Distance – 68 m BBs weigth – 0,32 gr General sponsor Planet of airsoft “StrikeArt” – the game pyrotechnics “Babahi” – the airsoft pyrotechnics Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel And today we will look at very interesting new product The PM-2 airsoft CO2 pistol with a silencer from ICS The first thing I want to say This product is definitely not for collectors, reenactors and other lovers of similarity and entourage In this case, I would even say that it’s stupid to compare the PM-2 from ICS with a real prototype If only because it is made of 2 halves The slide doesn’t move here, there is no simulation of recoil And non-atmospheric airsoft inscriptions immediately scream What is interesting about this pistol, you ask And what’s interesting here is that It claims to be the competitor for Mk23 Socom from Tokyo Marui Moreover, a pro-Russian competitor Which only whets appetite to this product in Russia If you suddenly for some reason don’t on board Mk23 from Tokyo Marui is a beloved secondary of airsoft saboteurs and snipers This pistol shoots accurately and far, and silencers work with it So it is very quiet The main minus of Mk23 Socom is its size It is huge and not the most convenient to carry PM-2 from ICS is noticeably more compact It also doesn’t have a slide stroke It has a higher exhaust and can work at lower temperatures, because it works from CO2 According to the manufacturer, the PM-2 is quiet due to the silencer And shoots far due to a good hop-up We’ll definitely check this out But first we’ll take a closer look at the exterior and design of the pistol As I said, the pistol is made of 2 halves of aluminum alloy With a removable plastic grip on the handle Under the grip is a place to place a CO2 cartridge To install it, it is necessary to unscrew the screw at the rear of the handle Remove the plastic grip Loosen the screw in the heel of the handle Install the cartridge and press it with the screw At the moment of pressing, the cartridge is punctured If for some reason you need to remove the cartridge in which gas is left Don’t start immediately to unscrew the screw This action may damage the gaskets It will be right – to remove the magazine Pull the hook and pull the hook without releasing the trigger This is a regular mechanism for bleeding the cartridge And by the way it is described in the instruction that is in the kit One 12 gram CO2 cartridge, at a street temperature of 12 degrees Was enough for more than 200 shots Because the CO2 cartridge is located directly in the handle Thin single-row magazines are used here The magazine has a capacity of only 13 BBs So there is no way to do without additional magazines The magazine unlock button is located on the magazine itself Filling the magazine is convenient To fill the magazine, you need to lower the slider all the way down Make sure that it stands on the latch And then you can fill the magazines through a special hole The latch is removed automatically when the magazine adjoins the pistol Magazines can be transported as in usual closed-type pistol pouches 2 pieces fit into them Or in the MOLLE cells Magazines in them fit perfectly and are even fixed with a hook Pistol controls – regular Safety Hook Trigger I want to immediately warn you against strong pressing the hook when the pistol is on the safety If you try hard, you can break the lock on the trigger And then the safety will stop working This becomes apparent after disassembling the pistol Let’s take a look at the pistol and see what’s inside It looks like a complete disassembly of the pistol Nothing complicated When you press the hook, the BBs are refilled And the trigger is cocked and pulled The barrel and the hop-up rubber look similar to the VSR type from Tokyo Marui But unfortunately they are different The barrel narrows at the bottom Respectively, the inner diameter of the rubber also narrower And this means that it won’t be possible to use standard VSR type barrels and rubbers And it remains to be hoped that ICS will create their own rubbers on the market for better BBs spin Or maybe the guys from Maple Leaf will pay attention to this product The rubber, that was in the kit, has the most usual pimple Pressing the pimple and adjusting the hop-up occurs with the screw To prevent the screw from breaking the rubber A tiny o’ring is installed between the screw and the rubber In order to prevent the screw from unscrewing from vibrations A thread lock is applied to the thread In our opinion, the basic press isn’t the best And you need to come up with something so that the hop-up is more stable in operation Included with the pistol was an imitation of an external barrel with a 14- thread And a small silencer Basic imitation of a barrel is made of plastic Imitation of a barrel with thread is made of aluminum alloy To change the imitation of the external barrel, you don’t need to disassemble the pistol Just unscrew the fixing screw The design of