Sponsored advertisement Sponsored by AirSoft-RUS Hello Everyone, this is Marty. I decided to spent this hot summer day out in a airsoft game to film a video and also test me new gear out! This is chest rig from Tactic.

pro, bur I will not publish any review of it for at least two months because guys are now packed with orders, so that makes no sense. But anyways go and subscribe my Instagram, sometimes I post a short opinion on some new items there.

– Shoot the building! The enemy is defending, and we are attacking. We have to capture 4 flags and then fire a siren. – People, let’s go and flank! While the majority of our forces storm the front, small group of people together with myself are trying to flank enemy positions.

– Check and take the rooms! – We’re flanking from the security house, flanking from the security house, do not shoot! – In the bushes! – Careful, watch the building. – Tell them to start pushing up! – People, suppress the bushes along the fence! – Got him? – Okay, got him.

Minus one! – Push up along the fence, guys! Approach there and we will cover from here! – Got another one! – Minus one more! There’s dense foliage throughout the facility, so it’s good to hide in for defending side.

Not so good for attacking. – Okay, we’re here. Let’s move in! – In position! While we’re distracting the enemy from the rear, the main forces are storming front. – Let’s cover them! – Have you seen it? One of ours moved in! Watch your fire.

– We got it! The first flag is captured. – Go! – Cover me! – Get inside! – Get in, I will cover! – The far window is… – GET IN! – Cover me! – Here! – Don’t peek! Don’t shoot this way, guys! – There’s a sniper somewhere around here! – Go! – Reloading! – Friendly! – Get inside! – Oh, f##k! I’m down! I got lucky.

But not for long. – Friendly! – Ouch, F##K! That’s how it happens. You’re stalking to get to the enemy… and get killed by friendly fire. – Fire! – All windows! – Covering the entrance! – Ours are getting inside! – Pushing up! – Get inside! That’s what happened to my camera.

And I noticed that only after the game. Protective glass got shattered, but luckily lens itself is intact. By the way I’m really impressed with new camera from RunCam, if you need the same action camera – check the link in the description.

– From the right! – I see him! He’s in the room to the right! – He’s in the far right room! – Far right room! Another point is ours, only the last one left. – Guys, let’s push up to that garage wall. *Radio: “- 4 minutes to the end.

4 minutes!” – Friendly! – Left room is friendly. – Push up to his back. I’m covering the outside. – People, get into the building on the right, we’re covering the corner! – Pressed it? – The end! While we were pushing the rear side, one of ours stalked the front entrance and pressed the button.

So we captured all the points in the last moment. Please support this video with your like, subscribe to my channel and check all the links below. Good luck on your game!


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