Home Airsoft Loadouts Обзор РПС Смерш АК/РПК/ПКМ. Russian tactical vest SPOSN Smersh AK/SVD/PKM

Обзор РПС Смерш АК/РПК/ПКМ. Russian tactical vest SPOSN Smersh AK/SVD/PKM

Обзор РПС Смерш АК/РПК/ПКМ. Russian tactical vest SPOSN Smersh AK/SVD/PKM

Hey comrades, Marty broadcasting. Today we have the most famous Russian vest called SMERSH The full name of it is RPS SMERSH. RPS means belt-shoulder system The producer is the company called SPOSN (SSO).

It differs actually RPS SMERSH has been made for more than 10 years. It’s the result of development of RPS Sbruya-Partizan made by SPOSN SMERSH is popular among Russian military and police forces: Special Forces of Russian Armed Forces, Police Department (MVD), FSB and others Let’s keep in mind that in this video I will tell about the older model of SMERSH that has been produced for more than 10 years without any differences Currently, they make more modern variations of SMERSH with the MOLLE system.

However, I’ll tell about them in another video So, why is SPERSH that popular? It divides the load between the shoulders and waist. Therefore, SMERSH is really liked by scouts who walk a lot Pouches aren’t located on the chest like they’re on the vests and Chest RIGS but they’re on the each sides and on the belt level.

That is why it is more convenient for a soldier A little bit about the colors and materials now. SPOSN sometimes changes the material and colors. Previously, it was avizent, then oxford, now it is 500D nylon.

Durable and lightweight material Equipment in SPECTRE and SPECTRE-SKWO camouflage is made of cordura SMERSH is sold just like this. All parts are packed in the bag for foodstuff SMERSH AK, SMERSH SVD, SMERSH PKM and SMERSH RPK are same as SMERSH AK but with longer pouches Attention! On the new original SMERSH products made by SPOSN, there are special logo and tag.

This is the protection against counterfeiting Set SMERSH AK includes a hard belt, soft belt, shoulder straps, pouches for AK magazines, grenades and light flares, and a medical pouch If you buy SMERSH AK/VOG, it will include 10 VOG grenades pouches.

But it’s too much for airsoft using Standard set of SMERSH AK. Pouches are closed on the power button and velcro. In 1 pouch you can have 2 AK magazines or 3 if you remove the partition The partition and the backstops of pouches are made of plastic.

Pouches have a rigid form Set SMERSH SVD is different by pouches for magazines Standard SMERSH SVD set. Pouches are closed by a turnstile button. You can have 2 SVD magazines in a pouch. The partition can be removed from the pouch.

The backstops are made of plastic SMERSH PKM is different by pouches for machine-gun rounds Standard SMERSH PKM set. Pouches have silent clasps. Pouches backstops are made of plastic. There are two pouches for PKM 100 rounds boxes and 2 pouches for 100 rounds belts in the standard edition If any standard SMERSH set does not satisfy your needs, you can buy all items separately.

For example, you can order other pouches Thanks for watching. If you want to buy the original SMERSH, the links are in the description, shipping is worldwide possible. Subscribe to my Facebook. And use the right equipment


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