course, it can be found at domestic resellers But it will cost like a wing from an airplane The employee in the photo is using the tactical handle MVRI.

04.15.000 Initially, a comrade put just such a handle But in practice it turned out that for AK, a vertical handle isn’t the most convenient solution And because of that the handle Magpul AFG-2 was mounted instead of first one Which can also be found on the AK of Russian special forces Including in Syria One more interesting detail A regular backsight was replaced for RPK-74M one With the ability to adjust horizontally According to the comrade Horizontal adjustment is a necessary measure of airsoft realities For night games, illumination of tracer BBs in the hop-up camera was made The hop-up camera from Combat Union This is probably the best hop-up camera on the market The illumination is realized using three ultraviolet LEDs The power comes from the main chain of the rifle through the driver Which turns on the illumination only when shooting The brightness of the illumination of the tracer BBs with a hop-up camera In comparison with the nozzle from AceTech You can evaluate yourself The practice of playing with AK in this form has shown that For a full game it requires some more external tuning For example, for a game at night, it won’t be superfluous to be able to aim in the dark When the regular mechanical sights no longer visible Initially, the idea was to put the front sight and backsight with tritium illumination But the cost comes from 8 000 RUB And in the case of custom based on the backsight from the RPK – even more expensive So, our choice is collimator It is more convenient and cheaper In the photo of soldiers from Syria, sights like EOTech are often found So, we install the same Given the price tag of the original, the choice of replica is obvious For installation of the sight, the B13 bar from Zenith was used It is installed on the AK as low as possible And long enough To choose the best sight removal from your eyes Well, often found in the photo Russian special forces For CQB and urban testing facilities the lantern is often needed Therefore, on the handguard on the left side was installed a replica of the lantern “Klesch” from Zenit It is compact, and quite powerful one The remote button was placed on the gas lining with Velcro We decided to leave the standard pistol grip and folding plastic buttstock as is The fact is that on most AK assemblies that can be found in soldier from Syria There is a standard pistol grip Ergonomic and fashionable, of course, are also found, but less often Regarding the replacement of the standard buttstock with the telescopic, the owner of this AK thought hard And even took the AK-74M with an adjustable buttstock for tests But it turned out that the telescopic buttstock with a comfortable length adjustment Coincides in length with the standard And the point of putting the telescopic buttstock was in doubt Especially with a soldier from a photograph with AK-74M With standard plastic buttstock The painting of the rifle, as you can see, was also done like on photograph Personally, I like this home-made paintwork I think it looks logical and natural Because the owner of the rifle is left-handed A swivel was attached to the handguard for attaching a CQD type belt Simple and convinient If you thought about external tuning AK, but didn’t know which way to move Here is a completely entourage option Which provides the necessary functionality for airsoft realities And it’s not so expensive I hope the issue turned out to be useful and interesting for you We tried our best As usual I propose to discuss news in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel See you soon!


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