General sponsor “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics, “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Planet of airsoft” Hey everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And this is a long awaited release for many In fact this is our third attempt to revive a series of videos about a machine gunner in airsoft I’ve said “machine gunner in airsoft” and nothing happened In this video, I will tell you about The thorny path of creating a bullpup airsoft version of PKP As you know, we have a complete misfortune with the machine gunners in the Red Army team And we can say that in fact we have no machine gunner at the games A person starts to play Faces the problems of tuning, operating a machine gun Karmic arcs and curses And says the hell with it This season, the teammate with the call sign Ziz decided to take on this role Back in 2013, he bought PKM from A&K Just because he had huge discounts He tryed to take this machine gun with him on games But it didn’t look like game, but like fight with his own shadow The ergonomics of airsoft PKM is so opposed to a normal game That there can be no question of any efficiency If weight could still be put up Weight distribution almost completely eliminates the normal, long game with hands The only thing that confuses me a lot is That you really can’t work with your hands It’s really not comfortable here No matter how strong and healthy Ziz is Anyway, after 20 minutes of active shooting The hands were so tired that it became difficult to cover up normally And we even forget about the problem with basic box To which Ziz personally attached a system of twisting of the buttons Setting these buttons on the sides of the box At the end of 2017, Ziz, watching the video with Sergey Badyuk Ziz caught fire to make the bullpup version of PKP from his PKM Visually it seemed that it would be much easier to work with hands And generally ergonomics is more suitable for airsoft needs In 2018, the dream turned out to be quite realizable Due to the kit for alteration of PKP in PKP Bullpup from Lab52 And due to the kit for alteration of PKM in PKP from Raptor Airsoft First these kits were brought to Russia by guys from BFGuns The Ziz’s kit is just from BFGuns A little bit later Bullpup PKP was appeared And there was a choice – to by a new item or to try to assemble by yourself Ziz decided to assemble from the parts because he’ve already had the base The path was thorny The first was bought the bullpup kit from Lab52 (16 500 RUB) They installed it by themselves Ziz have sent his machine gun to Lab52 They’ve installed this kit And have sent back disassembled machine gun (with installed kit) by SDEK During transportation Heyday The ball-receiver protruding from a rifle was broken They had to change everything He could try to installing the kit from Raptor himself But knowledgeable people promptly suggested that There may be nuances with the correct fit and adjustment of the coaxiality And it is better to entrust this task to people Who have a fleet of equipment and relevant experience Anyway, it was planned to install the camera hop-up and the inside of the box from the BullGear Custom It was decided to entrust them with the final installation As a result, BullGear correctly installed the kit from Raptor Installed their camera hop-up Adjasted the coaxiality Replaced the inside of the box Checked the gearbox details and replaced details for 150 tuning As a result there is this machine gun Let’s see all the changes detailed Kit from Lab52 was installed Which includes: heel of the buttstock, handguard replica B50 Safety frame for box and steel frame below It is that there is placed the handle with the trigger and the box to fix PKP Kit from Raptor Airsoft from the shop BFGuns was installed In our case, only the barrel was useful to us from the kit As in the layout bullpup, the regular buttstock isn’t used Hop-up for PKM from Bullgear Customs was installed A feature of this hop-up is the barrel rigidly fixed to the hop-up camera Ability to use standard pressure and rubber hop-up Stepless adjustment and the main thing Well fitted parts BullGear Customs recommend to use rubbers from Prometheus So blue Prometheus was installed The inside of the standard box was replaced with the inside from BullGear Customs Those who used base boxes from PKM know what they are problematic Starting with the implementation of the filing system Ending with the control of the system of timely spin Inside part of BullGear has more well thought configuration The compartment under the battery is separate from the BBs and became noticeably larger The battery on the 5000 mAh placed without any problems The capacity for the BBs also became much larger Now 7 500 BBs fit in the box Due to this, adding BBs to a box becomes a very rare activity For adding BBs it isn’t necessary to open the box Simply open the side cover Instead the basic motor reinforced motor with gear was installed in the box Such a motor heats up less and turns the feeder much more The feed mechanism itself has become simpler and more reliable Loaded parts of the mechanism are made of aluminum BBs are fed through a hard plastic channel There is an adjustment of the speed of the BBs On the go, you can adjust the speed of the BBs The BBs are automatically fed when you press the trigger No gaps In any case, there is also a button forced feeding BBs But we turned it off To hook into the chain of the electronic control unit ARM-V In any case, there is no sense of forced feeding The box perfectly feeds BBs when you press the trigger Electronics from ARM-V in allows you to configure the entourage rate of fire And also increase the speed of response to trigger Due to the functionality that allows you to control the position of the gear Each time you press the trigger, a full cycle of the shot occurs And the gears stand in the same position As a bonus, the lifetime of internal parts is extended Which is important for the machine gun A separate video about this electronics and all its capabilities will soon appear on our channel Walls of gearbox left standard But the inside was refined to 150 m/s On the big games, the machine gun is important to flash bushes So 150 m/s is quite justified In any case, you can always quickly replace the spring with a weaker one And use 120 m/s Inside the gearbox mounted traction motor SHS with a short rod Spring Garder SP130 Piston SHS full-tooth (14 teeth) Cylinder head – BNC Piston head – BullGear Custom Gear set SHS 18 to 1 Also installed new wiring connecting box And electronic key from ARM-V The total cost of the project was slightly less than 60 000 RUB As a result, we got a completely different machine gun in terms of ease of use PKP Bullpup began to weigh not much less But it did get weight distribution at which the barrel doesn’t tend to peck forward And is noticeably shorter Thanks to this arrangement The machine gun can be fully used for aimed shooting from the hands while standing Significantly reduced the load on the hands And this means that the machine gunner will be able to keep the sector longer Without lowering the barrel More compact size made PKP is quite convenient for CQB Of course, the duel with the machines won’t work because of the out-shot box But tight passages and corners are no longer a problem Well-working box removed the most important headache of machine gunners This is BBs feed Good hop-up allows you to normally spin the BBs It means that Using 0,3 BBs you can confidently hit targets At distances up to 75 meters If you buy heavier BBs Can be more Links to all components of the project I left in the description If you are interested in this theme Be sure to write about it in the comments Who knows, maybe the third time we will develop a machine gunner project in airsoft I can definitely say that there will be a gameplay with this machine gun And there will be a video about the equipment for the machine gunner And I have it all, with you was Evgenivich Don’t forget about thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Click on the bell to not miss new videos See you soon


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