the silencer is interesting Inside, instead of the usual foam, plastic cone-shaped inserts are installed Which in theory should more effectively drown out the sound of a shot In the silencer, the inserts are arranged as follows That is, the cone expands towards the pistol Silencer plugs have threads 14+ and 14- In addition to a short silencer with 4 inserts There is an elongated version of the silencer with 8 inserts It should silence the sound better With the help of a sound level meter app and our own hearing Let’s try to understand how well the silencers cope with their role For clarity, we decided to compare the PM-2 with the Mk23 Socom and the usual GBB pistol Just in case, I will say that The Mk23 Socom is the most basic (out of the box) All that was done to it just painted ICS PM-2 With short silencer ICS PM-2 With long silencer With silencer If we believe the readings of the devices The PM-2 with a long silencer turned out to be even quieter than the Mk23 Socom But if you believe not in devices, but in live hearing that Mk23 Socom still seems a little quieter than the PM-2 with a long silencer It is expected that the PM-2 with a short silencer is slightly louder than the PM-2 with a long silencer GBB HK45 is noticeably louder than anything else When the shot happens near the microphone Everything seems quite loud And in fact it’s difficult to understand the difference Let’s see what happens from a distance of 5 meters With silencer ICS PM-2 With long silencer In such conditions, the quietest by ear, the Mk23 Socom also seemed to be the same Shots of PM-2 with a long silencer isn’t significant, but louder Just for kicks, we decided to compare how the PM-2 and Mk23 Socom shoots without a silencer If you compare the diagrammas The shot from the PM-2 was quieter and this doesn’t contradict hearing Mk23 can be heard much better The sound is more sonorous Also Socom is better at hearing the operation of the detent mechanism That is, in itself, the PM-2 from ICS without a silencer is quieter than the Mk23 Socom without a silencer And this means that Firstly, a silencer with ICS inserts silences the sound worse than a Socom silencer with foam inserts And secondly For lovers of quiet shooting there is a lot of space for experimenting with sound For chrono we used a new tracer nozzle with built-in chroon from AceTech Because the pistol has a thread 14- It is installed without any adapters If anyone is interested, there are such tracers in the BABAHI.

RU shop Since we got to the tracers Let’s see how the BBs fly at a short distance into a small target Of course, we couldn’t help checking the shooting characteristics of the PM-2 in street conditions The basic hop-up with a press cope with the spin of heavy BBs weighing 0,32 grams Which is very good If you wish, you can even arrange an overtwist Which means that you can use even heavier BBs True, the repeatability of the spin isn’t the best Our opinion is that it is all about press And fixing the screw During shooting, the hop-up adjustment busted a couple of times Most likely it was necessary to update the thread lock after disassembly The microphone is installed at the target Distance – 68 m BBs weigth – 0,32 gr The maximum distance at which the base PM-2 can throw BBs weighing 0,32 grams In our case was 68 meters At the same time, it even turns out to hit the growth figure The microphone is installed at the target Distance – 55 m BBs weigth – 0,32 gr From a distance of 55 meters, even with a basic dispersion It isn’t difficult to hit the person As lovers of sabotage say The most working distance for a quiet pistol is 30 meters The microphone is installed at the target Distance – 30 m BBs weigth – 0,32 gr From a distance of 30 meters You can get very confidently into the chest target BBs weighing 0,3 grams hit very noticeably And there is no doubt that You were hitted What theses can be put forward after the initial testing of the new PM-2 from ICS The pistol works on CO2 Which means it can work at lower temperatures than a green gas pistol The maximum range with basic rubber and press, when using 0,32 BBs Is approximately 65 meters The basic rubber and the barrel aren’t standard But most likely it is expected that There will be custom rubbers from third-party manufacturers This is a matter of time PM-2 without a silencer is quieter than Mk23 Socom without a silencer But the Mk23 Socom silencer works slightly better than the ICS silencer PM-2, even with a long silencer, is noticeably more compact than the Mk23 Socom In general, we can say that Mk23 Socom has a real opponent For the title of the best pistol for a sniper Which pistol is best is up to you! By the way, you can write in the comments your opinion on this issue And that’s all for you With you was Evgenivich Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel And press the bell not to miss new issues See you soon!


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