General sponsor Planet of airsoft “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And today we’ll look at the collimators and magnifier from the UTG American company And also discuss for which reason we may look at them UTG is a brand of the American company Leapers Which is engaged in the development and production of equipment, accessories and tuning For sports and hunting weapons So they don’t make replicas of more eminent brands But create their own, with an emphasis on quality and functionality at a reasonable cost To get acquainted with the UTG products QUARTA-HUNT shop provided us 4 collimator sights and 1 magnifier To begin, let’s deal with the general characteristics of all products And then we look at each model separately The first thing that catches your eye is the multilayer lens illumination of all sights The dimming effect inherent in Chinese replicas of collimators is not at all I can say that I haven’t seen lighter sights in this price segment The body is made of aviation aluminium Due to this fact the sights are very light and durable According to the manufacturer the design of mount and optical system Withstands recoil momentum of 5000 J So that you can install it on the 12-bore smoothbore weapon And don’t afraid that after several shots the fire ranging got busted Accordingly, the sight won’t even notice the recoil of any airsoft GBB rifles and carbines By the way Not all Chinese replicas hold GBB recoil Aiming mark in collimators – point The colour – red or green Brightness adjustment of the aiming mark is smooth without clear positions At maximum brightness, the aiming mark is clearly visible on a bright sunny day And in good light At minimum, it doesn’t illuminate the visual field and doesn’t interfere with aiming in absolute darkness According to the instructions These sights are not compatible with night vision devices We will pretend not to read the instructions And check in practice According to the results of the check, it turned out that Although the sights don’t have a special regime for night vision The aiming mark is clearly visible in the device At minimum brightness, it looks compact and doesn’t illuminate the visual field Aiming mark size – 4 arc minutes What is arc minute and how is it applicable to small arms Pls read in Wikipedia In this case, the aiming point at a distance of 100 meters Closes a circle with a diameter of 12 cm This means that small-sized targets can be targeted without problems For example cubit, or toe boot sticking out of blockhouse And if your weapon shoots accurately And hit the target In case with cheap Chinese collimators Aiming point is often unknown size And completely closes the small target when aiming The difference in the quality of good weapons accessories and Chinese replicas Is visible to the naked eye Or armed Then how to look Adjusting devices are standard on all products Two micrometer screws for vertical and horizontal adjustment Screws rotate with clear clicks That allows you to track or remember how many values they are scrolled One click step – 1/2 arc minutes That is at the 100 m distance A turn of the adjustment screw by 1 click Shifts the aiming bar on the target by about 1,5 cm 10 clicks – by about 15 cm And so on Dependency is linear Calculating the offset of the aiming mark at a certain distance is easy This makes the gun sighting process more predictable and convenient Which means taking less time From the foregoing, we can conclude that The sights from Leapers UTG are made quality and reliably And for use on airsoft guns, their characteristics are even redundant With a large margin Now let’s look at each model separately Collimator DS3039W is made in the closed body Where the all electronics and optical system are hermetically sealed From dust, dirt and water Has a quick-detachable mount on a standard Picatinny rail Height adjustable Mounting height can be adjusted by spacer Which is installed between mount and sights body With the spacer installed, the sight height is optimal for use with the M series carbine and the like Sight regulator on the left side It allows you to choose the color of the aiming mark and its brightness Power comes from a single battery CR1620 Working time about 800 hours Correction screws are on the top and right Closed with protective caps on the thread Collimator DS3026W is also made in the closed body But it has more compact dimensions compared to the previous sight In dimensions, it is similar to the sight Aimpoint T-1 Has a quick-detachable mount on a standard rail The standard mount is lower and more suitable for use with AK and the like The mounting height can also be adjusted with a special spacer But unfortunately it is not included The controls are identical to the previous model of the sight But the regulator is on top, not side Power comes from a single battery CR1620 Working time about 800 hours Collimator DS3028W is also made in the closed body And has an average size More than the previous model But more compact compared to DS3039W Two correction screws are on the top and right Closed with protective caps on the thread The sight is turned on by the regulator on the left side of the body The colours of aiming mark are red and green Brightness adjustment is smooth Has a quick-detachable mount on a standard RIS-bar Power comes from a single battery CR1620 Working time isn’t less than 300 hours Collimator RDM39SDQ is made in the open body That is, the lens and electronics are not protected against dirt and water By fully sealed body In the one side it is the minus On the other hand, such a sight has a larger visual field and a thin body frame Which is almost invisible when aiming The body is made of aluminium And has an additional protective frame that can be removed Without protection, the collimator looks visually more compact The protective frame is made of aluminium and weighs almost nothing Subjectively, you can say that looking at it is a little more comfortable than in previous models In the back of the sight there are two buttons With which you can choose the color of the aiming mark and the brightness Under the buttons is a battery compartment Which is closed by a stopper on the thread Power comes from two batteries AG5 The sight has a battery saver function After an hour of inactivity, the sight turns off To turn it back on You need to press the button with the desired color of the aiming mark Adjustment screws are located in the upper part of the sight in front of the lens And left under the protective cover To rotate them, you need a hexagon Which by the way is included The sight has a mount on a standard Picatinny rail The mount is not quick-detachable Fixed with a screw on the left side of the sight In height, the optical axis of the sight coincides with the optical axis Of standard mechanical sights on the M series carbines That is, if suddenly your batteries run out and there are no spare You can calmly shoot using standard mechanic sights The visual field of the collimator doesn’t overlap it And finally, a three-fold folding magnifier from UTG The main advantage of this magnifier in front of airsoft replicas This is a very high quality folding mount And very light optics It’s no secret that the main problem with airsoft magnifiers is that On the mount, the tube itself most often works loose in any direction Or fixed with a bias This leads to the fact that The aiming mark of the collimator is not in the center of the visual field And in its random parts Top, side, or each time in a new part Accordingly, aiming at such an aiming system becomes difficult and not comfortable Adjusting the position of the optical axis of the magnifier doesn’t really help As the mount loosens over time And every time you need to adjust it again Nozzle from UTG completely devoid of this shortcoming In both positions, the magnifer is fixed very rigidly Spring, which is responsible for fixing, is tight Pressed with a visible effort A well-made tube seat ensures its same position every time you lift it The optical part makes me clean and unadulterated delight The visual field is very, VERY, bright Without any distortion or dimming 3x magnification Perhaps this is the best optics in this price segment I’ve ever seen The height of the optical axis is 42 mm That is, the tube is coaxial with most collimators on a standard high mount Top and side there are screws for fine-tuning the magnifier To bring the aiming mark precisely in the center of the visual field The setting can be fixed with a screw at the bottom So that it doesn’t get lost from blows and strong recoil Another nice point is the price Just follow the links in the description and see for yourself In short, then The most budget collimators and magnifier from UTG cost Approximately comparable to airsoft replicas of sights But at the same time they surpass them in all respects In addition, these sights can be safely used on civilian, opposed and hunting weapons And be sure that they won’t fail Instead of sorting through Chinese collimators Trying to find one that lasts longer than the rest As usual I propose to discuss this video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Press the bell not to miss new releases See you soon!


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