Home Airsoft Loadouts Оружие и снаряжение для страйкбола // Airsoft guns and gear. СТРАЙКБОЛЬНАЯ АКАДЕМИЯ

Оружие и снаряжение для страйкбола // Airsoft guns and gear. СТРАЙКБОЛЬНАЯ АКАДЕМИЯ

Оружие и снаряжение для страйкбола // Airsoft guns and gear. СТРАЙКБОЛЬНАЯ АКАДЕМИЯ

Hello everyone, Marty with you. And this is Airsoft Academy Greetings to Airsoft lovers and beginners. This is the first episode of the educational series Airsoft Academy In these series I will teach you how to play Russian airsoft (Strikeball) In this video I will tell about the weapons and equipment for beginners in Airsoft.

But beforehand a bit of theory Drischs, pokemons, modelists (reconstructors) In Russian airsoft there are 3 categories of players: drischs, pokemons and modelist with reconstructors Drisch – is the player who plays in civilian clothes or has a bad appearance Additionally drischs are those who portray themselves as for example Spetsnaz, but their appearance does not comply with this Pokemon – is the player, who has militarized outfit style, but who does not copy the real subdivision or subunit The word pokemon is not an insult, therefore the majority of Airsofters, just like me, are pokemon They prefer comfortable and effective loadouts.

They are not interested in military reconstruction … or they do not have money for it Modelists and reconstructors – are players who accurately come specific subdivisions of different countries. Modeling and reconstruction differ a little bit In modeling it is acceptable to use replicas of the equipment It is topical for NATO fans, because in Russia this equipment is very expensive In reconstruction only original equipment is used.

Among such players the popular style is “Combat bum” They study photographs of real soldiers in combat operations zones and precisely copy their appearance For a beginner player such player will look like a drisch, but for reconstructors he looks very cool Light and Dark side The majority of players can be divided into Light and Dark side In Russia the Light side – is the Russian block, the Dark side is the NATO block In Western countries it is reverse – the Light side is the NATO block, and the Dark side is Russia Airsoft guns Right now we have a huge range of Airsoft weaponry.

I will tell what is best to buy for a beginner My first advice – do not buy sniper rifles!!! Many beginners come to Airsoft after watching cool sniper videos, including mine They think, that after buying a cheap Chinese sniper rifle they can hit the enemy at 50-70 meters (170-230 feet) Nothing like it.

The maximum effective range of such rifle is 30 meters (100 feet) I am sure, the best choice for a beginner is the Airsoft rifle of AEG type, which works on batteries AEG is the first thing you should buy.

The rest of the equipment is chosen depending on your weapon The range of replicas is very big, but I recommend choosing from AK series or M series (AR15) If you like the Russian block, then buy AK, which is used in the Russian army The most popular are AK74M and AKS74.

These are the main weapons of Russian soldiers If you want to join a team of the Russian block, then it is very likely that they are using these replicas If you want a more compact weapon, buy AK105 or the shortest one AKS74U It is generally used by the police, but they exist in the army as well I recommend these AK replicas manufacturers Usually the beginners buy relatively inexpensive replicas CYMA CM040 If you like the M series, then the range is considerably bigger.

There are many manufacturers, look at the screen If in the future you do not want to do modeling, buy any replica. In the world of real weaponry it’s the weapon platform AR15 If you are interest in the US army, then I recommend the standard M4 After purchase I recommend bringing the replica to the Airsoft workshop for lubrication and upgrade, because in the factory their replicas can be poorly assembled For weapon transportation buy the gun bag If you appear in the crowded place with the replica, you will either be arrested or a photo of you will be uploaded to the Internet After this you will not be allowed in Airsoft games Types of magazines The magazines can be high cap and mid cap Usually the replica is sold with the high cap magazine You open the cover, pour in the BBs and spin the wheel Mid cap magazines work just like magazines in real weapons For loading the BB loader is used Mid cap magazines have lower capacity than high cap magazines, but they are silent The high cap mags are like rattles Batteries Usually with chinese replicas there is a Ni-MH battery that comes in the package.

It works for a short time and does not work well in the cold I recommend to immediately buy a good bettery LiPo or LiFePO4 LiPo batteries are more compact, but are flammable, be careful with them For recharging such batteries you will need a special recharging device Equipment for the Russian block Choosing equipment for the Russian block I am not talking about accurate replication, just Russian style There are a few detailed videos about equipment for Russian style on my channel For the beginner the most comfortable will be the scout saboteur For outfit masking clothes.

There are many kinds in various camouflages This is Partizan suit from SPOSN. It’s light and comfortable. It is not very hot in this costume during the heat Boonie hat, kepi or bandana on the head Balaclava is optional.

I recommend balaclavas with perforation in front so that glasses do not fog Fingerless gloves or with finger, whichever is more comfortable Footwear is military boots or trekking shoes, but not sneakers Tactical equipment.

Chest rig, vest or RPS SMERSH The loadout color is recommended to be olive or Russian camo, for example EMR I do not recommend clothes and gear in black color, it will unmask you. For weapons use the classic military gun sling The best Russian equipment you can buy in the Internet shop Grey-Shop.

Shipping is worldwide, link in the description Equipment for NATO style The easiest choice is the costume in Multicam camouflage. Cheap replicas are sold in Russia Headgear baseball cap or boonie hat in Multicam or Olive camo Military or trekking boots in sand or black color For tactical equipment chest rig or vest with MOLLE system One point gun sling, especially for short-barreled rifles Eye protection Good protective glasses are very important in the game of Airsoft They can be separated into open and closed types.

There are also divided into glasses with lenses and mesh goggles Mesh goggles are usually used by players whose face sweats very quickly. Therefore glasses with lenses fog immediately The visibility is worse through the mesh, but it is better than foggy lenses In order for lenses not to fog for some time, special Anti-fog solution is used However its better to buy glasses with special protective coating.

Such glasses do not fog. But after some time the coating will wear out I am using glasses from the company BOLLE, they do not fog Face protection For face protection Airsoft masks are used. They protect the entire face or the bottom part of it I do not recommend such masks, they are not comfortable nor reliable I am using the mask for the bottom part of my face, if I play in the building Thank you for watching.

You can buy Russian equipment in Grey-Shop Like, subscribe, there are many good links in the description and equip correctly


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