General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Hi everyone, I’m Evgenievich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And we continue to get acquainted with the new products by ICS This time it will be an AEG rifle CXP-MARS DMR Let me remind you that Since last year, the Airsoft Store began to contribute ICS products to Russia And you can find this rifle in their catalog CXP-MARS DMR doesn’t have any specific firearm prototype But rather a stylization for civilian assemblies for high-precision firing As you’ve managed to notice The body kit easily recognizes the products of well-known companies But in order to avoid problems with licenses The body kit isn’t an exact copy But is made based on motives The receiver is like in AR-15 Made of aluminum alloy On CNC machine Stylized for near-sport versions of the AR-15 It has additional rigidity ribs And there is no rammer Compared to a standard M4A1 receiver The Picatinny rail is slightly higher than the buttstock Approximately like in HK416 Due to this, the sights are slightly higher Which gives a little more comfort when aiming Especially when using masks The controls are standard for the AR series The magazine reset and fire mode switch Are duplicated on the left and right sides The fire switch’s move is clear and symmetrical on both sides Trigger is straight Sport type A double-sided swivel is installed at the base of the buttstock For the belt mounting The handguard is stylized as SLR Rifleworks SOLO But doesn’t copy any particular model At the base of the handguard, the bar continues the rail on the upper This is necessary To put the collimator with the extension forward Or to install an optical sight such as short-dot Which usually have a long eye relief And are mounted far enough from the eye Overlapping the handguard mount The kit includes mechanical sights Folding front sight and diopter Which are suspiciously very similar to Magpul MBUS Pro There is no practical value in them They can be left as a souvenir Or exchanged for a bottle of cola So that they would be at least somehow useful Because the user of such a rifle with a probability of 146% will use optics Muzzle brake is slotted type Similar to the custom sports muzzle brake I didn’t find a real prototype If you know what it looks like Write in the comments Ergonomically shaped pistol grip Is made of impact-resistant plastic With finger recess Anti-slip notch and thumb shelf This is necessary to form a uniform grip of the weapon In the world of high-precision firearms, this is important In the case of a rifle – decide for yourself But at least it’s just a convenient grip Buttstock is made of impact-resistant plastic Visually very similar to PRS gen.

3 by the company MAGPUL In the world of firearms This is one of the most popular sniper buttstocks for the AR-system By the way, in the Airsoft Store store you can buy it separately I left the link in the description The buttstock itself is of a fixed length But has a cheekpiece adjustable in height And an adjustable in length butt plate Adjustment takes place using specially trained twists In a box with a rifle lay a bunker mag with a capacity of 300 BBs As you may have guessed This is not an exact replica of the MAGPUL PMAG The battery is inside the buttstock tube To get it It needs to switch to the side the fixator And remove the butt plate Connecter mini Tamiya Of course, there is no battery in the kit By the way, the wiring here is made in a separate channel And not inside the tube itself So there is more space for the battery All rifles in the ICS CXP-MARS line have an imitation shutter In this rifle, it is also there When firing The shutter moves In the video about Hera Arms CQR, I already said That in the middle of the 2000 ICS developed their own split-gearbox architecture Which had several advantages over usual gearboxes ver.

2 Firstly, the muzzle of the upper part of the gearbox with a CPG is much stronger Than usual gearboxes ver. 2 And can function with more powerful springs Accordingly, with a 120 guarder it will work almost forever Secondly – the gearbox is very easy to maintain and assemble For example, it is very simple to do shimming here And after assembling the bottom with the motor You can forget about it for several years Periodically lubricating, without disassembling To clean and maintain the CPG You don’t need to disassemble the entire gearbox as a whole Disconnecting the wiring Just remove the unit with CPG from the upper And work And thirdly, you can assemble once the lower part with good gears Assemble a pair of upper parts with different tuning And if necessary, quickly and easily change the upper when you need it In addition to all this This architecture allows you to break your rifle Like a firearm AR-15 By pulling out the rear pin You immediately get access to the upper and lower units of the gearbox The upper part is removed from the upper without a tool Like a shuter group of a firearm rifle Blowback mechanism is mounted on it Working from a hook on the piston In the back there is access to a quick-detachable guide Thus, replacing the spring in the rifle takes exactly three actions Pulled out a pin Broke a rifle Removed the guide And replaced the spring The inner parts of the CPG are standard AEG type Tappet is standard, type 2 Nozzle is plastic, without o-ring The piston is plastic The last 8 teeth on the comb are steel At the top of the piston There is a small breechblock lug For working with the blowback mechanism Piston head is plastic Ventilated The cylinder head is plastic, with one o-ring The cylinder is brass With a hole for adjustment to the volume of the barrel Irregular winding spring With a rigidity similar to a guarder 100 Steel guide with bearing Standard steel gears, 18: 1 There is no electronic trigger Instead of it there is a standard contact group The wiring is quite thin Rigid A MOSFET is built into it Closer to the connector for connecting the battery there is a fuse The motor is standard long With weak magnets Between themselves The halves of the gearbox are joined very tightly Without backlashes Hop-up is rotary Aluminum, similar to the standard M-series But in form it still differs from standard hop-ups And to put here a hop-up For example, by ProWin Won’t work Because the dimensions of the unit with the rocker are differ And the seats in the barrel But, as I said The basic hop-up here is very good And I don’t see any special reasons to change it in the AEG assembly The barrel and the packing here are standard AEG type The barrel hole is wide enough As a result, we can say that CXP-MARS DMR can be considered as a basis for creating an AEG Marksman Or maybe even a Marksman HPA With very interesting functionality The split gearbox is fully tunable External parts and assembly of high quality The basic hop-up differs from the standard by the seat But it is of good quality And is compatible with standard barrels and packings So the hop-up unit can be tuned As for the installation of the HPA systems here I don’t see any reasons Why they won’t work here Although may be there are some pitfalls during installation About which I don’t know The link to this rifle I left in the description to this video As usual I invite to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Don’t forget to press the bell Not to miss new issues See you soon!


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